How To Keep Feet Dry – 28 Natural Ways You Can Try

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Wet, damp feet are stinky and completely uncomfortable. No one can stand having wet feet especially when you had your socks and shoes on. In situations like this, we just couldn’t wait to be in our homes and change. With that in mind, learning how to keep feet dry is an essential knowledge you must incorporate into your daily life.

Have you ever wondered why your feet end up in sweat and foul odor when your shoes are tightly closed? This is because our feet need fresh air and your shoes couldn’t provide this since it is closed. Also, we should be able to keep our feet dry all the time because it will cause you blister, warts, nail problems, and fungal skin. You don’t want to have these on your feet that is why it’s best to keep your foot hygiene intact.

Keeping Feet D​​​​ry

To keep you comfortable and free from stinky feet. Try incorporating these tips for you to keep your healthy hygiene all the time. This is applicable to athletes who strive to keep their feet dry to avoid blisters. Moreover, you need to be prepared when winter comes. Boots and socks, for instance, are the must-haves. Thus, to be prepared and to keep your feet dry, these ways are suited for you:

  • Change your shoe every day

It is crucial that you change your shoes every day. It’s best for you to invest another pair of a shoe so that you can alternate using it. By doing this, you can give your other shoe a chance to dry out.

  • Purchase a Shoe dryer

This will require you to spend money but as long as it will make your life comfortable then don’t hesitate to have one. The shoe dryer will circulate the warm air inside your shoes.

  • Apply Foot Powders

Foot powders are very helpful because this will soak up the moisture from your feet. This will surely keep your feet dry. Before wearing your shoes, put some powder on it. The powder will absorb moisture and remove the odor from your shoes. Inconveniently, foot powders need reapplication because it disperses easily. That’s why keep them checked when you are using foot powders.

  • Wear wool socks instead of cotton

You need to wear socks all the time. Do not ever consider not wearing one because this will prevent most of the sweat when you’re wearing shoes. Choose wool socks because these things are excellent in absorbing all the moisture. Avoid cotton socks as well because this will just absorb the moisture and keep your feet wet. Wool socks are recommended for athletes, to achieve wet-free feet during the sports event. Further, when you have foot odor, consider buying antibacterial socks.

  • Clean your shoes

Clean your shoes every week. To those who had leather, wipe it with a clean washcloth. While sneakers should be washed with hot water and laundry detergent. Careful with your bleach, chose the color safe kind of brand.

  • Remove liners from your shoes

To completely dry your shoes and when you are not yet using it then its best to remove the liners. Afterwards, place it next to a heat source to completely dry your shoe.

  • Use antibacterial soap

Wash your feet with antibacterial soap every day. Make sure to scrub your toes and wash the sole and top of your feet. Dry your feet with a clean towel, moisturize to avoid cracks then put socks on and then your shoe.

  • Soak your Feet

You need to schedule a time wherein you can relax and soak your feet for 30 minutes. Prepare your basin full of warm water then add a packet or two of black tea. Allow the tea to settle at the bottom first, then soak your feet afterward. Make sure that you put music and candles for you to relax at the same time. The tea will help because it contains tannic acid that will help your feet avoid sweating.

  • Wear Sandals once in a while

Feet craves fresh air and if you are always on your sneakers then why not wear a sandal this time. You don’t have to do this every day but when you are comfortable with sandals then wear it all the time to minimize the sweating from your feet. You can also use canvas and leather shoes because it allows your feet to breathe. Don’t confine your feet always, just like you, it needs fresh air too.

  • Antiperspirant might help

Antiperspirant is designed to keep your underarms from sweating. But these things are applicable also to your feet. It’s convenient to use a spray-on antiperspirant so that you can easily spray your feet. Apply it on your toes and soles. Like others, this will help your feet in reducing moisture that comes from sweat.

  • Try newspaper

When you are already out of options, then why not try the newspaper you read every day. Crumple the paper and insert it into your shoes to absorb the moisture.

How to Keep Feet Dry in t​​​​he Rain?

You did all the steps above yet you still have wet feet. That is because circumstances like rain are unpredictable and you are no god to make it stop. When caught in situations like this you can still keep your feet dry. When you have the right gears with you then keeping dry in rainy season is not hard at all.

You don’t have to be frustrated when it’s raining and you are on your way to work or school. Avoid wet socks and uncomfortable situations like this. Here are the ways for you to survive rain season with dry feet

  • Bring Umbrella

You also need to care of yourself that is why you should have with you an umbrella to keep you and your feet dry when drizzle starts to come.

  • Raincoats and Boots

When you can have it with you every day in rainy seasons, do it. Because umbrella isn’t going to be enough. When the rain comes with strong wind then you’ll end up wet with a broken umbrella with you. Thus, raincoats are essential as well as boots for your feet. Make sure your boots are waterproof to protect your feet from the rain and make it dry.

  • Thermal socks

You may also try thermal socks that will keep the cold out while keeping feet warm. Wool socks will prevent sweat and much comfortable. Wear long socks to keep your legs warm at the same time.

  • Rain Boots

If you are not fashionable during rainy days then try wearing rain boots. This will surely protect you from the rain and to achieve dry feet. Be sure to check your rain boots first because it might have a leak.

  • Back-Up Socks/ Slippers

There should always be a back-up. Same as goes to your feet, have with you backup socks when you feel the rain is coming. This will allow you to just change your socks and wait for the rain to stop. You might as well bring with you a slipper. Slippers are much convenient in the rain.

  • Microfiber Towels

Always bring with you a microfiber towel so that you can dry your feet when you are finally at your office or school. You can also use this to dry your socks. All you need to do is to put your socks on the towel then roll it. The towel will absorb the moisture from your socks.

  • Newspaper

A newspaper is not just to provide news for you every day but it is also used to dry up your shoes. Ball the newspaper and insert it into your shoes. You can also wrap the newspaper around your shoes by using a rubber band. This will be enough to absorb the moisture from your shoe when you are already home from heavy rain situation.

  • Plastic Bags

Carry with you a plastic bag because you can just cover your shoes from it. This is recommended when you did not have with you your water-proof boots. Further, you could also place the plastic bag over your socks. It will be an extra shield to your feet.

Avoid these to Keep ​​​​Feet Dry

These are the things that cause wet feet. Therefore, better avoid these by applying the tips given in How to keep your Feet Dry.

  • Plastic Footwear

Tight shoes will cause you wet feet all the more when you are using plastic footwear. This footwear prevents the sweat from evaporating that is why it is very crucial to choose the right footwear to avoid sweat.

  • Perspiration

When you are planning to work out then make sure you wear the right socks because your body will generate heat making you drenched in sweat. You don’t want wet feet so avoid to sweat that much. Drink Water and wear the right shoe.

  • Weather

These are the unstoppable situations like rain and snow. When it’s too cold outside then it will create extreme moisture into your feet.

  • Your Feet Needs Your Care Too

Sometimes, we forget to include our feet in our daily skin care. Thus, better change right now because your feet need care just like your face.

  • Trim your nails

Cut your nails and check if you have blisters, warts, swelling, and fungus. When you have one of these, then better treat your feet right away and always keep it dry.

  • Wash Feet

Wash your feet all the time, make it clean always with antibacterial soap.

  • Moisturize

Moisturize your feet all the time cause you might end up having dry, crack feet. Use Lotion, cream, or petroleum jelly. You need to keep your feet soft and healthy looking all the time.

  • Choose Shoe That Fits

Make sure your shoe fits you perfectly. You don’t want to torture your feet by allowing it to wear tight shoe. Always know the size of your feet and stick to it. It’s silly if you do otherwise.

  • Wear proper Heels

Wear heels that distribute your weight to your feet evenly. Because heels might hurt you and this will also cause a crack in the soles of your feet.

  • Alternate Shoes

Buy another pair of shoe and alternate wearing it so that you give a chance to dry your other shoe.

  • Pedicure

Treat your feet some pedicure. You don’t want ugly toenails. Always keep proper hygiene even on your feet.

  • Visit your nearest Foot Doctor

There are things we can’t do on our own and it’s best to consult the experts. When you notice that you are sweating excessively causing wet feet then consult your doctor to provide additional medical treatments for it to stop. Also, when you had skin problems, fungus, blisters, and warts consult your doctor because it’s painful to walk when you are having these things with you.


How to Keep Feet Dry is one of the many questions we had in our lives. The provided tips above should be enough for you to keep your feet dry. Always prepare when rain hits and always have with you extra socks and slippers.  Say no to stinky shoes and feet because foul odor will be avoided when you follow our steps. Remember to moisturize all the time, and stay hygienic to be confident with ourselves and to avoid any unnecessary disease.

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