Best Athlete’s Foot Cream to Keep Your Feet Fresh and Dry

Bothered by itching feet with red rashes?

You might want to try the best Athlete’s Foot Cream!

An athlete’s foot is usually caused by a fungal infection on the feet due to sweating. If you have contacted Athlete’s foot, you may want to try and treat it immediately. For that purpose, we have come to help! Introducing the Best Athlete’s Foot Cream Review and Buying Guide!

Athlete’s Foot treatment comes in different forms, catering to your preferences. So in this review, we also feature other products aside from foot creams. Not only do these help in treating athlete’s foot, but they also ease some of the discomfort caused by this troublesome illness.

To know more about these products, read further ahead.

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Top 10 Athlete’s Foot Cream Reviews

Athlete’s foot is a common condition that can be painful and uncomfortable. Choosing the right athlete’s foot cream can help to soothe the symptoms and speed up the healing process. There are many different athlete’s foot creams on the market, so it can be difficult to know which one to choose. This article will recommend the best five athlete’s foot creams based on effectiveness, ingredients, and price.

1. Terbinafine Hydrochloride AntiFungal Cream

terbinafine 250 mg

For people who find comfort in having to apply cream instead of simply spraying, the Terbinafine Hydrochloride AntiFungal Cream might be your choice. It comes in a small box containing a tube. A tube has 1 oz. of the thing.

Because of the nature of this product, the user will have more control over where to put the substance compared to a spray. There are multiple reviews of the product mentioning how effective the product is not only for athlete’s foot but also for nail fungi. These kinds of medicines normally do not affect nail fungi due to their nature of attacking the cracks of the skin. So the addition of that feature is a pleasant surprise. The ingredient used for the making of this product is indeed quite potent.

Active Antifungal Ingredient:

  • Terbinafine hydrochloride – 1%

Specific Features:

  • Antifungal cream
  • 1 oz. per tube
  • Can cure various kinds of fungal infections including nail fungi

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2. Micatin Antifungal Cream

Micatin Antifungal Cream

In picking out medicine and treatments, nothing is more important to users than the medicines’ reliability in being able to actually cure the illness. Not only will you find that on Micatin Antifungal Cream, it also guarantees a cure for Jock’s itch and other types of ringworm as well. This makes it not just the best Athlete’s foot cream but also a great overall cream.

Similar to the previous product, Micatin also comes as a cream which lets you have more reliability and control over where to apply the substance. However, instead of using terbinafine hydrochloride, it uses miconazole nitrate instead, similar to Lotrimin Spray that will be mentioned later.

It also relieves athlete’s foot symptoms such as burning, cracking, and itching of the feet. No doubt that it is one of the best products for treating athlete’s foot.

Active Antifungal Ingredient:

  • Miconazole nitrate – 2%

Specific Features:

  • Antifungal cream
  • 2 packs of the product
  • 0.5 oz. tube per pack

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3. Tolnaftate Cream

Tolnaftate Cream

As its name suggests, it uses tolnaftate as its active ingredient and is quite reliable in curing athlete’s foot, and relieving the symptoms alongside it. The Tolnaftate Cream comes in a pack of six big tubes. Each tube contains 1 oz. of cream.

What was not mentioned earlier, however, is the fact that this product can also be used as a preventive measure. If you think you are at serious risk of acquiring any fungal infection, then using Tolnaftate Cream sparingly might help you prevent athlete’s foot from affecting you in the first place. For being a reliable product, it also acquired the Amazon’s choice award.

Active Antifungal Ingredient:

  • Tolnaftate 1%

Specific Features:

  • Antifungal cream
  • Amazon’s choice
  • 6 tubes in one pack
  • One tube contains 1 oz. cream
  • Similar to Tinactin with their active ingredient
  • Works on almost any fungal problem
  • Can be used to prevent athlete’s foot

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4. Clotrimazole Cream

Clotrimazole Cream

One of the best Athlete’s Foot cream, Clotrimazole Cream is a product similar to the Lotrimin for it uses miconazole nitrate in its product. It comes in a bundle of 24 packs. One pack contains 0.5 oz. of Clotrimazole cream. Since we already know how miconazole nitrate can be, not much more can be said about this product. Do note however that it still a reliable alternative for treating athlete’s foot. It does also cure other illnesses such as Jock’s itch and ringworm.

Active Antifungal Ingredient:

  • Miconazole nitrate 1%

Specific Features:

  • Antifungal cream
  • 24 packs/tube
  • 0.5 oz. in one tube
  • Similar to Lotrimin in their active ingredient

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5. Miconazole Nitrate 2% Antifungal Cream

Miconazole Nitrate 2% Antifungal Cream

As its name suggests, it is yet another product that uses miconazole nitrate as its active ingredient. However, just in case if you have not noticed already, this product uses 2% miconazole nitrate compared to just 1% of similar products. This means that it is also twice as potent and twice as effective. If you are worried that your condition is already too severe that it needs a stronger solution, then this product might be for you. It still also relieves common symptoms such as burning and itching so you don’t have to worry about losing that feature.

The Miconazole Nature 2% Antifungal Cream comes in a pack of 6 tubes. Each tube contains 1 oz. of cream. Due to the potency of this cream, it can be considered one of the best products for treating athlete’s foot.

Active Antifungal Ingredient:

  • Miconazole nitrate 2%

Specific Features:

  • Antifungal cream
  • Amazon’s choice
  • 6 tubes per pack
  • 1 oz. per tube
  • Similar to Lotrimin and Clotrimazole in their active ingredient
  • Twice as potent against fungal infections
  • Relieves the user from symptoms of athlete’s foot

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6. Lamisil Athlete’s Foot Antifungal Cream

Lamisil Athlete's Foot Antifungal Cream

The Lamisil Athlete’s Foot Antifungal Cream is one of the best products for treating athlete’s foot. It uses Terbinafine Hydrochloride as its active ingredient. This product is no different from the other products in that it specializes in treating athlete’s foot. It helps relieve the users of burns, pains, scaling, itching and any other discomforts caused by athlete’s foot. To put it simply, it is another straightforward cream used to treat athlete’s foot and other fungal infections.

Lamisil Athlete’s Foot Antifungal Cream is sold in just a pack. It contains a tube that has 1 oz. of antifungal cream inside. It might not have much over other products but it is reliable. Sometimes, that is enough.

Active Antifungal Ingredient:

  • Terbinafine Hydrochloride 2%

Specific Features:

  • Antifungal cream
  • 1 pack; 1 tube
  • 1 oz. per tube
  • Good as any against athlete’s foot
  • Can cure other illnesses as well, e.g. jock’s itch, ringworm
  • Relieves the user from the symptoms of athlete’s foot

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7. Puriya Antifungal Cream Ointment – Wonder Balm

Puriya Antifungal Cream Ointment – Wonder Balm

The Puriya Antifungal Cream has a unique approach to fighting against athlete’s foot and other fungal problems. This product uses natural substances as a substitute for the raw medicinal ingredients of other products. It is also has a more of an ointment nature rather than just cream.

Ointments differ from creams in their composition and their oil to water proportion. Ointments have a higher concentration of oil whereas creams have more water content. The reason why the Puriya Antifungal Cream Ointment has more oil content than the other products is due to its ingredients. It contains canola oil, macadamia nut oil, and olive oil that contribute to its nature.

One advantage of the Puriya Antifungal Cream Ointment is the fact that its ingredients do not target only fungal infection. It can also work well against microbes and bad bacteria, some of which can actually cause athlete’s foot.

Specific Features:

  • Antifungal cream & ointment
  • Amazon’s choice
  • Contains 2 oz. per container
  • High oil to water proportion
  • Naturalistic and healthy ingredients
  • Versatile; Antifungal and antibacterial

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8. Lotrimin Anti-Fungal Spray Liquid

Lotrimin Anti-Fungal Spray Liquid

The Lotrimin Anti-Fungal Spray Liquid is one of the best and easy-to-use sprays available for treating athlete’s foot. It comes in a pack of four bottles, each containing 4.6 oz. of the substance. As its name suggests, you simply need to spray the affected areas for it to work. This product was made to combat fungal infections, especially against ringworms. It also helps in relieving discomfort and other sensations caused by athlete’s foot. Things like itching, burning, drying and scaling are no match for the Lotrimin Anti-Fungal Spray Liquid. Since you only need to apply a small amount of the product every time, you do not need to worry about running out.

For the best possible results, we suggest applying it twice a day – once in the morning, and once in the evening. It is also recommended to only apply a small amount and layer it thinly on top of the affected areas. Please do make sure that it is properly applied, making sure to look carefully at the sides and the space between the toes. Aside from applying the spray, it is also important to maintain proper hygiene and use clean socks and shoes to prevent the infection to worsen instead.

Active Antifungal Ingredient:

  • Miconazole nitrate – 1%

Specific Features:

  • Liquid spray
  • 4.6 oz. per bottle
  • Four bottles per pack
  • Treats and eases athlete’s foot
  • May also help against jock’s itch

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9. Tinactin Antifungal Liquid Spray – The Best Product for Treating Athlete’s Foot

Tinactin Antifungal Liquid Spray – The Best Product for Treating Athlete’s Foot

Another liquid spray of a different brand is the Tinactin Antifungal Liquid Spray. It is similar to Tolnaftate Cream but in spray form instead. It is arguably the most popular product on this list, and perhaps even the best. It is a liquid spray, so it has advantages in the number of times you can use it compared to cream. It is also quite versatile, being able to cure many different kinds of fungal infection.

The best thing about the Tinactin Antifungal Liquid Spray is the fact that it simply works. Do you athlete’s foot? No problem. Jock’s itch? Still no problem. Do you have no particular illnesses but have uncomfortable, or dry and cracking feet? This product solves even that. The Tinactin Antifungal Liquid Spray is unique from the previous products for it does not use miconazole nitrate nor terbinafine hydrochloride as active ingredients. Instead, it uses a substance called tolnaftate. Perhaps it is due to this that the product is quite effective. It definitely deserves to be dubbed one of the best products for treating athlete’s foot.

Active Antifungal Ingredient:

  • Tolnaftate 1%

Specific Features:

  • Antifungal liquid spray
  • Amazon’s choice
  • 5.3 oz. per bottle
  • Works on almost any fungal problem

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10. Antifungal Tea Tree Oil Body Wash

Antifungal Tea Tree Oil Body Wash

Different from other products, the Antifungal Tea Tree Oil Body Wash is more liquid in nature. Even though it contains lots of oil, it does not come out as a sticky and concentrated. It also does not have an active antifungal ingredient, but instead has more natural substances as ingredients similar to Puriya.

The unique feature of the Body Wash has Antifungal Tea Tree Oil comes from the fact that aside from doing well against athlete’s foot, it also cleanses the feet and removes it of bad odor. It offers to nurture the skin further than just curing the illness which makes it a very good alternative to the other more straightforward products.

Specific Features:

  • Antifungal Oil Body Wash
  • 9 oz. per bottle
  • Natural substances
  • Cures athlete’s foot and other fungal problems
  • Cleans skin of feet
  • Removes bad odor coming from affected areas

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Best Athlete’s Foot Cream Buying Guide

There are many products out in the market that can help you against athlete’s foot. So how are you going to choose between them? There are many factors to consider, so we have listed a few to guide you in the process of healing:

Active Ingredient

Since the main factor in curing your athlete’s foot is the antifungal ingredient, or the lack thereof, in the product, you might want to consider it first. If you look at the products, there are three substances used as active ingredients, namely miconazole nitrate, tolnaftate, and terbinafine hydrochloride. All three are antifungal in nature, so unless you have an allergy to these substances, you can simply choose whatever you want. Alternatively, you can choose the more natural approach without using these ingredients.


The products can come in different forms. It can be in liquid spray, cream, ointment, or even body wash. All of these has their own advantages and disadvantages. So let us check on them one by one.

  1. Liquid Spray
  • Pros:

·Multiple uses – Since you only need to use a small amount each time, generally you can use it a few more times than other forms

·Less risk – in some cases, athlete’s foot can spread to your hands. Using spray means you don’t have to touch the affected areas, for the most part, and has lesser risks.

  • Cons:

·Less control – Since you are not directly applying the spray, you might miss applying to some parts of your feet that would have been covered otherwise.

·Sticks less – since sprays are in liquid form and are applied thinly, they might stay for a lesser time in your feet than other options

            2. Cream & Ointment

  • Pros:

·More control – Since you are applying the cream or ointment directly to your feet, you can easily apply it to all parts of your feet

·Sticks more – Since they are generally stickier, they don’t evaporate fast and might settle in your skin for a long time

  • Cons:

·More risk – Since you are touching the affecting area upon applying the cream, you run the risk of your hands being affected as well. Immediately wash your hands after applying the cream

            3. Body Wash

  • Pros:

·Easy to control – Even though it is in a liquid form similar to spray, it is easy to control since you still apply it directly to your skin

·Natural – The only body wash we have on the list has natural substances. So you do not have to worry about artificial substances

  • Cons:

·Maybe less effective – Due to its nature, it may be less effective than other options. Antifungal ingredients are reliable and are specifically used against athlete’s foot. Without them, the treatment may be less effective.

Brands and your Budget

Last but not the least is the brand. Generally, you use the brand’s name to ascertain as to whether the product is reliable or not. Therefore, if you have good experiences with a certain brand, then you may want to choose one of their products. One more thing to associate with the brands is the prices. If you do not have the budget for a particular product, then choosing them is meaningless. Generally, more established and popular brands have more expensive products. Accordingly, lesser-known brands sell cheaper products. Generic medicine exists as well. So if you are ever tight on budget, you might want to consider them as one of your options.

Past Experiences

If you have experienced not just the brand but the products as well, then obviously, you will have a more accurate assessment of what products to buy. Trust what you know works for you. After all, we have a saying that experience is our best teacher. If you trust your experience, you will be able to choose amongst the best products for treating athlete’s foot.


Sure there are a lot of products on the market, promising to free you from this irritable and somehow embarrassing infection. But with hundreds, even thousands, of treatment products available, how will you know which is which? Well, you don’t have to browse the entire web for finding such products – we have done the job for you! And they are all presented just above.

In conclusion, even though there are many options available in the market, some of them stand out as more reliable. And since we are talking about your health, the more reliable the product, the better.

The items on this list are the best Athlete’s Foot Cream and the best products for treating athlete’s foot. So if you are suffering from Athlete’s foot, consider your preferences and choose one from them. You can be safe and assured that soon enough you will be healthy and definitely free of pesky fungi!

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