How To Cut Insoles?

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Insoles play a prominent role in our daily lives for us to walk freely and comfortably without feeling pain or anything unpleasant. When you have decided on a brand because you like the advantages you saw and read about it, how will you install new insoles? How to cut insoles? This article answers those questions for you.

Insoles are like our little shields for our feet that aim to keep us going on and reach our pinnacle. What happens when we wear shoes that make us feel uncomfortable? We become people with foul moods. And that’s a big no when, for instance, work in a place full of customers. That’s why wearing proper shoes paired with shoe insoles means you can always entertain customers at your one-hundred percent.

It is understood that just wearing a good pair of shoes won’t alleviate your pain especially if you have foot conditions. It is because it’s hard to find a pair that is specially made for the comfort and support needed for your feet. That’s why the cheapest alternative available is insoles. They are also interchangeable terms with shoe inserts and orthotics. You can actually buy any shoes you’d like based on their style, but compensate it with good quality shoe inserts that will be prescribed to your feet. Thanks to shoe insoles, you don’t have to stress yourself that you can’t find any comfort anymore because you can feel every step!

However, be advised that no insoles last forever. They tend to deteriorate in the long run if you can’t keep them in the right state. Proper care for your insoles is necessary. However, these insoles will only last from several months to several years depending on the frequency of their usage. Don’t be surprised that you notice one fine day that they’re not giving you the required cushioning you felt before. It is part of the life cycle of an object to wane and fade, sometimes longer than usual.

Methods On How To Cut Insoles

There are different varieties of insoles. They may be made of materials like fabric, leather, foam, gel, or moldable. For this article alone, we will focus on the insoles that can be cut with scissors or a utility knife. Gel and moldable are out of context. Now the next question will be when to know if you have to cut insoles?

Cutting insoles came in second when you bought insoles either for installing them in your new shoes or replacing your old insoles. No matter what the purpose that drove you to buy them, make sure they are trim to fit the footsteps of your shoes. This also means that you buy insoles that are larger than your size.

For detachable insoles

This is the easy part of trimming insoles. Because the insoles that came with your shoes can be used as templates in tracing the outline.

First, remove the insoles you wish to replace. With a marker, place the newer insole at the bottom part and have the template on the topmost layer, and trace the shape congruent with the edges. With a pair of scissors or a utility knife, cut your way to the path of the marker until you get the desired size. Do the above steps to the other insole.

After getting the right size associated with your foot size, insert the insole into your shoe with the toe part going in first. Push the insole to the corner of your shoe. Your insole might need proper positioning into the inside of your shoe, with your thumb, apply pressure onto the visible part of the insole until it sits correctly. Do the same with the other one.

Adjusting to your new insoles may take a few walks. If you use them for running, don’t run wearing them until you feel that your feet have finally adjusted to your shoes.

For glued insoles:

If you exhausted your methods trying to unglue that insole in your shoe, you might want this. This is the tricky part in your cutting of insoles because this can be done many times before the insole conforms to the footstep of your shoe. Two methods can do this: using a piece of paper on the inside or the outside.

  • Inside

It is not entirely different from the steps with detachable insoles. The only difference would be: that you will insert a larger piece of paper into the shoe. The shape that the paper assumed is what you will trace on your paper and later on to the insole that you bought.

  • Outside

It is similar to the ‘inside’ method because of the piece of paper, but the positioning will be different. Lay a large piece of paper on the floor and put it on top of the shoe. With a marker, you trace the outline of the shoe realistically onto the piece of paper. Cut the shape outline and use it as a template.

Final thoughts

With just sharp scissors or utility knives, you already know how to cut insoles. With the knowledge you’ve gained, you will have no more hard time doing it again and again when you wish to replace your insoles after several months to several years.

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