5 Best Insoles for Skateboarding to Enhance Your Performance and Comfort

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As a skateboarder, I recently tried out the Shred Soles Skateboarding Shoe Insoles, and they truly made a difference in my comfort and performance on the board. However, there are four other top-notch insoles that have caught my attention and could potentially elevate your skateboarding experience.

Each offers unique features that cater to different needs, so selecting the right one can be crucial for your overall comfort and ability on the skateboard. So, which insoles are best suited for your skateboarding style?

Here are the top 10 insoles for skateboarding:

Shred Soles Skateboarding Shoe Insoles – Comfortable Insert

Shred Soles Performance Skateboarding Insoles (Large Men 9.5-11 Women 10.5-12)
  • Cloud Like Comfort - We developed the perfect...
  • Board Feel - Layer of ShredBed Microcellular...
  • Arch Support and Protection - The PrimoTech...
  • Stability - The deep well heel cup locks the...
  • Mitigate Heel Bruises - Compact ShredTech high...

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For those seeking unparalleled comfort and support while skateboarding, the Shred Soles Skateboarding Shoe Insoles are the ideal choice, offering a cloud-like feel with advanced technology for enhanced performance. With a DuraShred foam base layer providing cloud-like comfort and a ShredBed Microcellular Urethane for improved board feel, these insoles prioritize both cushioning and responsiveness. The PrimoTech skeleton ensures arch support and protection, while the deep well heel cup enhances stability and balance during skate sessions. Additionally, the ShredTech high-density gel absorbs impact, making those big jumps feel smoother on your feet. Whether you have high arches or are looking for pain relief in snowboard boots, these insoles cater to a wide range of needs, ensuring a comfortable and supported ride every time.

Best For: Individuals with high arches seeking comfortable and supportive insoles for skateboarding, snowboarding, or roller skating.


  • Cloud-like comfort with DuraShred foam base layer.
  • PrimoTech skeleton providing arch support and protection.
  • Easy to adjust and fit in various shoes.


  • Durability concern for vigorous skaters.

Shred Soles Full Length Skate Lite Impact Absorbing Comfortable Insoles

Shred Soles Full Length Skate Lite Impact Absorbing Comfortable Insoles (Men...
  • Unrivaled impact absorption providing comfort for...
  • Long lasting insoles that will outlive many pairs...
  • Eliminate arch bruises from primo landings with...
  • Prevents heel bruises with super thick and...
  • All day cloud like comfort suitable for daily wear...

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With unrivaled impact absorption and long-lasting comfort, the Shred Soles Full Length Skate Lite insoles are the go-to choice for skateboarders seeking ultimate support and protection. These insoles feature a PrimoTech Arch Bridge for excellent arch support and a gel heel to prevent heel bruises, making them suitable for daily wear.

Users have praised the insoles for their comfort and performance, noting improvements in activities like snowboarding, working, and BMX riding. While some reviewers have mentioned mixed feedback on sizing and material quality, the insoles are designed to fit skateboarding shoes, work boots, and other footwear with removable insoles, thanks to their trim-to-fit design.

The high-density gel heel insert and DuraShred 2 extra dense insole base material provide cloud-like comfort for all-day wear, offering benefits such as preventing arch and heel bruises, reducing impact from jumps and landings, and enhancing comfort and support for various activities.

Best For: Individuals seeking enhanced comfort and support in their skateboarding shoes, work boots, or other footwear with removable insoles.


  • Unrivaled impact absorption for ultimate comfort
  • PrimoTech Arch Bridge for excellent arch support
  • Gel heel to prevent heel bruises


  • Mixed reviews on sizing and material quality

Old Bones Therapy Shock Absorbing Foot Insoles (Size: S)

Old Bones Therapy Shock Absorbing Foot Insoles - Impact Protection, Arch Support...
  • ✓ IMPACT PROTECTION – These insoles are made...
  • ✓ IMPACT PROTECTION – These insoles are made...
  • ✓ HEEL & ARCH SUPPORT – Engineered with a...
  • ✓ PAIN RELIEF – At Old Bones Therapy we know a...
  • ✓ ODOR KILLING TOP LAYER – The top layer of...

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When seeking superior impact protection and arch support for skateboarding, consider the Old Bones Therapy Shock Absorbing Foot Insoles in Size S. These insoles are crafted from cushioned PU memory foam that not only relieves pain and reduces pressure on joints but also ensures maximum shock absorption, protecting you from heel bruises during intense skate sessions.

Engineered with custom molded TPU arch support, these insoles alleviate foot and knee pain, making them ideal for combating plantar fasciitis and allowing you to continue your activities comfortably. The top layer treated for odor control enhances performance and prolongs the life of your insoles and shoes.

Despite some feedback on size issues for larger shoes, customers are generally satisfied with the impact protection and arch support provided by these insoles.

Best For: Individuals seeking superior impact protection and arch support for intense skateboarding sessions.


  • Relieves pain and reduces pressure on joints
  • Custom molded TPU arch support for alleviating foot and knee pain
  • Provides maximum shock absorption and protects against heel bruises


  • Slight size issue for larger shoe sizes

Absorbs 70% of Impact Energy Boot Insoles for Men and Women

Absorbs 70% of Impact Energy Effectively,Boot Insoles for Men Work,Shock...
  • 【*EXTRA CUSHIONING】: The shoe-insert is...
  • 【*NO ARCH TYPE & Deep Heel Cradle】: Please Be...
  • 【*COMFORTABLE & MULTI-USE】:Only 1CM (0.39")...
  • 【100% SATISFIED PURCHASE】: We will take the...

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Ideal for skateboarders seeking superior impact absorption and comfort, these insoles absorb 70% of impact energy, making them a top choice for both men and women. The Magic1 insoles, at 1cm thick and 0.24lbs per pair, offer deep heel cradle support and a soft, comfortable feel without arch support. These shock-absorbing insoles reduce pressure on feet and joints during various activities, making them suitable for heavy-duty support needs. While they lack arch support, their ergonomic design ensures proper foot positioning for optimal comfort.

Versatile for sports like skateboarding, walking, jogging, and hiking, these insoles are also recommended for work boots, sneakers, and casual hiking shoes. Despite mixed reviews on durability, users praise the insoles for reducing foot pain and enhancing overall comfort.

Best For: Individuals seeking superior impact absorption and comfort in their footwear, especially skateboarders.


  • Absorbs 70% of impact energy effectively.
  • Reduces pressure on feet and joints during various activities.
  • Provides extra cushioning for better impact absorption.


  • Mixed reviews on durability.

Sport Shock Absorbing Insoles for Men and Women

Sport Shock Absorbing Insoles - Athletic Shoe Cushioning Inserts for Men and...
  • ⚠️ATTENTION: Dear customers please check the...
  • 👣SHOCK ABSORPTION: Sport Insoles offer...
  • ✅SECURE DESIGN: Deep heel cup securely cradles...
  • 🌟INJURY PREVENTION: Sport shoe inserts reduce...
  • 🚶‍♀️FITS SPORT FOOTWEAR: Insoles are...

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For those seeking exceptional cushioning and impact protection while skateboarding, the Sport Shock Absorbing Insoles for Men and Women offer a reliable solution with strategically placed gel pads that absorb shock from every step. These insoles feature a deep heel cup that provides stability for your entire body, reducing stress on joints, knees, and lower back, therefore minimizing the risk of common injuries.

Suitable for various sports shoes, they offer a comfortable transition period for adjustment. Customers have praised the additional comfort provided by these insoles, mentioning the textured top that prevents socks from slipping and the good arch support for medium arches. While some users prefer more cushion and arch support, these insoles have proven to be suitable for running and basketball, making them a versatile choice for active sports.

Best For: Active individuals seeking exceptional cushioning and impact protection in their sports activities.


  • Exceptional cushioning and impact protection.
  • Deep heel cup for stability and injury prevention.
  • Suitable for various sports shoes.


  • Some users may prefer more cushion and arch support.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Insoles for Skateboarding

When choosing insoles for skateboarding, I always consider the importance of arch support for stability and comfort.

Impact absorption technology is crucial for cushioning landings and reducing strain on my feet.

Additionally, durability is key for skaters who put their gear through rigorous use, and customizable sizing options ensure a perfect fit for optimal performance.

Arch Support Importance

Proper arch support plays a crucial role in enhancing a skateboarder's performance and reducing the risk of foot-related injuries. It helps distribute weight evenly across the foot, decreasing strain on the arches during skateboarding.

By using insoles with arch support, skaters can prevent common conditions like plantar fasciitis and arch pain. These specialized insoles also offer stability and alignment, improving overall comfort and performance.

Customizable arch support options allow for adjustments based on individual arch needs, ensuring a personalized fit. Good arch support not only enhances balance and shock absorption but also lowers the chances of injuries while skateboarding.

Prioritizing proper arch support in insoles can make a significant difference in a skateboarder's experience on the board.

Impact Absorption Technology

After researching various insoles for skateboarding, I discovered essential factors to consider when selecting the best impact absorption technology. Impact absorption technology plays a crucial role in reducing the stress on joints and feet during high-impact activities like skateboarding.

Insoles with advanced materials such as gel heel inserts and high-density foam provide cushioning to absorb shock from jumps and landings effectively. Custom arch support designs offer targeted protection against heel bruises and arch pain, enhancing overall comfort and support.

Moreover, insoles with deep heel cups and supportive structures help stabilize the foot, improving balance and reducing the risk of injuries. Combining these impact-absorbing features in skateboarding insoles can significantly enhance performance and extend the duration of comfortable wear during skate sessions.

Durability for Skaters

Having examined the importance of impact absorption technology for skateboarding performance, the durability of insoles for skaters is a critical factor to consider when selecting the most suitable option.

Skaters should opt for insoles crafted from durable materials such as high-density foam or gel to ensure long-lasting support. It's essential to choose insoles with reinforced heel cups and arch support, capable of withstanding the intense impact and pressure from skateboarding tricks.

Look for insoles specifically designed for high-impact activities like skateboarding to guarantee they can endure the rigorous movements. Additionally, selecting insoles with anti-microbial properties can help prevent odor buildup, ensuring freshness during demanding skateboarding sessions.

Lastly, prioritize insoles with moisture-wicking capabilities to keep feet dry and comfortable for extended periods of skating.

Comfort During Jumps

When selecting insoles for skateboarding to enhance comfort during jumps, it's crucial to prioritize cushioning and shock absorption features. These features help to reduce the impact on your feet when landing high jumps, providing a smoother and more comfortable experience.

Look for insoles with a deep well heel cup to ensure stability and balance upon landing tricks, minimizing the risk of injury. Additionally, arch support is essential to prevent foot fatigue and pain during intense skateboarding sessions.

Opt for insoles made with impact-absorbing materials like gel or foam to protect your feet during high-impact landings. Choosing the right insoles with these key features can significantly improve your overall performance and comfort while skateboarding.

Customizable Sizing Options

For skateboarders seeking optimal support and comfort, customizable sizing options in insoles are essential for achieving a precise fit tailored to individual foot needs and shoe dimensions.

These insoles with trim-to-fit designs can easily adjust to match the specific dimensions of your shoes, ensuring optimal support without discomfort or slippage. By personalizing the fit, users can address specific foot issues or preferences, leading to a tailored experience that enhances performance.

Customizable sizing options not only provide comfort but also increase the versatility and adaptability of the insoles for various footwear styles and activities. This customization allows skateboarders to focus on their performance without worrying about their feet, creating a more enjoyable and effective skateboarding experience.

Suitable for Various Activities

Considering the diverse range of physical demands across various activities like snowboarding, roller skating, and BMX riding, selecting insoles for skateboarding requires careful evaluation of their versatility and impact-absorbing capabilities. Insoles need to provide adequate support for jumps, landings, and high-intensity movements common in these sports. They should offer stability, balance, and foot protection during extreme activities.

Comfort and cushioning are crucial for prolonged use, ensuring a pleasant experience during intense physical exertion. Opting for insoles designed for multiple activities can deliver value and performance across different sports and recreational pursuits, making them a versatile choice for individuals engaging in various active pursuits.

User-Friendly Adjustment Process

In selecting insoles for skateboarding, ensuring a user-friendly adjustment process is essential for a seamless and comfortable fit during high-intensity activities. Look for insoles with a trim-to-fit design, allowing easy customization to your shoe size.

Consider options that are adjustable and can be effortlessly inserted and removed from different shoes. Opt for insoles with a straightforward installation process that doesn't require special tools or expertise.

Choose those that offer a simple adjustment process for a comfortable fit without hassle. Prioritizing insoles that provide a smooth experience for the user will enhance your performance and overall skateboarding comfort.


After trying out these top 5 insoles for skateboarding, my performance and comfort on the board have significantly improved. From the impact absorption to the comfort level, each insole has its own unique benefits that cater to different needs.

Choosing the right insole is crucial for enhancing your skateboarding experience, so make sure to consider factors such as impact absorption, comfort, and size when making your selection.

Happy skating!

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