Advice For People Who Have Small Feet

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You have small feet. So what? Having a small size has its own perks that people with large feet can’t enjoy. Also, having small feet doesn’t mean you’re not normal. So if you’re looking for advice for people who have small feet, then you have come to the right place!

Advice For People Who Have Small Feet

Small is good

Larger feet mean less choice

Small is actually better with feet. People with above-average sizes have the most difficult time finding a decent pair that suits their size. It’s relatively rare for large-footed people to find the right pair at the local mall. Some people even have to travel abroad or order online just to have the pair with the “Cinderella effect” – the perfect fit.

Small feet, large choices

On the other hand, people with smaller feet like you have more than enough options to choose from. Since your feet are small, you are spoiled for choice both at local stores and online.

You can always go larger

The analogy doesn’t work for people with large feet. You see, a small-footed person has the privilege of wearing shoes that are slightly larger in an emergency. On the flipside, large-footed people can’t squeeze into shoes that are too small.

This perk means you can wear shoes just like any other ‘normal’ person could wear. You can just wear thick socks for a better fit. With large feet, you have no choice but the right size.

Problems with small feet

There are some issues that anyone with small feet is bound to encounter from time to time.

Do any of these sound familiar?

You can’t necessarily wear high-heels

Small feet sometimes look even smaller with large heels. Heels can also be slightly for some people with dinky shoes.

You can still wear high heels if you want to. You just have to find the perfect pair that complements you and feel right.

Yoga is challenging

Difficulties with yoga are only an issue for anyone with disproportionately small feet compared to their body. If you are also a small person in the first place, then having small feet in yoga sessions won’t also be a problem.

It all comes down to the surface area factor.  This also explains why it’s harder to wear high heels.

Advice for people with small feet

Chunky soles

Keep it simple with chunky soles. “Chunky flats are your friends.”

For men, good recommendations include a pair of double-strap Birkenstocks or some Grenson’s thick-soled brogues.

Typically, any shoes that make people’s feet look larger will make your feet look “normal.”

You can also try the chunky Derbys with a thick commando sole. This adds volume and a little height.

When you choose brogues, an excellent move if you have small feet, you have yourself a pair with an elongated front that puts the illusion of having “standard” size feet. Try simple patterns such as whole vamps or whole cuts. The brogues will do the rest.

Pointier shoes

For obvious reasons, pointier shoes add length to your feet. So instead of looking as small as they really are, wearing pointier shoes make your feet look larger.

Additionally, always choose lighter colors over darker ones.  A light tan over a dark chocolate brown makes an enormous difference.

Keep in mind the golden rule of shoes: Dark colors make the shoes look smaller.


Sometimes it all comes down to the style that you’re wearing. Not all people will notice your small feet, regardless of what you imagine. The main thing that most people easily and almost instantly see is the shoe itself and your overall style.

If your shoes are pleasing to the eye and look cool, people will compliment you instead of criticizing your feet for the size irregularities.

Choose the shoe style that suits the clothes you wear. You don’t have to take other people’s opinions to know whether your shoes fit your style or not. So make your impeccable taste stand out rather than your size.


So the best advice for people who have small feet comes down to multiple factors – chunky soles, pointier shoes, lighter color, and style.

Incorporate the tips mentioned above and you’ll be wearing shoes with an impact and like a pro!

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