How to Measure Insoles?

Shoes mainly serve as protection for our feet, not only that, it helps us maintain our legs and back healthy.  However, if we wear shoes without appropriate support, we could have sore heels, backaches, and bruises on the balls of our feet. Getting an insole would be great and helpful to fight these problems. Now here’s the important thing, you need to know how to measure insoles.

This is so much useful when getting insole inserts or when you plan to buy second-hand shoes via the internet. When you know your insole measurement, you can compare it to those shoes online, and by that, you can be sure that the shoes ordered will fit you well. Before you can get the perfect measurement of your insoles, you’ll be needing a pair of shoes that surely fits you.

How to Measure Insoles

1. Insoles Are Made Of

There are a variety of materials that composes an insole such as cowhide leather, foam or cotton cushion, and silicone. On the other hand, the material that an insole consists of may vary on the need. Just like cowhide leather, its strength is good enough to provide a firm and sturdy support. In an arch, the cotton cushion may be too soft and probably won’t be sufficient instead. Seeing a doctor for consistent foot pains is still recommended especially when it still aches even if you buy and use insoles.

2. What is an insole? What’s it for?

An insole is a strip inside of a shoe; it is at the bottom where it fits to add support to your feet when wearing a shoe. It also cushions, protects and comforts the foot. The insole can be worn out if the shoe doesn’t give enough support or either doesn’t fit with the shoe arch, balls, or heel of the foot.  In this situation, the insoles must be replaced with new pairs.

  • Insoles are available at …

Insoles of shoes are available anywhere at any store where shoes are available or department stores. They typically have an affordable price.

  • Balls of the Feet Insoles

Sometimes increasing pressure of the shoe in the heels over an extended period may cause a sore on the balls of our feet, they become tender over time. When wearing shoes with heels, might cause stress on your foot. Insoles for the balls of your feet are available specifically that you can attach to the bottom of your feet so that they can comfortably cushion it completely.

  • Measure your insoles with

Elastic measuring tape

3. Easy Steps to Measure Your Insole

With your tape measure, slide it into your shoe from the end of the shoe to the “zero” tip of the tape measure. Using your fingers make sure to forward the tape measure into the toe of your shoe until it reaches the edge that meets the forward edge.

You must hold the tape measure in place, by putting your fingers on your other hand to the toe of the shoe possibly. Now, carefully put the measuring tape on the level of the insole of the shoe, from the toe back to its heels. Read the number that’s in the corner of the shoe’s heels, and keep pressing the tape measure into its corner. The number you read is the length of the insole, and it is also the number when you what to know the shoe length respectively.

For measuring the width of your insole, get the zero tip of your tape measure using one hand. When you’re holding it already, make sure to hold it at a six-inch mark with the other hand. Press it outwards like a loop between your hands, and then glide the loop into the frontward of the shoe.

Using your thumbs hold the tape measure in both hands alongside the shoe, stretching it across the vast part of the shoe evenly. As you hold the tape measure, take note of the measurements of each edge. After getting the size, immediately subtract the smaller number from the larger number of the measurement for you to have its actual distance in between. Finally, the result is the width of your insole and also the width of your shoe.

There you have it. You already know how to measure insoles so give it a try!

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