10 Best Cheap Running Shoes You Can Buy Right Now!

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Are you shopping for the best cheap running shoes but aren’t aware of what to look for and how to go about the selection process?

If so, you are in the right place.

Below are some tried and tested running shoes priced under $100 that should all deliver in fine style. Running may not be as cheap as many think, especially if you are a seasoned athlete. This is because, in addition to costly athletic clothing, running shoes are also essential. And these shoes can easily run you a few hundred dollars. If you really want to run but are on a tight budget, below are some of the best cheap running shoes you can get on the market in 2022.

Best Cheap Running Shoes

Choosing the best cheap running shoes

1. Nike men’s lunaracer+ 3 running shoe

These awesome Nike sneakers are lightweight and supremely flexible. The Lunaracers are exceptionally well-designed and made for durability, versatility and flexibility. It’s amazing these weigh in at less than $100. There is a premium on traction and comfort.

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Product Features And Benefits

  • Ultra-Lightweight: Whether running a competitive race or training, running takes a lot of energy from you so you don’t want more energy to be drained by the additional weight of some poorly-made shoes. With these Nikes, you don’t even realize that you are wearing shoes.
  • Quality-Construction: It comes with a Lunarlon midsole that makes for responsive running. The sole makes the shoes take the shape of your feet when you are running. And its construction also guarantees flexibility all round.
  • Durability: You don’t want to spend out on a pair of shoes that will not serve you well for a long time. These shoes will last for months, even years, depending on the intensity and magnitude of use.
  • Great Traction: Traction is one of the most important things to consider when buying not running shoes. These come with carbon rubber outsoles that work wonders.


  • At first, the fit is a bit too tight

This pair of shoes has been designed for regular athletes as well as for those who just want to train and keep fit. They are durable, flexible, ultra-lightweight, and very responsive and one of the best cheap running shoes you’ll find.

2. Merrell men’s all out peak trail running shoe

Coming with multicolored uppers, soles and zigzag side patterns, these sneakers make quite a statement. Designed for toughness and comfort, you have one of the best cheap running shoes on the market which will cope with even rugged trails fuss-free.

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Benefits And Features Of The Shoes

  • Hygienic: The pair features a special TrailProtect pad design that naturally eliminates sweat as well as the odor causing bacteria thus offering your foot great protection against infection and odors.
  • Quality Design:They have been made from ultra-resilient, soft foams and shock pads for impact absorption ensuring you get a soft landing and stable takeoff.
  • Stability:The creative lug patterns together with rubber compounds offer stability regardless of the conditions. No lug places are found under the arch thereby leading to a naturally flexed foot that guarantees comfort in both wet and dry conditions.
  • Breathable Upper:A textile and synthetic material with a mesh & synthetic upper affords maximum breathability. Your feet will stay nice and cool, perfect for your feet and also your shoes.


Maximum comfort, flexibility, foot protection against infection and reflective details that increase your visibility under low light conditions makes up a package that is rarely found in shoes at this price point.

3. Brooks adrenaline ASR 12 trail running shoe – men’s

Stable, flexible and comfortable, these eye-catching Brooks sneakers offer superb value for money.

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Benefits And Features Of The Pair Of Shoes

  • Top Notch Technology: They come with a Progressive Diagonal Rollbar insole. This is an adaptive cushioning system that adds control. Its durable water-resistant upper on the other side stands up well to wet weather elements
  • Flexibility: It comes with a full-length segmented crash pad system that ensures smooth transition and flexible movement all through your race or training session
  • Increased Traction: Features a rugged outsole that has specifically been designed to better the shoe’s traction on tricky terrains.
  • Comfort: The BioMoGo DNA midsole incorporated in theshoe’s design offers adaptive cushioning thereby guaranteeing comfort while you are on the move. If you have ever raced or trained with poorly fitting and uncomfortable shoes, you understand what I am talking about here.


  • Some users found the fit to be a little bit too loose.
  • All in all, this pair of shoes comes with a number of hybridized technologies that ensures you have a very durable, comfortable, flexible and responsive pair of shoes for a limited budget. These are well worth a place on any shortlist of the best cheap running shoes.

4. Saucony men’s excursion TR9 trail running shoe

Saucony deliver a subtle but striking pair of trail running shoes that are comfortable as well as rugged.

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Benefits And Features Of The Pair Of Shoes

  • Rugged Mesh: This is a feature that allows for maximum breathability while at the same time keeps the debris and dirt out as you traverse the trail.
  • Comfort: It features a Heel GRID System, a technology embedded into the shoe’s responsive midsole foam and delivering stable cushioning. The comfort you get from these shoes will make you to almost forget that you are putting on shoes.
  • Aggressive Outsole: Features a multi-directional lug outsole construction that is sticky and made of rubber to ensure maximum control and optimum traction. This makes it one of the most suitable running shoes for snowy conditions or on other slippery terrains.
  • Shock Absorption:It also comes with a soft & padded lining that maximizes comfort and a molded IMEVA midsole cushion that is credited for its shock absorption capacity and support.


  • Quite stiff and heavy.
  • If you are a maximalist that is in search for that shoe which will match your personality, the Saucony Excursion TR is should be your ultimate destination. Though a bit heavy and quite stiff, the pair of shoes is adventure ready and will serve you well on any terrain.

5. Nike men’s flex 2016 run running shoe

Nike is a household name and when shopping for a pair of running shoes, you know where you stand with Nike. The Flex 2016 however, takes Nike running shoes to another high, especially for the budget buyer. With this pair, you have one of the most attractive as well as very high-quality constructed shoes.

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Benefits And Features Of The Shoes

  • Aesthetics: There are times when you need something that is more than just a tool for running. These Nike look minimalist and very cool.
  • Quality Breathability: They feature a mesh upper and a breathable fabric lining providing you a great in-shoe feel.
  • Quality Construction: It comes with a Flywire integrated into the lacing system and mid-foot of the shoes promoting adjustable lockdown. The insole is thin and removable sopretty easy to clean and to replace when needed.
  • Lightweight: A lightly padded collar and tongue lead to a lightweight running shoe. You really want to save as much energy as possible, not for carrying an extra load on your feet, but for use in the muscles responsible for running.


  • The fit isn’t the best for wide footed runners as it is a bit narrow.
  • These running shoes are extremely lightweight and very flexible, not to mention durable and comfortable in the extreme. All this combines to make up exactly what anyone will be looking for in the best cheap running shoes. With Nike, you will rarely go wrong and the Flex 2016 is no exception.

6. Salomon unisex s-lab sense 5 ultra running shoes

This is a great pair of budget, unisex running shoes. It is the best cheap running shoe for a fast runner seeking for ultimate protection and ultra-lightweight construction. You’ll get comfort, stability, ease of use, strength and durability with lightweight performance.

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Benefits And Features Of The Shoes

  • Ultra-Lightweight: Comes with lightweight upper materials so feels like wearing nothing.
  • Comfort & Stability: Sensifit technology system comes with precision secure fitting for maximum stability and comfort. This is in addition to its Quick Drying Air Mesh system that offers sweat-wicking and key breathability properties.
  • User-Friendly: Unlike some of the great quality laced shoes, this one comes with a Quicklace System which is a simple but very strong one-pull user-friendly tightening system. It also features a Lace Pocket that is quick, secure and easy.
  • Durability and Strength: Tough, highly durable heel and a smooth but very strong upper construction. The entire package is superb considering the price.


  • It doesn’t come with an upper that is as breathable as most of its competitors on the market.
  • This is a pair of shoes that draws inspiration from the sprinting shoes that are extremely lightweight, comfortable, flexible and durable enough to be used for ultra-distance tough terrain racing.

7. Nike men’s free 5.0 running shoe

This is yet another product that Nike produces to guarantee your fun and excitement. Are you looking for a lightweight pair of shoes that are flexible and have guaranteed durability? The Free 5.0 are a first-rate and inexpensive pair of running shoes.

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Features And Benefits Of The Shoes

  • Breathable Mesh Upper: With such breathability, your feet will remain cool.
  • Comfort: It has been designed in such a manner as to encourage more natural foot strike and optimum flexibility.
  • Rubber Sole: Rubber outsole is well designed to ensure there is maximum traction, optimum shock absorption and durable performance no matter the terrain or abuse.
  • Smooth & Responsive Ride: This is courtesy of the textured mesh inner sleeve that offers a sock-like fit. Great flexibility and perfect cushioning.


  • If you need plenty of arch support, don’t buy these shoes.
  • These Nike are a strong challenger for the best cheap running shoes.

8. Nike free 3.0 flyknit men US 10 white running shoe UK 9 EU 44

This is the third reason why it is almost impossible for you to go wrong with Nike. The 3.0 Flyknit just continues upholding the rich heritage that Nike has held dear for so long. On any high-quality running shoe list, this pair of shoes always makes an appearance.

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Benefits And Features Of The Shoes

  • Options to choose From: The pair of shoes is available in an array of colors and variety of designs thereby increasing the probability that you will get exactly what fits and suits you, your tastes and needs.
  • Ultra-Lightweight: When looking for a pair of shoes, one of your greatest wants is to find a pair that comes with many features but doesn’t compromise on weight. These Nike are extremely lightweight.
  • Cool and Comfortable: These shoes have been designed for optimum runner’s comfort
  • Quality Built: Features a stretchy polyester yarn upper that optimizes flexibility and breathability. Knit-in ventilation holes that also maximizes breathability and fly wire sides for snug fit.


  • You need to use it a number of times for full flexibility to be realized.
  • These are a highly lightweight type of shoes that are very comfortable and offer runners a free, minimalistic feel. Coming in a number of designs and colors, it is almost guaranteed that you’ll find a pair you covet. These are among the best cheap running shoes you will find.

9. Salomon speedcross 3 CS trail running shoe – women’s-papaya/orange/Blk-8.5

These are the best cheap running shoe for those looking for a pair that feature maximum breathability, water resistance and anti-debris performance for comfort while on the trail throughout the day. Salomon has been in the business for more than 60 years. The Speedcross 3 CS are a top-notch pair of running shoes.

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Benefits And Features Of The Shoes

  • Lightweight Construction: The Dual-density EVA midsole and upper construction materials together with the insole and outsole all feature materials that offer an overall lightweight experience.
  • Durability: The rubber outsolecomes with a Mud & Snow Contagrip feature that is perfectly constructed for durability and grip in winter
  • Comfort: It features a lightly padded collar and tongue, both of which enhance comfort. With an Ortholite insole that has moisture management properties, maximum comfort is guaranteed.
  • Performance Driven Design: With wonderful breathability, anti-debris properties and extra-durability, these super-lightweight shoes work well on all terrain.


  • They’re a bit narrow and small.
  • Performance driven design inspiration, the Speedcrosses are indeed serious running shoes. They were designed and constructed to handle all weather and terrain conditions. Though new on the market, they have arrived with a bang!

10. ASICS Men’s GEL-Venture 5 Running Shoe

With a Rare Rearfoot GEL Cushioning that’s complemented with a rugged outsole, the pair of shoes is ideal for almost all terrain. ASICS believes in the fact that for a happy, healthy lifestyle to be created, total health and fitness must first be put into place.

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Benefits And Features Of The Product

  • Versatility: This is among the few pair of running shoes that is designed to be used in almost all terrains and for almost any sporting activity.
  • Comfort: Its Rearfoot GEL Cushioning comes in handy to boost the comfort offered by the shoe’s rugged outsole in all terrains. Even when running on rocky terrain, your comfort will be assured.
  • Durability: Comes with the AHAR outsole rubber that is very critical for durability in high wear and tear areas. It also comes with an outdoor-ready upper mesh that doesn’t only guarantee breathability but also durability.
  • Performance: The trail-specific outsole comes in handy during reversed traction lugs, the removable sock liner great for medical orthotics incorporation and the shoe’s general feel lends to great performance.


  • Its fit isn’t the best for all feet types.
  • These ASICS offer you a winning combination of comfort and performance while not costing a bomb.There is no one pair of running shoes that is best for everyone. You should get the best shoes that suit you depending on your preferred exercise terrain, type of feet and general tastes and preferences.

There is no one pair of running shoes that is best for everyone. You will get the best shoes that suit you depending on your exercise terrain, type of feet and tastes and preferences.

Guiding principles

1. Reputation

  • User Reviews and Ratings

This is the surest way to confirm that the pair of shoes you are about to buy work as advertised. In fact, in a broader sense, there are only two main factors to consider when shopping for the best cheap running shoes.

These are the features of the product and the authenticity. Once you know about the features you want, you may really need to confirm if the product truly works as per the advertised features. Only trustworthy feedback is able to prove this to you.

Reviews are extremely important when you are buying the shoes online. Limiting yourself to the product descriptions of the seller or the manufacturer is not enough. Always listen to what others have to say about the performance of the shoes before you go ahead to buy them.

And when it comes to ratings, major sites allow users to rate their running shoes on a scale, with the most common scale being 1 to 5 stars with 1 being the lowest and 5 the highest. It is important for you to look for shoes with the highest rating possible, from the highest possible number of users as this increases your chances of ending up with the best cheap running shoes.

  • Testimonials and Recommendations

These are even more reliable than reviews but not so easy to get. A testimonial is given by someone you can interact with and they tell you their experience with a given pair of shoe you are considering. They will tell you the benefits they came across and the drawbacks. It’s more difficult to get testimonials as it may not be possible for you to know someone who has used the specific running shoe brand you are researching.

2. Pricing and your budget

Think carefully about how much you can afford to spend and stick to that budget. This narrows your choice considerably and makes finding the best cheap running shoes a walk in the park. You don’t need to spend a fortune and there are plenty of cheap running shoes that look great and will last the distance.

3. Breathability and foot hygiene

You need not be told how sweaty you can get when running, jogging or training. If your feet become too sweaty, there are three main consequences. These are discomfort, foot infection and your feet or shoes smelling. The best cheap running shoes are therefore those that provide optimum breathability as well as moisture absorption capacity. This ensures that your feet don’t end up being congested with sweat and heat. Your feet have to be kept as cool as possible during the entire running period. Other foot hygiene and health features include orthotics.

4. Lightweight

Seasoned runners suggest that weight significantly affects the performance of any athletic activity thus is a significant factor to consider when choosing the best cheap running shoes. Light shoes rule. Though lightweight materials increase the overall price of the pair of shoes, the added cost is worth it. The advanced patented technologies that have been developed by certain companies make the whole cushioning and padding process rather expensive. Never sacrifice weight at the expense of cost, if at all you need the best possible performance.

5. Design and style

Just because they are running shoes doesn’t mean that they should skimp on style. If you look good when you train, you’ll feel a spring in your step. Just because you are looking for something affordable doesn’t mean that it should lack on looks. There are so many running shoes within the budget range which look the part. Take your time and you can get some eye-catching running shoes without needing to spend too much.

6. Advanced technologies

Technological advancements continue to bring better and better running shoes to the market. Such technological advancements are present in virtually all the features starting with the support and cushioning, flexibility, durability and breathability right on through to their lightweight nature. Technology rules when it comes to running shoes. What will the future hold?

6. Durability

The material and design of the outsole affect durability significantly. Of course, you also want a high-quality insole but it is easier and cheaper to replace an insole than it is to replace an outsole. Next in order after the outsole are the uppers, the midsole followed by the insoles. The outsole should be made from the strongest or toughest material possible, with strong rubber being the most popular. The midsoles, on the other hand, need to balance comfort with staying power. Lastly, go for a pair that comes with uppers with strongly constructed and solidly seamed materials. This way, you will have a consistent performance for extended durations.

7. The terrain you anticipate to encounter

The surface types you will be running on while training has to be considered. Runners who run outdoors tend to be more consistent with their workouts compared to those who find it easier to treadmill. If you are going outdoors, consider choosing more aggressive tread patterns and more durable material constructions. Similarly, if you will be running on sandy or rather debris-prone surfaces you should consider anti-debris types of shoes. Go for an outsole with better grip if you will be using the shoes during snowy seasons or on slippery terrain.

8. Foot type

It pays to know your foot type. If you have high arches, your best cheap running shoes will definitely be different from the choice made by low-arched runners. A high arch athlete should always select a pair that offer maximum support. With these types of shoes, your feet will not roll inward. Flatter feet athletes should consider going for running shoes that come with more cushioning thus ensuring that landing impact is well absorbed. If you don’t know what type of feet you have, look at the bottom side of your older shoes and note the uneven wear as this can guide you on how you step and which shoes you may need to consider.

9. Don’t be fooled by advertisements

There is no manufacturer who will spend his time and money to produce a product then fail to spend all their energy possible to ensure that as many units as possible are sold. They will therefore use marketing techniques to convince you, with other companies just trying their best to fool you if you can’t be convinced. You should therefore not try to buy a pair just because you saw Usain Bolt or Kobe Bryant putting them on. They are being paid to wear them so that you can be pushed to buy those types of shoes. Don’t be fooled.

10. Stability and cushioning

One of the most important factors that manufacturers, experts and professionals consider in running shoes is the amount of support. The best cheap running shoes will offer you great support and stability.

11. Flexibility

These are not shoes that you will only be putting on for aesthetics. Choose sneakers that are flexible enough to assume the shape of your feet when you are in motion. Very rigid shoes will disfavor you in two ways…

Firstly, they will highly reduce your speed and overall performance. Secondly, your chance of having blisters and bruises increases proportionately with the reduction of flexibility.


This article has been dedicated to helping beginners to find the best cheap running shoes. The qualities of the best running shoes include lightweight performance, durability & high quality construction, versatility, elegance, flexibility, support and cushioning. All these will be found in most of the above reviewed shoes and they will not disappoint. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any queries or feedback. We are always delighted to help.

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