How To Increase Your Height With Insoles?

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Shoe insoles give comfort to our feet when we need to focus on the task at hand. However, did you know that insoles can provide not only coziness but can also help your other needs? It is because there are insoles available for other purposes, just like adding inches to your height.

A few people desperately want to get taller because they’re tired of being looked down. Some even undergo surgeries to make people believe that they’re tall subtly. However, there’s a hidden alternative fix that you can do cheaper. And those are the insoles. If you’re interested, ask yourself: do you want to gain a few inches? Are you tired of being told as short? Here, we provide answers on how to increase your height with insoles.

How To Increase Your Height With Insoles

Introduction To Height-Increasing Insoles

Insoles that add inches to your vertical length go by different names. They are called heel lifts, height insoles, and elevator insoles. If you think that the sole purpose of these elevator insoles is only to increase your stature by about two inches, then you’re mistaken. This kind of insoles can achieve their primary objective without sacrificing your comfort or what support your foot needs. Depending on what material they are made from, they are soft and can provide ample cushioning.

The main disadvantage that we can see when using these insoles is that they’re only applicable to high-top shoes e.g. boots, and basketball, among a few others. A few men that are tired of being on the short side can enjoy this type of product without wearing those platform shoes, and high-heeled shoes that could only add to their embarrassment. With these elevator insoles, men can avoid embarrassing themselves because they can simply be inserted into a pair of good-looking shoes and remain the additional inches hidden from the naked eye!

But don’t mistake that only men can use them. Even females can!

Benefits Of Height Insoles

Aside from the psychological advantage that the insoles give you that makes you think that you’re now taller than usual, there are also other visible effects. For workers sitting all day, their work requires them to sit properly with proper posture. Due to their short legs, some may not even touch the ground. People that are on the short side know how painful it might be that their feet can’t reach the ground, depriving them of their much-needed focus on their tasks. But if they wear insoles, there are chances that their feet can touch the cement flooring.

Elevator insoles give you self-confidence because nobody but yourself knows that you had insoles installed in your shoes to look towering and thinner. Insoles can provide an illusion of appearing thinner because of longer legs.  Aside from self-confidence, you also gain bravery because you feel like anything is possible if you make up your mind to it.

Since these types of insoles are transferable, you can insert them into your other shoes and feel the same overall comfort, wherever you go.

How To Increase Your Height With Insoles

The good thing about elevator insoles is that they are equipped with an adjustable layer system. This entails that you can add or remove layers stacked at the heel part of the footstep as you wish. They come in different varieties, but the most popular is the trim to fit insoles.

To effectively hide your height increase, we suggest that you use shoes that are high-top style. That way, when you place the insole inside it, the position of your feet won’t be peculiar as to when you opt to wear low-cut shoes.

Remove the old insole from the shoe, and with your new trim to fit the elevator insole, trace the old insole as your template into the newer insole. Using a pair of sharp scissors or utility knives, cut the line along the toe part of the insole.

Since an elevator insole is detachable, pick the length that you want to gain. For example in a 2-inch insole, you want to experience the additional height of 1 inch, remove the layer that connects the two parts. The removed part encompasses only half of your footstep.

Insert the insole into your shoes and feel if it fits perfectly. If not, with your thumb, put pressure onto the heel part and push it. Do the same thing with the other insole. Now it’s time to wear your shoes equipped with insoles.

Practice walking on them around your house until you feel adjusted to the height. Then you can now take them outside.


This ends the article about how to increase your height with insoles. Don’t feel bad about deceiving others with your height-increasing insoles because, in an analogy, they’re just like cosmetics used on the face. Be comfortable with this tool and discover the newer, enhanced you.

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