What Insoles Do I Need


What Insoles Do I Need?

Typically, you would have a reason for buying insoles. Whether it is for a medical condition or for pure comfort only, buying the right kind of insoles is necessary.

There are many different kinds of insoles that serve particular purposes. This article aims to list the types of insoles that you would need, corresponding to any circumstance or condition you may have.


  • What is it?

To understand what over-pronation is, you must first understand pronation. Pronation refers to the natural way our feet roll inwards when walking and running. This helps the feet balance and handle the person’s body weight.

Over-pronation is when the pronation happening is excessive and unnatural. Our feet roll towards the arches more than it should.

This unnatural way of moving usually happens due to the design of our shoes. In most cases, the big toe does not rest properly inside the shoes. Due to the curved sides of the shoes, the big toe will be slightly more elevated than the rest. This causes the tendons and muscles to move in an unnatural way.

  • What kind of insoles help?

As mentioned before, over-pronation is usually caused by slightly elevated toes while wearing shoes. Therefore, to correct this kind of behavior, the aim of using insoles is to minimize their unevenness.

Firm insoles should be ideal to use in this scenario. If they do not bend easily, your toes and feet can stay flat despite the curves of your shoes. Insoles that have plastic materials fit this description and you may want to consider them.

Morton’s neuroma

  • What is it?

Morton’s neuroma is characterized by the pain on one’s nerve between the toes. It can start off as a tingling sensation in your forefoot until eventually turning into pain or a burning feeling.

This condition is caused by an increased pressure to the feet. This pressure can come from different sources. One common reason is the pressure coming from constant running or any heavy physical activity.

Even if you do not participate in strenuous activities, you can still contact Morton’s neuroma if you wear tight shoes. Women are particularly vulnerable to this when wearing high-heeled and tight-fitting shoes.

  • What kind of insoles help?

Since the cause of Morton’s neuroma is the amount of pressure, relieving this pressure should alleviate the problem. Due to this, soft insoles are a great choice since they are comfortable to the feet.

You can also have some additional padding on your forefoot where the affected area lies. Alternatively, you can simply choose to buy thicker insoles as long as they are still soft enough. Insoles that are made entirely of foam should serve you nicely in this scenario.

Plantar fasciitis

  • What is it?

Plantar Fasciitis refers to the inflammation of a band of tissues called the plantar fascia. The plantar fascia can be found at the bottom of your feet. It supports the arch of your feet and connects your toes to the heel.

The inflammation of the plantar fascia can cause some serious heel pain. It can occur in different scenarios such as after waking up in the morning, during exercise, or when standing after sitting so long. However, usually, the pain is the greatest after a workout session.

This condition is usually caused by the increased tension that the plantar fascia sustains due to certain activities. If you think of plantar fascia as a bowstring, then plantar fasciitis occurs when the bowstring is stretched to its utmost limit resulting in small tears.

  • What kind of insoles help?

Semi-firm insoles should work best against plantar fasciitis. The firmness of the insoles should help support your arch, alleviating the tension of the tissues when doing physical activities. At the same time, it is also soft enough to be able to provide comfort for your feet.

If you have further room in your shoes, adding extra padding to your feet for more comfort is not a problem as well. 


Insoles can help you in many ways. However, it is also necessary to find the right kind of insoles that will help you with your circumstances. If you find the right insoles that correspond to your needs, they should provide you with numerous benefits. 

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