5 Best Hockey Skate Insoles to Improve Comfort and Performance

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When I switched to the Superfeet Hockey Cushion Insoles for my skates, the difference was immediate. The comfort and support they provided made a noticeable impact on my game. But, while these insoles were excellent, there are four more top contenders that can further enhance your hockey experience. Each one offers unique features that cater to different foot types and playing styles, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your needs.

Here are the top 10 hockey skate insoles:

Superfeet Hockey Cushion Insoles for Skates (Skate Size 7-8)

Superfeet Hockey Cushion Insoles - Foam Shoe Inserts for Skates - Professional...
  • Arch Support for Hockey: Contoured Superfeet shape...
  • Orthotic Inserts for Arch Support: Flexible heel...
  • Arch Support Inserts: Perforated forefoot improves...
  • Superfeet Insoles for Odor Control: Moisturewick...
  • Formerly Known as Superfeet HOCKEY Comfort: Hockey...

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For those seeking enhanced comfort and performance in their hockey skates, the Superfeet Hockey Cushion Insoles for Skates (Skate Size 7-8) offer targeted arch support and a contoured shape designed to minimize friction and hot spots. These insoles feature a flexible heel cradle that ensures a secure fit while the perforated forefoot enhances air circulation, keeping your feet cool and dry during intense gameplay. The Moisturewick top cover not only controls odor but also provides added comfort.

Customers have reported positive feedback, with one parent noting improved comfort for their child during hockey drills. Experience relief from foot pain and better skate fit with these insoles, as they're highly recommended for all skaters looking to boost comfort and energy transfer in their game.

Best For: Skaters seeking enhanced comfort and performance in their hockey skates.


  • Targeted arch support for hockey players
  • Contoured shape minimizes friction and hot spots
  • Flexible heel cradle provides a secure fit


  • Larger sizes may offer less support

Superfeet Hockey Performance Insoles – Carbon Fiber Inserts

Superfeet Hockey Performance Insoles - Carbon Fiber Inserts for Hockey Skates -...
  • Arch Support for Hockey: Contoured Superfeet shape...
  • Orthotic Inserts: Get up to 11% better...
  • Shoe Inserts for Skates: Venting system holes line...
  • Superfeet Insoles for Odor Control: Moisturewick...
  • Formerly Known as Superfeet CARBON PRO HOCKEY:...

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With unrivaled edge control and exceptional energy transfer, the Superfeet Carbon Pro Hockey insoles are ideal for hockey players seeking enhanced performance on the ice. Users have reported improved comfort and performance, citing relief from foot pain, cramping, and numbness while skating.

These insoles offer increased stability, responsiveness, and energy transfer, though they may require a brief adjustment period. Praised for their arch support, shock absorption, and snug fit in skates, the Superfeet Carbon Pro Hockey insoles are designed for tight turns, crossovers, quick starts, and hard stops in hockey.

Featuring a rigid carbon heel section for added support, these lightweight and durable insoles provide excellent arch support, reducing fatigue and cramping to elevate your game on the ice.

Best For: Hockey players looking to enhance their performance and comfort on the ice.


  • Improved comfort and performance for users
  • Enhanced stability, responsiveness, and energy transfer
  • Excellent arch support and shock absorption


  • Requires a short adjustment period

Elite Hockey, Ice Hockey Skate, Pro Insoles (Size Choice)

Elite Hockey, Pro Insoles (m9-9.5/w10-10.5)
  • The Pro-Insole by Elite Hockey is designed and...
  • The channels are designed to carry out your weight...
  • The air holes are to assure that the moisture...
  • The arch and heel are contoured for optimal...
  • May arrive in Blue or Yellow insoles, both are the...

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Ideal for hockey players seeking maximum comfort and support, the Pro-Insole by Elite Hockey enhances performance with its contoured arch and weight distribution channels. These insoles are designed to evenly distribute weight, providing better support during turns and strides.

The air holes help manage moisture within your skates, ensuring optimal comfort throughout the game. With a contoured arch and heel, these insoles offer excellent support and flexibility for your feet.

Available in Blue or Yellow, both options provide the same benefits. For the best fit, consider sizing up by 0.5 to 1 full size. Users have reported feeling a significant improvement in comfort and performance, making these insoles a popular choice among hockey players of all levels.

Best For: Hockey players looking for enhanced comfort, support, and performance in their skates.


  • Even weight distribution for improved support during turns and strides.
  • Contoured arch and heel for excellent support and flexibility.
  • Air holes manage moisture for optimal comfort.


  • Sizing up may be required for a better fit.

CURREX HockeyPro Insoles for Hockey Skates & Ice Skating (Low Arch, XL)

CURREX HockeyPro Insoles for Hockey Skates & Ice Skating – 3D Dynamic Arch...
  • FEEL BETTER, PERFORM BETTER: These dynamic insoles...
  • 3D Dynamic Arch Technology & SuperGrip Anti-slip:...
  • Engineered to Keep You On The Ice: Ultra thin,...
  • Multi-Profile Shape & Flexibility: These insoles...
  • Made for What Moves You: CURREX is the only insole...

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When seeking enhanced stability and power transfer in your hockey skates, consider the CURREX HockeyPro Insoles designed for low arch support for optimal comfort and performance. These insoles feature 3D Dynamic Arch Support to provide stability and enhance power transfer while on the ice.

The anti-slip heel ensures optimized movement, giving you the confidence to make quick turns and maneuvers without worrying about slippage. Available in different arch support profiles, including low, medium, and high, you can choose the one that best suits your foot anatomy.

The ultra-thin design promotes direct foot-to-skate contact, enhancing your overall feel for the ice. With forefoot rivet stop protection, these insoles offer both comfort and mobility, making them a valuable addition to your hockey gear.

Best For: Those seeking enhanced stability and power transfer in their hockey skates with low arch support.


  • 3D Dynamic Arch Support for stability and power transfer.
  • Anti-slip heel for optimized movement.
  • Ultra-thin design for foot-to-skate contact.


  • May not provide sufficient support for high arches.

Shred Soles Full Length Skate Lite Impact Absorbing Insoles

Shred Soles Full Length Skate Lite Impact Absorbing Comfortable Insoles (Men...
  • Unrivaled impact absorption providing comfort for...
  • Long lasting insoles that will outlive many pairs...
  • Eliminate arch bruises from primo landings with...
  • Prevents heel bruises with super thick and...
  • All day cloud like comfort suitable for daily wear...

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For those seeking unrivaled impact absorption and long-lasting comfort in their skateboarding shoes or work boots, the Shred Soles Full Length Skate Lite Impact Absorbing Insoles are the ideal choice. These insoles feature a PrimoTech Arch Bridge for excellent arch support and a gel heel to prevent heel bruises, making them suitable for daily wear in various activities. Users have given positive feedback on the comfort and performance these insoles provide, noting improvements in activities like snowboarding, working, and BMX riding.

While there are mixed reviews on sizing and material quality, the high-density gel heel insert and DuraShred 2 extra dense insole base material ensure cloud-like comfort for all-day wear. Experience the benefits of reduced arch and heel bruises, minimized impact from jumps and landings, and enhanced comfort and support with Shred Soles Full Length Skate Lite Impact Absorbing Insoles.

Best For: Those seeking enhanced comfort and support in skateboarding shoes or work boots.


  • Unrivaled impact absorption for all-day wear
  • PrimoTech Arch Bridge for excellent arch support
  • Gel heel to prevent heel bruises


  • Mixed reviews on sizing and material quality

Factors to Consider When Choosing Hockey Skate Insoles

When choosing hockey skate insoles, it's crucial to consider factors like:

  • Arch support
  • Comfort
  • Performance
  • Sizing
  • Fit
  • Impact absorption technology
  • Customizable design features

These aspects play a significant role in enhancing your overall skating experience and preventing discomfort or injuries on the ice. By carefully evaluating these points, you can select the right insoles that cater to your specific needs and preferences.

Arch Support Importance

A crucial element to prioritize when selecting hockey skate insoles is ensuring they provide adequate arch support. Proper arch support plays a vital role in distributing weight evenly, reducing strain on the feet, and enhancing balance and stability on the ice. It can also help prevent common foot conditions like arch pain and plantar fasciitis.

Moreover, improved arch support leads to enhanced energy transfer and power generation in each stride, ultimately boosting skating efficiency and overall performance. On the flip side, inadequate arch support can result in discomfort, fatigue, and decreased on-ice performance.

Customizable arch support options in insoles allow players to tailor the level of support to their specific arch type, ensuring a personalized and comfortable fit for optimal performance.

Comfort and Performance

Prioritizing comfort and performance in hockey skate insoles involves considering key factors that can enhance the overall skating experience. Cushioning and support are crucial for comfort during extended skating sessions, while proper arch support helps prevent foot fatigue and lowers the risk of injuries.

Insoles with shock absorption properties can improve performance by lessening the impact on joints and muscles, leading to a smoother skating experience. Additionally, moisture-wicking materials are essential to keep feet dry and prevent discomfort caused by sweat accumulation.

Customizable or trim-to-fit insoles offer a personalized fit, ensuring optimal comfort and support tailored to individual needs. By selecting insoles that address these factors, skaters can elevate their comfort levels and enhance their on-ice performance.

Sizing and Fit

To ensure optimal comfort and performance in your hockey skates, carefully consider the sizing and fit of the insoles by referring to the manufacturer's sizing chart and looking for trim-to-fit options. It's crucial to match the insole size to your skate size to prevent any discomfort or fit issues.

Additionally, pay attention to the arch support design and ensure it aligns with your foot arch type for the best experience on the ice. Look for insoles that offer different arch support profiles like low, medium, or high to cater to individual needs.

A snug fit is essential, so make sure the insoles fit well within your skates without causing any interference. Prioritizing proper sizing and fit will enhance your overall comfort and performance on the ice.

Impact Absorption Technology

When selecting hockey skate insoles, one must carefully consider the impact absorption technology incorporated to enhance comfort and performance on the ice. Impact absorption technology, such as gel or dense foam materials, is crucial for reducing shock and pressure on the feet during intense movements.

These technologies not only provide cushioning and support but also help prevent heel bruises, arch pain, and foot fatigue, ultimately improving overall comfort. Additionally, advanced impact absorption can aid in distributing impact forces evenly across the foot, minimizing the risk of injuries.

Customizable Design Features

Considering the impact absorption technology discussed earlier, customizable design features play a vital role in selecting the right hockey skate insoles for optimal comfort and performance on the ice.

Trim-to-fit options allow for a personalized fit, ensuring maximum comfort and support. Look for insoles with adjustable arch support to cater to different foot shapes and needs, enhancing overall stability and reducing the risk of injuries.

Additionally, prioritize insoles with moisture-wicking properties to keep feet dry and comfortable during intense play. Opting for impact-absorbing materials will cushion against shocks, reducing foot fatigue and enhancing performance.

Anti-slip properties are also essential to ensure stability and support while maneuvering on the ice, contributing to a more confident and controlled skating experience.

Moisture Management Benefits

Ensuring optimal comfort and performance on the ice, hockey skate insoles with effective moisture management benefits are essential for preventing sweat buildup and odor. These insoles help reduce the risk of blisters and fungal infections that thrive in damp environments.

By enhancing air circulation and keeping feet dry, perforated insoles can minimize bacterial growth inside hockey skates. Moisture-wicking top covers play a crucial role in regulating temperature and humidity, contributing to a more comfortable skating experience.

Moreover, insoles with moisture management features can also extend the lifespan of your skates by preventing materials from breaking down due to excess moisture. Choosing insoles with superior moisture control capabilities is key to maintaining both comfort and hygiene during intense hockey sessions.

Durability and Longevity

I recommend selecting hockey skate insoles crafted from durable materials like carbon fiber or high-density foam to guarantee long-lasting performance. When choosing insoles, consider features like reinforced arch support and impact-absorbing capabilities to ensure they can endure the demands of hockey.

Look for warranties or guarantees from manufacturers to confirm the longevity and consistent support of the insoles over time. It's also beneficial to assess user reviews regarding the durability of the insoles in high-impact sports such as hockey to gauge their effectiveness.


After trying out these top 5 hockey skate insoles, I can confidently say that they've greatly improved both my comfort and performance on the ice.

Each pair offers unique benefits such as cushioning, support, and impact absorption.

It's important to find the right insole that fits your feet and playing style.

Investing in a quality pair of insoles can make a significant difference in your overall hockey experience.

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