Why use insoles – Reasons to wear insoles and how they can help you

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So you’ve heard a great deal about insoles. Despite the common familiarity, it’s still considerable to find yourself asking, why use insoles?

If you are new to this concept, then it’s great that you have stumbled upon this page. In this article, we will tackle the things and aspects of life that simply gets better when you use insoles.

Reasons why you should use insoles

It will make you feel warmer

This is especially true for people living in the Northern hemisphere or simply those countries with cold weather. Inserting an insole into your shoes will add an extra layer, consequently insulating your feet. As a result, your feet will feel warmer, and this feeling of warmth will spread to your whole body. Simply put, wearing insoles will give you a more cozy feeling with comfort and relaxation. 

It prevents blisters

Who would want some blisters? If there’s a way to prevent them, you’ll surely grab that chance. And guess what – wearing insoles is the right prevention. By having a tighter fit, the insoles will stop your feet from rubbing against the shoes. The decrease in movement between the skin and the shoe will result in lesser chances of having blisters.

It prevents injury

Are you a runner? Your insoles can be your best bud. As you may already know, running causes more wear on the lower part of your body that may include your thighs, hips, ankles, knees, and of course your feet. Running also causes more shock to those body parts than any other known sport.

Whether you are competing or simply training, running will expose your lower limbs to multiple rotational forces, compression, and shock. This means any weakness could possibly lead to an injury involving your tendons, muscles, bones, and ligaments.

It’s been proven that more than half of injuries involving feet come as a result of improper foot support. This is also followed by injuries on the back, hips, and knees. The solution? Just wear your insoles. 

It promotes proper contact

Another importance of wearing insoles is proper surface contact which otherwise is directly related to the risks of injuries. Insoles can effectively correct how your foot makes ground contact. The proper landing will reduce tension, consequently preventing problems related to incorrect foot landing.

It gives stability

You might also want good stability when doing your athletic activities. And you can only achieve that when you wear supportive insoles. The concept behind is pretty simple – shock absorption.

Insoles promote stability by absorbing shock as your foot makes ground contact and distributing this shock as evenly as possible. There are insoles that can cushion the impact on ligaments and muscles and effectively spring them back so you can push them off.

It gives you balance

Apart from stability, you can also expect to achieve the right balance when you use insoles, especially those designed for runners. Any imbalances in the musculoskeletal system can be prevented just by wearing the right insoles.

It reduces impact

When you jog or run, the vertical force you will receive can reach more than twice your body weight. Just imagine the gigantic impact that ends up on your feet. This is yet another reason you need the right cushioning and the additional layer below your feet.

It makes running shoes better

Wearing the right running shoes is not enough. You still need to pair it with proper insoles. This is true for both professional players and amateurs alike. Now you can protect not just your feet but also your joints.

It prevents chronic pain

In some cases people won’t necessarily feel the pain right away, there are actually a lot of people who experience chronic pain. With the right insoles, you can dodge the risk of excessive pronation, lower-leg injuries, and stress forces on the foot.

Personalized fit

The beauty of insoles is a personalized fit – there is an insole out there for you. Whether you are flat-footed or an over-pronator, you can have an insole that is designed to address your specific issue.


So why use insoles? Whether you are a professional athlete, an amateur sports enthusiast, or a simple guy who jogs and runs on a regular basis, wearing the right insoles can be your saving grace.

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