New Balance Insoles for Flat Feet

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Formerly known as the Ultra Arch Insoles or Supportive Cushioning Insoles, the New Balance Ultra Support Insoles 3810 features a fresh, new look! It’s an ideal orthotic solution for the right cushioning and satisfactory arch support. Read this New Balance Insoles for Flat Feet review to know more about the product.

Benefits of Using the New Balance Insoles for Flat Feet

Built for everyday life

The Ultra Support Insoles are designed to accompany you in your daily living and support your fast-paced lifestyle. When you constantly find yourself walking, running, and standing in a busy day, you need to have a pair of insoles that can be at par with your activities. These Ultra Support Insoles could be the solution for people who need foot pain relief.

Extreme cushioning for extreme comfort

These orthotics are ideal for people looking for a flexible arch support complemented with an impressive cushioning. Neutral and high arch feet, as well as flat foot, can benefit from the flexible arch construction that includes a metatarsal pad.

The insoles are also crafted with a separate forefoot and heel cushioning that offers an extra dose of shock absorption. You can expect to feel less pressure on the foot with every step that you make.

Less pressure, less pain

The shock-absorption attribute is further enhanced with the contoured shape metatarsal pad. This part significantly aids in redistributing pressure and weight, consequently relieving pain in multiple areas of your lower body.

No more odors

Another impressive thing about this New Balance Ultra Support Insoles is the MicroZap antimicrobial substance layered into the top fabric. You can expect that no odor-causing bacteria will thrive in the insoles.

No more blisters

The manufacturer also crafted these insoles with an anti-blister top fabric cover. Now you can expect your feet to be cool and dry most of the time. Further, the anti-blister cover also stops your foot from moving around the shoes.

Clever three-part support system

Another great thing about the New Balance Ultra Support Insoles is the three-part support system. The metatarsal arch rise, external arch support, and extra deep heel cup work in coalesce to stabilize and support your foot to make your everyday life ideally better.

FAQs about New Balance Insoles for Flat Feet

Do these have hard plastic in the arches?

No, they do not. The only hard part is that grey carbon fiber area (which you can see in the picture).

Are these insoles lightweight?

Yes, they are pretty light.

What does MUS stand for?

MUs means Medium width in USA Sizing.

Can I trim off some parts from the top if they are too large? Or should I return them instead? (H3)

The insoles are typically true to size; so the probable reasons that make you want to trim them are the shape indifference of the shoes or you ordered the wrong size.

Trimming them to make a perfect fit is acceptable. But if you ordered the wrong size, it’s better if you will return the product and request for the right size.

What Users Like about the New Balance Insoles for Flat Feet

A user is glad her husband is no longer suffering from his usual feet problems and can now walk certain miles like he used to do before –

“Purchased these for my husband since he was having so much feet trouble. He feels tremendous pain that he was having a difficult time walking. After wearing these insoles the past weekend, he is now back to walking his 7 miles per day. It worked effectively for him. He said his feet felt the best so far in a long time.” 

Another user is awed by how the New Balance Ultra Support Insoles turned out to be way better than he expected. Now he can say goodbye to pronation –

“This is one of those rare moments where a lowly-expected item turned out great! I have pronated feet with high arches. The insoles fit well and they felt comfortably familiar from the outset. Whenever I walk and make movements, the insoles are somehow minimizing my feet’s tendency to pronate.”

What Users Didn’t Like about the New Balance Insoles for Flat Feet

There only a few users who reported unsatisfactory feedback. One user has to return the unit for some reason –

“Very padded but I have to return. I don’t have an arch problem and these have a very strong arch which did make them sting there.”


The three-part support system offers relief from plantar fasciitis, Morton’s neuroma, and metatarsalgia. Truly, the New Balance Insoles for flat feet is the right solution for a typical consumer who tends to actively work on his feet all day.

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