Best Insoles for Walking All Day, 5 That Are Amazing!

Do you feel uncomfortable when you walk all day long? If yes, then you need to improve your insole for comfortable walking.

Walking all day long without any discomfort can be a challenging task. In fact, it is the most common activity that leads to foot and ankle injuries. When you walk all day long, your feet and ankles get tired quickly, and you may get blisters and calluses in the heel.

To solve this problem, you need to buy a good insole for walking all day long. It is very important to choose the correct insole to keep your feet healthy and comfortable.

In this guide, I have reviewed the best insoles for walking all day long. Let’s have a look at each product one by one and help you get the best insole for comfortable walking.

1. Powerstep pinnacle orthotic shoe insoles

Powerstep Pinnacle is designed by an experienced podiatrist. Thus, you can ensure that everything about the insole isbeneficial to your foot. Similarly, it is the insole for those who suffer from plantar fasciitis, flat feet, and overpronation.

The first thing you’ll notice with Pinnacle is its very deep heel cup. There’s also a curve at the middle part which is the arch and offers flexibility to replicate the neutral function through your gait (especially for fallen arches). Pinnacle is also great for providing cushioning to the foot due to the double layering plus the EVA variable cushioning technology that also enhances comfort. The top layer is a fabric that is anti-microbial to keep your foot cool. The fabric material also prevents friction that might cause blisters.

Pinnacle is expected to last about 6 months under normal wear and tear. This may be shorter if you use the same insole every single day. We do recommend that you purchase insoles for every single pair of shoes. Also, replace the insoles when you notice a great difference in comfort and support. More specifically, when you aren’t as comfortable as the first time you’ve worn it.


  • Medium price
  • Anti-moisture
  • For foot conditions
  • Dual layer cushioning
  • Resists friction
  • Deep heel cup


  • Too thick

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2. Vionic orthaheel shock absorber insoles

Standing all day makes the feet exhausted. Also, this act can cause discomfort and pain in the legs. In time, if you wear the wrong insoles, you are vulnerable to conditions like plantar fasciitis, varicose veins, restricted blood flow, muscle soreness, and pain in many groups of muscles.

The Vionic Orthaheel is a great example of an insole that can save your day. Specifically, it will remove the fatigue on your foot with its maximum cushioning while retaining much of the support for your body weight. This specific model specializes in shock absorption with its foam covering from forefoot to the heel.

Vionic Shock Absorber incorporates Orthaheel Technology or also called Tri-Planar Motion Control Technology. In short, this insole can support and promote natural alignment of theentire foot. This technology stabilizes the foot to help eliminate pain by aligning your body from the ground up.

This insole comes with a cushioned arch support that can provide ample support for flat feet or fallen arches. It also has a deep heel cup to prevent excessive movements of the heel.

The top layer nylon features an embedded microbe shield which is EcoFresh earth-friendly. It can readily stop the growth of the odor-causing bacteria. The Vionic Orthaheel is trimmable to fit depending on your desired preference.


  • Medium price
  • Tri-planar motion control
  • Promotes natural foot alignment
  • Anti-microbial
  • Supreme shock absorption
  • For many foot conditions


  • Not for high arches

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3. Superfeet COPPER personalized comfort insoles

Superfeet has been featured in hundreds of reviews under the keywords “best insole.” Indeed, the Superfeet is a premium brand that is available at a fairly affordable price that can deliver most of the work that most expensive brands already have. For the Superfeet Copper, it aims to deliver you an utmost personal comfort you need on your work.

Superfeet Copper features a unique three-layer foam system which sole application is to provide comfort to its wearer. It starts with a durable bottom layer for maintaining shape and support, a polyurethane foam layer for comfort and stability, and a MemoryCloud memory foam as the top cover which conforms to your foot. It’s a pressure sensitive foam featuring a Dynamic Molding Process so there’s no need of heating it inside the oven to be moldable.

Furthermore, the top nylon is covered in a nice shade of copper which has a natural coating that can eliminate odor-causing bacteria. The AgION anti-microbial technology of the cover also reduces the friction and hot spots between the foot and insole.

At the bottommost layer under the base foam is a patented stabilizer cup. This aims to provide optimal underfoot support as well as support to the closed cell foam layers. Superfeet Copper is equipped with a deep heel cup to prevent excessive motions and absorb impact.

This insole is applicable to low-impact activities such as for standing and walking for long periods of time. It accommodates all arch types.


  • All arch types
  • Anti-microbial
  • Three-layer foam
  • Deep heel cup
  • Promotes proper alignment


  • Not for high-impact activities
  • Expensive

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4. Spenco total support original insoles

This the kind of insole you’d want when you’re just walking, standing, or running. It also aims to support and stabilize the arch and the heel.

Total Support is made of three layers. Starting at the bottom layer which consists of three materials. These are the First Ray Drop Zone that has the capability of promoting a naturalstride. It can also relieve the pressure at the first met head. It’s located in the middle area. Next to the First Ray Drop Zone is what’s called the deep heel cup. It significantly reduces the pressure at the heel by cushioning the impact. It also guides the foot preventing it from excessive movements. Below the heel cup is the Spenco’s patented 3-POD Modulation System which consists of multi-density impact zones. There are two colors: the red is rigid and counters overpronation while the blue is softer and serves as a guide.

The middle layer of Total Support Original is an EVA footbed that molds to the foot the longer you wear it on. Lastly, the top layer is an anti-microbial that controls odor-causing bacteria. It also resists friction which might have caused blisters.


  • Cheap
  • Anti-odor
  • Shock absorber
  • Relieves pressure
  • Extreme cushioning
  • Propels your forward


  • Runs a little big

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5. CurrexSole activepro insoles

ActivePro, from its name, is an insole for sporting activities. With its upgraded attributes to match an athlete’s need, this is an insole you can depend to give you comfort for your job that requires you to stand for a long time throughout the day. Wearing insoles in this line of work is important because you don’t want to develop certain foot conditions associated to having aching and tiring feet.

ActivePro is made up of three layers which the top cover’s color change depending on the arch height. Thus, this is the insole that can accommodate low to high arches. The middle and base layers are fundamentally the same. Below the top cover is a memory foam that is wear-moldable. It can conform to the shape of the foot the longer you wear it. At the base is a blue Poron cushioning.

ActivePro features a 3D Dynamic Arch Technology made of silver nylon composite that supports the arch and prevents it from overpronation and excessive movements. The heel cup is decoupled to give you the flexing as needed. It can absorb impact and convert it into kinetic energy to push you more forward. There’s also a Poron met pad that has the same function as the heel cup.

ActivePro is really similar to another CurrexSole insole, the RunnerPro. The only difference between the two is that the ActivePro has more applications compared to the RunnerPro.


  • For different arch types
  • Decoupled heel cup
  • Poron metatarsal pad
  • Absorbs shock
  • Anti-moisture


  • Expensive

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Final thoughts

In conclusion, it’s important to remember that your feet go through so much stress and wear and tear each day. The longer you walk on them, the higher chance you will sustain an injury. So, always remember to purchase comfortable shoes, socks & insoles that fit properly. If you’re walking for hours, make sure that you have a comfortable pair of socks, shoes & insoles that can provide enough support.

The best insoles to walk in all day are the ones that fit naturally and stay on. They have to be made with breathable materials and they should allow the foot to move easily, especially at the toes. To find the right insole for walking, check out the ones we reviewed.

Pamela Couch

I am a designer, shoe-obsessed lifestyle expert, and founder of, a shoe boutique located in Downtown Atlanta. I love shoes and I love being able to share my passion for them with others.