Who needs insoles? A deeper look into its necessity

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Who needs insoles?

This is a simple question but is pretty underrated.

The importance of insoles goes beyond the conventional common use of most people. Its applications go as far as medical treatments. So who needs insoles? Find out below.

People with plantar fasciitis

This is true for orthotic insoles. People suffering from this condition can now have the solution.

What is plantar fasciitis?

Plantar fasciitis is caused by excessive aggravation and stress on the connective tissue stretching from the ball of the foot to the heel bone.

This tissue is known as the plantar fascia from which the term of the condition is derived. Once inflamed, you will feel pain in every step you take. Each step produces a cycle of tearing and overtightening which causes more pain and inflammation. The repeated cycle is known as plantar fasciitis.

How orthotic insoles treat plantar fasciitis?

There are orthotic insoles especially designed to battle plantar fasciitis. They are shaped and crafted in such a way they alleviate the discomfort and pain by minimizing the stretching and stress on the plantar fascia.

When there are no repeated stretching and wearing of the said tissue, it’s less likely to get them inflamed. Ultimately, no inflammation means no plantar fasciitis.

People with arthritis

It has been found out that the number one cause of disability in the US is arthritis and more than 50 million adults have been diagnosed with such.

What is arthritis?

Arthritis is actually a broad concept and there are over a hundred different types of this condition and it can affect any part of your body.

Some arthritis affects the hands, shoulders, hips, back, ankles, and knees. Further, arthritis can go far down to your feet as well.

Symptoms of arthritis include pain in the feet, swelling, and stiffness. You’ll also notice a great limitation of joint motion, making it painful even to move.

How insoles can help with arthritis?

There are also insoles designed to assist your feet during an arthritic condition. Manufacturers craft insoles with Plastazote, a closed-cell and lightweight foam ideal not just for arthritic feet but also for sensitive and diabetic ones.

The trick of these insoles is to relieve the pressure from your foot since pressure is the primary factor that triggers the pain from arthritis (as well as diabetes and related foot conditions).

Aside from that, the insoles are able to minimize friction or the abrasive rubbing of your foot against the insole, consequently preventing skin irritation.

You can also expect the insoles to provide you with ample impact shock absorption and right cushioning. You might also want to look out for insoles designed to relieve pressure at the forefront.

People with hell pain

This one is pretty common. Heel pain can be traced to the largest bone in your foot called the calcaneus or simply the heel bone.

What causes heel pain? What is it?

Most people feel the pain directly underneath the foot while some people feel the pain just behind it. Heel pain can be associated with plantar fasciitis too – discussed just above.

People who are active in sports or in any activity that requires feet often feel heel pain. This happens as a result of a membrane tearing that covers the heel bone.

Another condition that might lead to heel pain is the Achilles tendonitis. This happens when you strain and overuse your Achilles tendon. The problem with Achilles tendonitis is it can trigger pain not just on your heels but also up on your legs.

How can insoles relieve heel pain?

Insoles provide extra cushion and comfort which are both highly important in alleviating heel pain. You might want to look out for insoles with an extra cushion, built-in arch support, and heel cradle. Look for its features and make sure the insoles promote motion control and stability.


Feet pain is never a joke. And doing research like what you’re doing right now is a big step towards awareness on foot conditions and the importance of insoles.

So who needs insoles? People who have plantar fasciitis, arthritis, and heel pain are just a few of the larger population who can benefit from wearing insoles. Even if you’re just someone who jogs regularly, you already need to wear a pair.

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