Spenco Insoles for Flat Feet Total Support Review

Do you usually end up disappointed after trying some insoles that are supposed to give you comfort but got nothing instead? Now you can forget that dismay because Spenco Insoles for Flat Feet offers you stability, support, and superior comfort. This semi-rigid orthotic insole is ideal for all arch types. To get more information, read this review for Spenco Insoles for flat feet.

Benefits of Using Spenco Insoles for Flat Feet

Advanced feet treatment with a 3-pod cushioning system

Spenco Total Support insole is crafted with a 3-pod cushioning system, making it more advanced than some competitors. It is ideal for people with flat feet as it absorbs shock and helps the user avoid overpronation on the feet. With this on your shoe, walking will simply become more natural and shock free.

Polysorb stability for deep heel cupping

This insole is specially designed with polysorb stability cradle that support different arch types. Moreover, it also features deep heel cupping to structure the feet firmly for added comfort. Thus, using this insole will most likely give your feet a one-of-a-kind support making you feel supported all the time.

Anti-microbial cloth for blisters

Another feature that will probably impress you is the anti-microbial cloth styled to have low-friction. This will not just give you relief against plantar fasciitis but will also keep you from blisters. Now you can expect a blister-free and odor-free feet accompanied with a comfy walk the rest of the day.

Metatarsal Arch Support to relieve foot pains

Spenco Insole is equipped with Metatarsal Arch Support, ultimately designed for users to experience offload pressure from the ball of the foot. As a result, this will help your flat feet by relieving pain and giving more comfort to your daily activities.

Forefoot crash pad for toes

Spenco insole will not just give support and stability on your arches and heels, but also to your toes. Now you can expect a smooth toe-off with this insole that’s purposefully made with forefoot crash pad that provides extra cushioning under the ball of your foot.

FAQs about Spenco Insoles for Flat Feet

Is the product recommended for flat feet?

For flat feet to attain comfort, it needs three factors: arch support, metatarsal support, and deep heel cupping. The combination of these three features, which are present in this Spenco insole, will not just give comfort but absolutely gives aid from plantar fasciitis.

What are the care instructions?

To maintain the cleanliness of these insoles it is recommended to hand wash and air dry them occasionally.

What will be the ideal shoe type for these insoles?

According to the manufacturer, you can use the insoles in your athletic shoes, boots and even your casual footwear you use every day.

What are the other ailments this insole can help with?

The Spenco can also help with Achilles, tendonitis, bunions, fallen arches, high arched foot, over-pronation, and sesamoiditis.

What Users Like About Spenco Insoles for Flat Feet

Many have already witnessed the wonderful benefits of Spenco Insole Total Support in their lives. One user shared his experience on how it helps in his foot problems-

“Helps with my functional hallux limitus and over-pronation. Firmer insoles had caused pain in my heels. This Spenco Total Support seems to have the right balance between support and cushioning for my feet’s needs.”

Even athletes love how it helps them during their sports –

“These Spenco total support originals work great in my tennis shoes. I just finished playing 3 sets and my feet feel great!”

What Users Didn’t Like About Spenco Insoles for Flat Feet

There are only a few users who seem unhappy with the product like this one–

“I was really excited about getting these. Unfortunately, I didn’t get as much arch support as I wanted. I thought these would do it but they haven’t.


Overall, Spenco Total Support Insole is ideal for your flat feet. This can most likely give the stability and extra comfort you need for all sorts of activity like running, walking, hiking, sports, or merely standing still. With Spenco Insoles for flat feet, you now have the chance to live life pain-free!

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