Best Treadmill for Home Use

Top 10 Best Treadmill for Home Use


Having a workout equipment right at the comforts of your home is quite convenient especially when you don’t have time for the gym. Treadmills are one of the most frequently purchased for home use. With that, you can now burn calories without having to go outside!

Choosing the best treadmill for home use is a crucial decision. Read on and see the top ten treadmills you can utilize at home. You’ll also increase your knowledge on what to look when selecting the right treadmills for your specific needs.

Best Treadmill For Home Use Review

1. Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T4400 Treadmill

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T4400 is a good treadmill if you are on a tight budget. Despite the low-end category, this treadmill has extra features commonly found on treadmills with higher prices. Its solid steel frame makes it appealing for home use. You will appreciate the smooth and quiet outcome when using this treadmill.

This treadmill is only beneficial if you weigh 220 pounds or below and will only use it for walking and light jogging exercises. If you meet these requirements, keep reading to know more about the benefits and drawbacks of this treadmill. If not, you need a treadmill with a higher motor power.


  • The price of this treadmill usually plays around $299 to $399. Surely, this is a budget saving treadmill for home use. Home treadmills usually cost twice as the price offered by SF-T4400 treadmill.
  • This treadmill has built-in programs which are so generous compared to other low-end treadmills. Aside from the manual mode, it has nine programs which will guide you throughout your exercise. Every program has descriptions printed on the console for you to decide if you can possibly do it.
  • This treadmill may look simple, but it can present data for you such as time, distance, speed, calories, pulse, and BMI.
  • The speed controls are located on the handrails which will be convenient on your part. This treadmill has a maximum speed of 9 mph which is enough to excel in the low-end treadmill competition.
  • The treadmill has a ledge which can support your smartphone or tablet. You’ll really delight on this if you want entertainment while having a workout.

  • Space is not a great concern with this treadmill. Aside from its foldable feature, it consumes lesser floor space compared to standard treadmill sizes.


  • Though it has a 3-level incline options, this treadmill has a small incline despite the steepest setting. Its maximum incline is 5%. It only replicates the effect of wind resistance and a little calorie burn increase. Most treadmills have a maximum incline of 10%.
  • The track size of this treadmill is somewhat narrow. It measures 15.75 inches wide and 48.82 inches long.
  • This treadmill has a weight limit of 220 pounds.

  • The warranty of this treadmill is so short. It only covers 90 days of warranty for parts. The frame only has a 1-year Unfortunately, labor expenses aren’t covered by these warranties.

2. Lifespan TR 1200i Folding Treadmill

Lifespan TR 1200i is one of the popular treadmills on the market today. Its price is reasonable for its competitive features. It has a reliable weight capacity, incline levels, speed range, and workout programs. LifeSpan Fitness managed to incorporate a lot of noteworthy features while maintaining a compact size. You may want to keep this treadmill under your bed in case your home has a small space.


  • This treadmill has seventeen (17) preset workout programs which are good if you prefer workout variety. Each preset workout program has three intensity levels; feel free to choose the one which fits you most.
  • The belt of this treadmill has a remarkable durability which gives an advantage over basic treadmills. It also absorbs shocks through the cushions on the deck. The length of the belt is also admired by most users. With a length of 20 inches, your walking and jogging exercises are efficiently assisted.
  • This treadmill is equipped with 2.5 hp motor which is a little higher than the standard 2.25 hp found on most treadmills. The power is enough to accommodate your long jogs while maintaining a fluid transition across speed changes.
  • The motor gives way to a more powerful incline options. You may choose from the 15 incline levels brought by this treadmill.
  • The maximum speed of this treadmill is 11 mph. It’s is somewhat remarkable since most treadmills have a maximum speed of 10 mph.
  • You can opt to store your workout data to a USB. You can also view your detailed reports on the official website of LifeSpan Fitness and obtain a workout plan tailored from your workout data.
  • If you prefer playing music throughout your workout, the treadmill has high-fidelity speakers, headphone jack, and iPod port.
  • Essential buttons including heart rate monitor toggle are conveniently located on the treadmill’s handbar.

  • The frame and motor have an impressive lifetime protection. Other parts of the treadmill have a three-year Labor costs are free for one year.


  • There’s no treadmill fan so you may want to plug a stand fan beside the treadmill if you’re disturbed with too much heat.

  • The data tracking service of LifeSpan Fitness is only free for four months. You need to pay for a subscription if you want to continue using the service. It’s worth to note that the lifetime membership costs $69.

3. Confidence Power Plus Motorized Electric Treadmill

Confidence Power Plus Motorized Electric Treadmill is a foldable lightweight machine. If it happens for you to have a tight home space, you may store this treadmill under your bed when folded. This treadmill is confidently offering reasonable features in a compact size.

This treadmill is only beneficial if you weigh 250 pounds or below and will only use it for walking exercises. If you meet these requirements, keep reading to know more about the benefits and drawbacks of this treadmill. If not, you need a treadmill with a higher motor power.


  • The price of this treadmill plays around $199. It is cheaper than the common entry-level treadmill of other manufacturers.
  • This treadmill offers a speed of 0.6 mph to 6.2 mph. If your purpose on using the treadmill is for walking exercises, this speed is enough. Considering the maximum speed of this treadmill, you can speed up a little if you’d like to.
  • The size of this treadmill is lesser than common treadmills. It measures 49 inches long and 24 inches wide. When folded, it measures 49 inches long, 24 inches wide, and 11 inches high. The 49-pound weight of this treadmill is also noteworthy. And since it is foldable, this gives way for the treadmill to excel in portability.

  • The weight capacity of this treadmill is 250 pounds. It is a little generous compared to most entry-level treadmills. Considering the size and weight of the treadmill, the weight capacity is remarkable.


  • Assembling this treadmill might be quite frustrating. Though it is a basic treadmill, the assembly is not as easy as you think.
  • The motor of this treadmill is somehow weak. It is rated at 600 watts or 0.8 horsepower. Most treadmills designed for walking have a motor rated at 2.5 horsepower.
  • Data shown on the screen is not accurate if used by another user. The treadmill will always use the weight of the default user when calculating data. If you are looking for a treadmill for multiple users, this is not good for you.
  • This is not good for you if you want a multiple-user treadmill.
  • This treadmill has no incline option. The sole way to burn more calories is to increase the treadmill speed.
  • Though it has the ability to show your speed, time, distance, and burned calories, the treadmill does not have preset workout programs.
  • The treadmill is somehow noisy when changing the speed level.

  • The track size is remarkably lower than other low-end treadmills.

4. Gold’s Gym Trainer 720 Treadmill

Gold’s Gym Trainer 720 is a starter treadmill offering the expected features within its price range. It is space saving due to its foldable nature and convenient for its compatibility with iPods and MP3 players. If you need a treadmill with features higher than the basic treadmills, keep reading to know more about the boons and banes of this treadmill.


  • This treadmill features its patented SpaceSaver technology which allows the deck to be folded up vertically. If you have a small workout space yet you are not comfortable with small track sizes, SpaceSaver technology is a convenient feature for you.
  • This treadmill features an AirStride Cushioning System. You’ll definitely experience a comfortable run due to its rigid and supportive deck. If you develop pain and injuries from treadmills with low cushioning, you need to invest in a more comfortable and supportive treadmill.
  • This treadmill offers more comfort and convenience in your hands due to the CoolAire workout fan and two cup holders.
  • The maximum speed is 10 mph which is expected in this price range.
  • You can freely choose from the 10 incline levels. Higher level means more calories burned.
  • You can freely choose from the 18 preset workout programs on this treadmill.
  • The price of this treadmill plays around $700. It is a reasonable price for all the features you can expect at this price point. If you’re a beginner, this starter model will efficiently assist you.

  • Considering the price of this treadmill, Gold’s Gym is so generous when it comes to warranty. The motor has a 25-year warranty while the frame has a lifetime warranty.


  • The running area is somehow smaller than average due to its 55-inch length. This might cause issues if you're tall and if you want a sprint running workout. If you want plenty of space when using the treadmill, you might be uncomfortable with this treadmill.
  • The treadmill is made with plastic parts. You might feel the weakness of its parts of the treadmill the moment you assemble it. The deck is not too sturdy as opposed to other treadmills on this price range.

  • The display screen used on this treadmill is narrow. It might be difficult for you to read the displayed data. And speaking of data, it only shows basic data such as time, speed, distance, calories burned, and progress.

5. Schwinn 830 Treadmill

Schwinn is known for manufacturing home workout equipment. Since you are looking for a home treadmill, they definitely offer a lot for you. One of it is Schwinn 830 Treadmill. This treadmill is efficient if you want to step up your workout challenge. In particular, we recommended this treadmill for beginners and experienced users. It comes with gym-standard features packed on a home-use treadmill.


  • The weight capacity of this treadmill is 300 pounds which are a good deal for mid-end
  • This treadmill is equipped with 2.75 hp motor, which is significantly higher than the common 2.5 h motor. You can choose up to a maximum speed of 12 mph which is good if you are using this treadmill for marathon running.
  • This treadmill comes with 22 preset workout programs. This is great if you prefer a wide variety of workout plans. You can also choose from different workout levels, from beginner’s workout to professional workout.
  • This treadmill comes with multiple incline level options. The maximum incline level is 12°. As a bonus, you can freely choose from the manual incline and automatic incline option. This is a competitive feature among the mid-end treadmills.
  • You’ll find this treadmill more comfortable and convenient to use. It has a sound system for entertainment purposes, cooling fan for preventing body overheats, bottle holders, and tablet tray.
  • On operation, the machine is quiet. You can also rely on the durability of the treadmill when using it.
  • You can receive a better analysis of your workout data by plugging a USB drive on the treadmill and upload it to Schwinn Connect or
  • The price of this treadmill plays around $1000 which is reasonable enough for its great deal of features.

  • The warranty included in this treadmill is impressive compared to the common 90-day warranty of other manufacturers. The frame and the motor includes a 10-year warranty. The mechanical and electrical parts of this treadmill also come with a 2-year warranty. You’ll also receive a free 1-year labor along with these warranties.


  • Though the treadmill is durable and stable, it is heavy which reduces its portability. You might find it difficult to relocate when you are alone. We recommended to assemble and relocate this treadmill with the help of another person.

  • You may find it hard to read the display in just a quick glance. You may need to spend a little to read the data precisely.

6. Weslo Cadence G 5.9 Treadmill

Weslo Cadence G 5.9 is one of the cheap treadmills found on the market. It is great for walking workouts. If you prefer a treadmill for running workout, you may want to decide carefully if this treadmill works for you. Treadmill for running has a standard 60-inch track length. But this treadmill only has a 50-inch track length. Running may be a bit uncomfortable despite the motor’s efficiency for the running standard. Just continue reading if you want to learn more about the benefits and drawbacks of this treadmill.


  • The price is remarkable for walking treadmills. The price only plays around $300. Though this treadmill belongs to the low-end market, it has some features found on more expensive treadmills.
  • The console of this treadmill has 6 preset workout programs. Though not a wide variety, it is enough to give you a good mix of workout plans. The programs can reliably bring out your optimum calorie burn since it is designed by a certified personal trainer.
  • This treadmill comes with two incline options. But you need to manually adjust the ramp. Still, it is a good feature considering the price of this treadmill and it is better than having no incline options at all.
  • Max speed is 10 mph which is pretty generous for the low-end market. This is made possible by equipping the standard 2.25 hp motor.

  • This treadmill is compact and foldable. The deck can also be set in a vertical position to further minimize the space. You may store this under your bed to further bring out a clean space.


  • The track size of this treadmill might be uncomfortable for walking and might be too restrictive for running. It only has a 50-inch track length. Running workouts works best on 60-inch tracks while walking works best on 55-inch tracks.
  • On operation, the machine is a bit noisy. We see its lightweight frame, plastic parts, and unsealed joints as a culprit for the noise.
  • Some treadmills in this price range have convenient extras like speakers, bottle holders, etc. Unfortunately, this treadmill has no extras which could be a bit disappointing.

  • The warranty of this treadmill is so short. The motor has a 1-year warranty while the other parts have a 90-day warranty. Labor expenses are only covered for 90 days as well.

7. Xterra Fitness TR 6.6 Treadmill

Xterra Fitness TR 6.6 is remarkable the best treadmill manufactured by Xterra. Xterra users are more loyal to this model than the newer versions. This treadmill is efficient for building your endurance while keeping you healthy and comfortable while having a workout. Just keep on reading to know more about the benefits and drawbacks of this treadmill.


  • The motor operates at 0 hp at max which leads to a maximum speed of 12 mph. Whether you go for walking, long jogs, or running marathon, this treadmill will be able to operate on your plan.
  • You can further step up your workout challenges with 15% maximum incline option for this treadmill. Burn more calories by increasing the incline level.
  • This treadmill comes with diverse workout programs. It has a 7 manual programs and 2 heart rate controlled programs. Though this is not a wide variety, you can still enjoy the preset programs.
  • This treadmill includes comfortable and convenient extras expected in this price range. You can enjoy your workout with the cooling fan to prevent overheating, water bottles, cushioned deck for enhanced support, and an audio jack for entertainment.
  • You can adjust the cushioning of the belt to maximize the shock absorption every time you land your feet. While cushioning is expected for treadmills in this price range, an adjustable cushioning is a great bonus.
  • You can choose between silver and black. Both of these colors are visually appealing due to its sleek texture.
  • The price of this treadmill plays around $1000. It is a reasonable price considering all the features you can get with this treadmill.

  • The frame and motor of this treadmill have a lifetime warranty. The deck also have a 5-year warranty. Other parts include a 2-year warranty. All of your labor expenses are free for 1 year. And as a part of a good deal, the treadmill comes with a 60-day money back guarantee.


  • Due to the limited workout programs, you might find your workout a bit boring after a few months of use. We recommend you to include another physical activity after a month or two if you really find this treadmill beneficial.
  • You might be disappointed with the 1-year labor warranty considering the price of this treadmill.

  • The weight capacity of this treadmill is 350 pounds. Though it is good enough, standard treadmills on the mid-end market have a weight capacity of 400 pounds.

8. Horizon Fitness T101-04 Treadmill

Horizon Fitness T101-04 is a promising treadmill within its price range. This treadmill works best for walking or light jogging. The track size is also remarkable since it is a bit large than the standard track size. Coming with an adjustable incline, wide variety of workout programs, and some extras, this treadmill is appealing for most people.


  • There are 30 preset workout programs in this treadmill which is a generous variety compared to other treadmills. If you are bored with a certain workout program, there’s always another option to keep you inspired.
  • This treadmill has a maximum incline level of 10% which is an expected incline for the price. The maximum level will significantly increase the calories you burn.
  • The weight capacity of this treadmill is 300 pounds which is expected for the price.
  • This treadmill has a good portability due to its foldable nature. You can easily store and relocate this treadmill. You might want to store it under your bed to further save space.
  • The console in this treadmill is user-friendly and visually appealing. It has a three data windows which you can read easily.
  • You can monitor your pulse through the dual grip monitoring system integrated on this treadmill.
  • The treadmill comes with a speaker system and a port to keep you entertained while your workout is ongoing.
  • A cooling fan is included to prevent your body from overheating.
  • The price of this treadmill plays around $650. Considering the price, it has a lot of generous features compared to other treadmills.
  • The frame and motor of this treadmill have a lifetime warranty while the other parts have a 2-year warranty. Considering the price, Horizon Fitness is so generous for their warranty. You’ll hardly find these warranties on treadmills within the price range.


  • Though it has a standard 2.25 hp motor, other treadmills within the price range offer a higher motor spec.
  • The maximum speed is 10 mph which is not good for hardcore running. Treadmills with higher speed can offer a smoother experience for walking and jogging.
  • The belt is not long enough for taller people. It only measures 55-inch long which is somehow a standard for walking yet a bit uncomfortable for running.

  • The cushioning is just enough. You might find the cushioning uncomfortable when you use your treadmill a lot.

9. NordicTrack C 1650 Treadmill

NordicTrack C 1650 is a feature-rich treadmill considering its high price. It has a lot of extra features worthy to be discussed. While you continue reading the review for this treadmill, you have to carefully think if you really need all of the premium features or it is just too much for you and your pocket.


  • Running is efficient on this treadmill due to its 20-inch length of track size. Cushioning can also be turned on or off.
  • NordicTrack uses a popular iFit Coach system. With the WiFi connection of your home, you have an unlimited access to personalized workout, online races, recipe suggestions, message boards, and fitness support. Though it has a membership fee, you might want to invest in it to get more awesome features for your treadmill.
  • The 10” color touchscreen display is not just for data display and settings control. It also has an Android browser to let you browse the web and connect to the iFit coach.
  • You can freely choose from the 34 preset workout programs on this treadmill. The programs are divided into 4 categories: speed, intensity, incline, and heart rate.
  • The maximum incline level of this treadmill is 12%. It is already good enough to boost your calorie burn, muscle toning, and workout challenge. In case you’ll subscribe to iFit Coach, you may integrate it with Google Maps and virtually walk, jog, or run on various routes anywhere around the world. Incline variations will further bring up a challenge and liveliness for your workout.
  • The motor operates at 3.5 hp at max. You can enjoy a maximum speed of 12 mph as a result. Machine operation is quiet even on frequent change of speed.
  • You can choose between the two heart rate monitoring options. First, the handlebars have contact sensors. Second, you may connect the treadmill to a Bluetooth heart rate transmitter.
  • This treadmill comes with an adjustable tablet holder which takes the entertainment to a higher level. Another entertainment option includes iPod compatibility and two 3-inch speakers.
  • A self-adjusting fan is integrated on this treadmill which smartly adjusts to your workout intensity.

  • The motor and frame both have a lifetime warranty. The five-year warranty is allocated for parts and electronics. Two-year labor warranty is also included.


  • Since it is large and heavy, you might find it hard to assemble this treadmill. We recommend to do the assembly with another person or let an expert assemble the treadmill.
  • The roller sizes aren't wide as expected for the price. It might lead to higher maintenance needs.

10. ProForm PFTL99715 Power 995i Exercise Treadmill

ProForm PFTL99715 Power 995i is a treadmill dedicated for running workouts. Its 60-inch track length is enough to keep you comfortable when running. On the price range of nearly $1000, you can expect a lot of feature boosts on this treadmill. Again, you must think carefully if you will really optimize all features over the course of your fitness plan


  • This treadmill is easier to setup than most home treadmills. You might even want to assemble this treadmill all by yourself.
  • The maximum operating power of the motor is 3.0 hp which is expected for this price range. It is enough for light use and daily exercise of multiple users. The motor’s max power gives way to a maximum speed of 12 mph which is a standard for endurance runs. Walking, jogging, speed training, and interval training work smoothly with this treadmill.
  • The track size is 60-inch long which is a standard for running workouts. ProShox cushioning is also included on the deck to reduce the impact of your strides up to 28%.
  • You may connect this treadmill to iFit Coach to further boost the features found on this treadmill. Still, the treadmill is feature-rich by default.
  • This treadmill includes 30 preset workout programs which are a wide variety of choices. Day-to-day variety makes your workout more exciting. The workout programs are reliable since a certified personal trainer designed the programs. Connecting to iFit Coach will add more workout programs with fitness advice.
  • The maximum incline of this treadmill is 15% which is a great way to boost your calorie burn and muscle toning. This maximum incline is expected for the price.
  • If you need to save a lot of space, this treadmill is foldable with the help of EasyLift technology.
  • The handlebars of this treadmill have a pulse sensor for you to assess if you already reached the best pace.
  • You can be entertained while having a workout through the iPod-compatible audio port and two 2-inch speakers integrated on the treadmill.
  • The price of this treadmill plays around $950 which is reasonable for the features.
  • The frame and the motor have a lifetime warranty while the parts have a 3-year warranty. Labor is free for 1 year.


  • While the warranty is quite generous, the machine’s deck has no warranty coverage.
  • Though it is easier to assemble, the heavy weight of the treadmill might give you an assembly challenge.

Choosing The Right Treadmill For Home Use

Every treadmill is built for the specific type of people. While some treadmills may work for you, other people may not efficiently use it. Some treadmills work best for you, but some simply won’t. There’s a possibility for you not to totally use the extra features of a specific treadmill. Thus, we enlist several factors for you to consider when choosing the right treadmill for home use.

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Treadmills come in different price points: low-end, mid-end, and high-end prices. In general, low-end treadmills have the basic features you need. Mid-end treadmills have some extra features. High-end treadmills have more extra features with higher capacity. Nevertheless, it still depends on the build quality of the treadmill. Some low-end treadmills possess extra features though. You don’t necessarily need to purchase those high-end treadmills if you won’t use the extra features coming with it.

Your Weight

Each treadmill has a weight capacity as specified by the manufacturer. The treadmill works best if the user’s attributes go within the specs. If you will insist on using the treadmill with your weight outside the limit, it may cause malfunction and inefficiency on the machine.

Different price points usually have a standard weight capacity. For the low-end treadmills, it usually has a 220-pound capacity. Mid-end treadmills have a 250 to 300-pound capacity. High-end treadmills have a weight capacity higher than 300 pounds.


There are two types of the treadmill in terms of relation to space: foldable and non-foldable.

Foldable treadmills are ideal when you have a small space left in your home or in your workout room. This type of treadmills has lifting mechanisms which allow the deck to be lifted vertically. Portability is also increased for the foldable type. You may either leave the treadmill leaning on the wall or you may hide it under your bed. The latter is the advised option if you want to enjoy a bigger room space.

Non-foldable treadmills are advisable if you have a big workout room or if you are not bothered with a big treadmill displayed in your house. With this type of treadmill, you must not expect a good deal of portability.

Treadmill Motor

The power of the motor determines the maximum speed and the workout intensity.

Low-end treadmills usually have a maximum motor power of 1.5 hp. Some manufacturers even design their treadmill below 1.0 hp. This motor power is good only for walking workouts.

Mid-end treadmills usually have a motor power between 2.25 hp and 2.75 hp. This motor power is recommended for a smooth walking and light jogging experience. It is also recommended for running workouts.

High-end treadmills have a motor power greater than 2.75 hp. This motor power further steps up the workout challenge. You can do speed training, marathon running, and endurance running with this motor power.


Incline levels further steps up your workout challenge by simulating the topography and wind resistance. Higher incline levels also lead to more burned calories and improved muscle toning.

Some low-end treadmills do not offer incline levels. The only way for you to burn more calories is just to increase the speed of the treadmill.

Some manufacturers decided to offer incline levels on their starter treadmills. Low-end treadmills with incline usually have a maximum incline level of 5%. Be careful in using low-end treadmills, especially those with a manual incline. You need to raise up the ramp all by yourself as opposed to the automatic incline changes embedded on the console’s system. Nevertheless, manual inclines are better than having no inclines at all.

Mid-end treadmills usually offer a maximum incline level of 10%. High-end treadmills usually offer a maximum incline level of 15%. It all depends on your preference if you want to take your workout challenge on an extreme level.

Track Lengths

There are recommended track lengths for every type of workout. For walking, the track must be at least 55-inch long. If you want a running workout, the track must be at least 60-inch long. These track lengths are enough with proper consideration to tall runners.

You may also want to look at the track width. Roomier track sizes result to a more comfortable and non-restrictive workout. However, it comsumes more space in your room and sometimes heavier than the standard.


Deck cushions allow shock absorption every time your feet makes contact with the deck. Lesser impacts results to a lesser likelihood of developing pain for your feet.

It is worth to note that other users prefer lesser cushioning for them to feel the real ground surface. This type of runner prefers realistic running like they are running on real road tracks.

Extra Features

Extra features may be integrated on your treadmill for convenience and comfort. It can be usually found on mid-end to high-end treadmills. Your treadmill may have a cooling fan to prevent your body from overheating, audio jacks and iPod ports for music entertainment, tablet holders for a bigger entertainment, bottle holders, etc. Some of these extra features might be necessary for you while others are not.


Picking the best treadmill for home use is not a simple task. You have to determine whether it suits your needs or it simply overwhelms you.

Thank you for reading this review. We hope we have truly helped you in choosing the treadmill that adheres your necessities. We’ll be glad to hear from your by dropping your comments below.

Top 10 Best Treadmill for Home Use
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