New Balance Insoles for Plantar Fasciitis, IPR3030 Pressure Relief Insole Review

One of the best insoles for plantar fasciitis, the New Balance Insoles IPR3030 is a pressure relief insole crafted with a metatarsal pad designed to orchestrate how pressure is distributed throughout your foot. If you’re looking for New Balance Insoles for plantar fasciitis, this one is a great choice. Read on and see how this one stands out.

New Balance Insoles for Plantar Fasciitis

Benefits of Using the New Balance Insoles

Unmatched comfort

One attribute that will impress you is the embedded metatarsal pad. The insoles are designed to significantly reduce friction between your foot and the shoes. This preserves healthy feet while maintaining them blister-free. Moreover, the insoles are also designed to re-distribute pressure better than any other insole in the market.

These insoles are engineered with a Plastazote top layer designed to utilize the heat of the body to mold the base. The foot is properly cushioned by the extra deep heel cup to obtain maximum comfort. Ultimately, the airflow channels adapt to your arch shape to draw cooler air into the footwear while simultaneously driving the warm air out.

Everyday use

Just one pair, and you’ll have something you can use on a daily basis no matter what activity you intend to do. This includes walking, standing, running, and any sport for that matter.

Less shock

One thing that makes these insoles effective is their unique cushion design that can absorb and hold the impact of your steps. Due to the maximum absorption, your forefoot and heel will virtually feel no harsh impact with every step.

Effective treatment

The New Balance Insoles IPR3030 is designed to assist people with different ailments. For instance, this one is ideal for arthritis and diabetes sufferers.

The contoured shape of the Metatarsal Arch Rise is designed to alleviate metatarsalgia, Morton’s neuroma, and plantar fasciitis. That said, this one is the New Balance insoles for plantar fasciitis.

FAQs about the New Balance Insoles

Do this come as an individual?

No. These New Balance Insoles come as a PAIR. So you’ll just have to order one package.

My heels hurt like crazy and I have lost the arches in my feet. Will these insoles help?

Definitely. Hurting heels and losing arches are symptoms of plantar fasciitis. These New Balance Insoles for plantar fasciitis have specially designed metatarsal pads that help relieve the pain and will prevent your arches from working too much (which causes the pain).

Can this be inserted into any boots and sneakers by sizing down?

This question is a bit tricky. First, you can insert these insoles in any footwear that you like. However, it is not advisable to size them down. Instead, it is suggested that you remove your old insoles and replace them with this new one; as opposed to basically inserting the new over the old.

I wear an 8, does that mean I should get 7.5 or 8.5?

They run in full sizes. You should still order an 8 to attain a good fit. However, if you experience any issues, Amazon is always open to any returns.

Can these insoles add some height?

No. The insoles will not make you look taller.

What the users like about the New Balance Insoles

It seems this one is not just a New Balance Insoles for plantar fasciitis. Lots of users testify about the good effects of these insoles on their lives. One user noted –

“An insole that eases some of my foot pains! I am an active outdoor person who hikes, bikes, backpacks, etc. but with increasing multiple foot problems: heel spur, Metatarsalgia, plantar fasciitis, and neuroma. These were great and got me through many years.”

Another user claimed this one is the best he’s had and reported how his doctor is impressed –

“These are the BEST insoles I have ever had. They are especially good if you have metatarsalgia or Morton’s Neuroma. My foot doctor was amazed and said he had never seen them before but noted the brand to recommend to his other patients.”

What the users didn’t like about the New Balance Insoles

Most bad reviews you can read are from people who tend to order the wrong size. One user noted –

“Too bulky – will not fit 90% of your shoes even after you remove the insole. You need to order half size bigger shoes to fit these in and even then remove the insoles. If your shoes do not have removable insoles, then these will surely not fit.”


This one is really the New Balance Insoles for plantar fasciitis. The insoles are designed with a heel cradle and anatomical arch support that work in coalesce to redistribute pressure and support the foot at optimum levels. It has impressive metatarsal support that spares you the discomfort and pain. Overall, the New Balance Insoles IPR3030 is the solution you can depend on.

Pamela Couch

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