Superfeet Insoles for Flat Feet, Blue Full Length Review

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If you’re looking for an insole that has the most natural feel to your feet, the Blue Superfeet Insoles for Flat Feet is the ideal choice. This one is a medium-sized insole designed to make you feel the minimal impact in a thinner construction than the Green Heritage, making it more worthy for your casual wear. Read on to know more about the product!

Benefits of Using Superfeet Insoles for Flat Feet

Effective heel cup for proper positioning

One thing you can surely observe when wearing this pair is the heel cup that’s specially designed to position the user’s heel in a strategic position that prohibits too much force to impact the heel. Now your heel will tend to naturally absorb impact with every step that you make.

Stabilizer Cap for heel support

These insoles are equipped with a stabilizer cap designed with rails that reinforce the narrow cap, consequently providing better support and foot structure. As a result, you won’t just feel comfortable while on the move, but you’ll also feel great even when you’re just standing still.

High-Density Foam layer for prolonged comfort

Another factor that offers more comfort is the high-density foam layer designed to prolong the relief and convenience you’re feeling while wearing this pair. The insoles are equipped with closed-cell foam. Now your feet will feel cozy most of the time.

Bio-Mechanical Shape for an ideal fit

The Superfeet Insoles for flat feet is crafted in a medium-profile shape with biomechanical feet support. This means the insoles are designed to sustain your WHOLE feet while taking up as less space in the shoe as possible.

Organic coating for odor control

If you fear your feet will emit a foul odor, these insoles might be of great help. The Superfeet Blue is coated with organic, odor-control coating capable of eliminating odor-causing bacteria before they wreak havoc on your shoes.

FAQs about Superfeet Insoles for Flat Feet

What is the best color for this?

The color is basically based on your size criteria. This one – blue – works best for flat footed people and is the most popular one.

Has anyone tried these insoles for their ballet flat?

It’s not a bad idea but these insoles will consume too much space in a ballet flat, according to the manufacturer.

Do these insoles move around under your feet while you’re on the move?

Most users would testify this Superfeet Blue will impose zero issues while you wear them on your feet. Some even share their experience of using the insoles in various footwear from casual shoes to boots and running shoes.

Can I use these insoles without socks?

Yes. You can definitely use these insoles even without any socks on.

Which model is ideal for flat feet?

The manufacturer suggests using the blue model for flat feet. The support of green can potentially be too much for flat footed people sometimes.

What Users Like About Superfeet Insoles for Flat Feet

Most users praise the product for the benefits they have been getting. One user reported how the insoles fitted his feet like magic –

“These things are bliss! I am a flat-footed heavy pronator. These manage to cup my heel and support my ankle without destroying the fit of the shoes like other styles of insoles.”

Even people working in the hospitals have their share of their incredible experience in wearing these insoles –

“Skip the cheap squishy insoles, do yourself a favor and get these. After using these for over a year I cannot recommend them enough. I can now handle all my hospital shifts no problemo!”

What Users Didn’t Like About Superfeet Insoles for Flat Feet

There are only a few people who gave the product a few stars –

“It doesn’t hurt my feet, but it didn’t help either. I have bad feet. I mean, they do not hurt when I walk, but when I stand still.”


Overall, the Superfeet Blue is a high-performance insole that offers longer-lasting support packed in a thinner construction designed to fit most shoes. Now you have the choice to select something that promotes a better overall fit, compatible with a wide range of footwear. Ultimately, the Superfeet Insoles for Flat feet is an ideal choice for people having the said condition.

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