5 Best Insoles For Hiking Boots That Are Worth the Investment!

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Hiking boots are an excellent choice of footwear to go out for hiking, walking, and even running. However, they are not easy to find the right insoles for hiking boots that are comfortable, well-padded, and well-cushioned for your feet. They are generally made of leather, synthetic materials, and rubber, and provide protection to your feet and ankles from extreme weather conditions like rain and snow.

Insoles for hiking boots are needed to ensure that your feet are protected from harsh weather conditions while hiking. They also help to keep your feet dry and comfortable. It is also important to choose the right size of hiking boots so that they fit properly and comfortably.

If you want to buy hiking insoles, you must first figure out what features you want in your hiking insoles. In this article, I have covered detailed reviews of the top 5 insoles for hiking boots that are available on the market.

1. Sole signature EV ultra footbeds

Partnering your hiking boots with custom insoles like Sole Signature EV Ultra is definitely a good idea. This footbed was used by Ed Viesturs which is the meaning of the acronym, EV.

The EV Ultra is for outdoor people who need extra support for their high-impact activities like hiking. The custom footbeds are heat-moldable to improve one’s overall comfort. The heat-moldable variety takes the shape of the foot which is a good idea as not all insoles are perfectly suitable for each unique foot. Furthermore, the shock absorption characteristic of EV Ultra is indeed powerful because it’s made of SOLE’s SOFTEC. The SOFTEC comes with a 3.2 mm cushioning material that can absorb shocks and vibrations.

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Being an outdoor insole, it’s highly important that it should offer the support you’ll need. Fortunately for EV Ultra, it can do such a task as it is made of three distinct layers. The two layers are made of foam which is the high-density EVA at the bottommost layer and the SOFTEC cushioning layer in the middle. They are topped with a perforated polyester top that can manage friction and control moisture.

The EVA layer is a heat-moldable layer that can be heated in the oven for about two minutes at a temperature of 200°F. It’s also equipped with the Opti-Therm Molding indicator that turns black when the insole is ready to be removed from the oven. Before the insoles get cold, place them into the shoes and wear them on. Stand straight in the right posture for about two minutes for the foam to remember the shape of your foot.

Finally, the EV Ultra insoles can support any arch type because they don’t use plastic supports.


  • For high-impact activities
  • For all arch types
  • Heat-moldable
  • Shock absorber
  • With wicking properties
  • Medium price


  • Bulky

2. CurrexSole runpro insoles

Another insole good for hiking is the CurrexSole RunPro. It specializes in running but can be applied in many other outdoor activities. It also has variations at the arch area to cater customers that may have flat, natural, or high arches.

The construction of RunPro consists of three layers. The bottommost layer is made out of a combination of both EVA and rubber. They make a good duo to reinforce the shock absorption of the insole. Next to the bottom layer is the memory foam layer at the middle. It has charcoal tidbits which catch odor. The memory foam is proven to last many months without failing. The top layer has moisture wicking properties that prevent the bacteria from settling in. It is made out of soft microfiber.

The arch of the insole has a rigid plastic bridge called as 3D Dynamic Arch Technology or simple 3D DAT. It restricts the foot from overpronation and excessive motions. RunPro also has a deep heel cup but is decoupled to reduce pronation. This part here can absorb impact. What’s more, this material is made out of Poron which provides ample cushioning without significant loss in energy return. Indeed, the RunPro can give an extra bounce to your steps.


  • For different arch types
  • Decoupled deep heel cup
  • Encourages natural pronation
  • Anti-moisture and anti-odor
  • Shock absorber


  • Expensive

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3. Sof sole airr performance insoles

Airr Performance is one of your great choices when hiking or any other type of activity.

Airr Performance’s top cover is made of CoolMax material that is designed to wick moisture. It is infused with Microban to prevent the growth of odor-causing bacteria. At the middle, the comfort and support are compiled by the polyurethane footbed. Then, the bottommost layer is a combination of three more materials. These are the gel forefoot for cushioning at the forefoot, the nylon plate at the middle part which reinforces proper foot alignment, and the Skydex soft gel at the heel that converts the impact absorbed into kinetic energy to propel you forward.

The CoolMax technology works in a way that allows the moisture taken to quickly evaporate. It also tries to lower the body temperature and to return to homeostasis. On the other hand, the Microban technology can puncture through the cell of an odor-causing bacteria; effectively ceasing growth and reproduction. A cover with Microban is also easier to clean than without.

Airr Performance also features an encapsulated air chamber concentrated in the heel and the arch which functions as a deep heel cup. Not only that but it also lessens the impact. This can be readily felt when you do activities like running.

Furthermore, the overall design of the insole is made slimmer to fit into athletic shoes.


  • Cheap
  • Wicks moisture
  • Thin design
  • Converts impacts into kinetic energy
  • Encapsulated air chamber


  • Heavy

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4. Powerstep journey hiker insoles

Powerstep Journey is specifically designed to provide stability and cushioning to rough activities like hiking. It allows you flexibility while retaining and reinforcing the stability of your foot. Moreover, it can greatly reduce the fatigue your feet feel.

This full-length insole offers maximum cushioning and maximum support. It has firmer arch support to protect your arch on uneven surfaces especially if you have flat feet. It can relieve pressure and redistribute the weight throughout the entire foot. Journey Hiker can promote a natural pronation and proper foot alignment.

The insole is made of dual layer cushioning with EVA as the base a shock absorber foam on the middle. The supreme cushioning delivered by the middle layer reduces the stress felt on the feet, ankles, and joints. Journey Hiker is topped with an anti-microbial fabric. It also significantly reduces the heat and friction that may cause blisters.

Journey Hiker is moveable from shoe to shoe just make sure that you buy a pair that really fits you. This insole is also known to accommodate foot conditions ranging from plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, bunions, fallen arches, overpronation, foot cramps, and much more.

The sole design is also very nice. It’s available in camo design only.


  • Maximum support and comfort
  • Anti-microbial
  • Reduces fatigue
  • Shock absorber
  • Firm arch support


  • Expensive

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5. SOLE active thick footbeds

SOLE Active carries SOLE’s signature in providing comfort. It can be used in any kind of activity and still function after wear and tear.

This is the type of insole that has the ability to distribute pressure. Due to this, other kinds of foot conditions can be contained or reduced.

There are many materials used to make up SOLE Active. One of which is the heat-moldable EVA layer that can be popped into the oven. After about two minutes, you can then insert the insole into your shoe. By standing upright in the span of two minutes, you are leaving the imprint of your foot into the sole. The next time you wear the insoles, you will feel that they’re designed for your feet only.

After the base is the SOFTEC material. It is a 3.2 mm cushioning layer that is powerful in absorbing shocks. This material last a long time and through tests, SOFTEC didn’t crack nor brittle. Moreover, SOLE Active’s SOFTEC has an open cell construction that draws away the moisture away. Lastly, the top layer has moisture wicking properties and reinforced with Polygiene Odor Control Technology.

This insole has a deep heel cup that can prevent movements of the foot. The arch support is rather high at 3.2 cm so it’s good for people who have medium to high arches. SOLE Active has a thick forefoot measuring 5 mm. This is good so that the toes feel more comfortable. And the heel’s thickness is measured at 6 mm. The design of the entire insole aims to enhance and promote the natural foot alignment while wearing the insoles under your feet.


  • Heat-moldable
  • Promotes natural foot alignment
  • Ample cushioning
  • Deep heel cup
  • Anti-moisture


  • Expensive
  • Not for flat feet

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Final thoughts

The best insoles for hiking boots will help you with many common issues. Hiking boots can be difficult to fit. The right pair of insoles will give you a better fit and keep your feet happy when walking through the woods or trails.

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