30 Best Shoes For Standing All Day: Most Comfortable Ones!

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With a whole lot of options in the market today, it’s quite hard to find the right pair of shoes for your unique feet. Every woman and man needs shoes that fit well and offer comfort throughout the day. This is doubly important for those with jobs where standing up is the norm. So, if you’re looking for the best shoes for standing all day, here are some of the best options you can buy online…

Top 30 Best Shoes For Standing All Day

Top 31 Best Shoes For Standing All Day Reviewed

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1. New Balance Men’s MW411V2 Walking Shoes

New Balance has amassed an excellent reputation over the years making it one of the powerhouses in the footwear industry. They are highly famous for their cross-training shoes, athlete shoes, and also for casual wear. The New Balance MW411V2 is one of their more popular men’s shoes that you should check out.

This pair is a good choice for people who spend their long days standing as it offers the comfort and supports you will need for daily purposes. It is a great shoe for all-around purposes because it has a great style.

To detail these shoes further, they are made of 100% leather shape which doesn’t need much breaking in. This pair has a perforated upper that allows your feet to breathe comfortably. Thus, your foot doesn’t sweat as much as in other shoes. Also, its rubberized sole is dependable to keep you from slipping on wet floors.

New Balance MW411V2 is a good product overall and doesn’t have significant drawbacks. However, people with bigger feet may have problems finding their fit. This product’s fit is not too broad.

As a product feature in this article, we guarantee that this is one of the perfect choices for casual activities. It’s reasonably priced and doesn’t limit your movements. It’s because this pair of shoes are lightweight.

2. Skechers Men’s Synergy-Flex Gripper

Skechers is a known shoe manufacturer on a worldwide scale. Their shoe products are always a marvel to look at, and they boast many features which are useful for different applications. This Men’s Synergy-Flex Gripper shoe is packed with features to provide stability, comfort, durability, and safety for its wearers. Overall, this is an excellent work shoe for standing all day jobs.

This Synergy-Flex Gripper is made of leather. It’s a high-quality leather that is often seen in their other shoe products. The leather upper protects your feet from accidental spillages and keeps your feet warm. Also, the leather material adds to the lightness of the shoes which makes your movements more fluid. This is an important factor because you’re going to be standing all day.

For stability and support, this pair of shoes doesn’t lack in those aspects. It has a stabilizing heel overlay and a rubber sole that is slip-resistant. If you’re working in a wet environment, wearing this pair will protect you. Furthermore, since it has a steel toe, you are guaranteed your safety even more because the steel toe provides more support for your feet.

This Skechers shoe has a memory foam cushioned insole. It is combined with the FlexSole midsole which is both lightweight and an impact absorber. It protects your foot and provides cushioning for a more comfortable feel. It also has a cushioned collar to add to your comfort.

This pair has a great style but isn’t designed for casual wear. It’s more of a working shoe, so Skechers made a good call to keep it simple. You can choose from three different dark colors at an affordable price range.

3. Dansko Men’s Pro XP Clog

Dansko is one of those shoe brands that is known on a large scale for manufacturing good shoes. Although it is not as popular as other shoe brands, they are still known for its great shoes which are acknowledged to be one of the bests concerning quality, style, and comfort. This Pro XP Clog happens to be their flagship shoe and an all-time favorite.

The exterior of this clog pair is made from excellent leather upper which is proven by many satisfied customers to last a long time. The leather not only makes the shoe lightweight but also adapts to the foot’s natural contours. The natural leather becomes more comfortable over time and is a good choice since you are going to be standing for long periods at work.

You can depend on this shoe’s stability because it features a PVC inner frame. Also, the clog is slip-resistant due to its stapled outsole along with a Rocker bottom. Both of them provide a good combination to protect the shoes from slipping on wet surfaces. The heel is just the right height, not too tall and not too short.

Pro XP clog for men has arch support that is reliable and will provide comfort and support to those who have foot conditions like plantar fasciitis. Breaking in may need a week to get used to. However, you can feel positivity as your calves will soon have enhanced support.

4. Nike Men’s Flex Experience Run 4

It is a fact that Nike is a very popular brand known across the globe for its use as athletic shoes in various sports like in basketball. One thing you can be certain about Nike shoes is that they aren’t half-hearted when it comes to quality and features. Their Flex Experience Run 4 is one of the good contenders for those who stand all day for work. It’s packed with useful features you don’t want to miss.

This pair of shoes is made from mesh upper and based on its appearance; it looks very breathable. Since it only has a single layer, your foot won’t stink from sweat as air will continually push in and out of the shoe. The mesh upper adds to the lightness of the shoe.

The style or design of this shoe is not flashy. It means that there are no restrictions as to where you should wear this pair. Surely, it’s for running, but because of the casual look, it will look applicable in the work environment. But remember that the Flex Experience Run 4 is not for wet work conditions as the mesh upper can easily catch moisture.

Because the Flex Experience Run 4 is originally designed for running, it has the necessary qualities like comfort, support, and stability. The rubber outsole offers slip resistance from water spillages as well as slippery floors. Furthermore, it has durable rubber pods placed on areas susceptible to wear. Aside from the mesh upper that provides cushioning, the soft foam midsole also provides the same comfort and is quite flexible.

Although Nike is known to have expensive shoes, this particular pair of shoes has a relatively reasonable price.

5. Nike Men’s Air Zoom Vomero 10

As yet another Nike product, this running shoe is a good choice for wearing at work which demands you to stand for long periods of time. Because it is originally intended for training, it has nice features you don’t want to miss.

The style of this pair is obviously for running. However, it’s tamed enough to be used in a casual working environment. It has a few multiple color combinations you can freely choose. And, as a signature, Nike shoe product, one of the sides has the official Nike logo.

Air Zoom Vomero 10 provides real comfort which is praised by a lot of users. It’s suitable for people with wide feet because of the wider toe box. The toe box is roomy enough to allow you to flex your toes after a hard day’s work. As an additional comfort aspect of this Nike shoe, it comes with a lightweight Lunarlon foam midsole. This midsole makes the shoe softer at the forefoot and firmer at the heel. The shoe’s molded sock liner also adds cushioning to the midsole.

This Nike shoe upper is made from a Flymesh upper. Not only for breathability, but the high-quality mesh is also suitable for long-term usage as well. Aside from the usual laces, Air Zoom Vomero 10 features Flywire cables which work with the laces to provide you more support. These laces also enhance the flexibility of the shoe.

It’s right to guess that this shoe belongs to the pricier side. Because it’s a product from the leading shoe manufacturer, its quality and makes are top-notch. If you are looking for a pair of best shoes for standing, then this product shall be a sound investment.

6. Crocs Tummler

Crocs is another reputable shoe brand known for its unique design for its clogs. Their clogs are their main product line, but they also tend to produce other shoe types. The product to be featured in this review is not the same as other Crocs clogs in appearance. The Tummler is, in fact, one of the better-looking shoes for men to be used for work or just for casual wear.

The Tummler loafer is one of the great options for people who need to stand for long time periods. It keeps you well supported as well as comfortable throughout the day. For starters, it’s made of 100% plastic – from the upper to the outsole. Thus, the material is easier to clean and doesn’t add much weight to the shoe.

Aside from the rubber outsole that is slip-resistant, the Tummler also has a high-quality footbed to protect the wearer from slipping on wet floors. The combination of the outsole and the footbed is this shoe’s main feature. The footbed has a lightweight cushioning which offers full support and comfort for your weight.

Crocs Tummler is only available in black color which is plenty good enough to be used wherever. The shoe doesn’t look cheap and is available at an affordable price.

7. Timberland PRO Men’s Five Star Meurice Shoe

Timberland is more on outdoor shoe products but doesn’t be discouraged yet. They also offer a lot of other products which can be used for everyday wear or your all-day duties. Timberland is a reputable shoe builder for its incredible craftsmanship and exceptional skill.

Their Five Star Meurice Shoe is a pair of clogs made of durable, full-grain leather upper topped with a classic design. The leather material is made to last for a long, long time and it is proven by most people to overwhelm other shoes made of the same material from other brands.

Since the leather can be difficult to clean especially if it’s spilled with any liquid other than water, the Timberland incorporated a Scotchgard Protector which protects the shoe from stains. Your pair of shoes won’t easily get dirty too often.

This Timberland shoe uses a Thermal Plastic Urethane (or TPU) for its outsole. This material grips well to the ground and has a slip resistance characteristic. As TPU is known to be a durable material, it is made for long wear. The Timberland integrated a Safe-Grip pattern for the outsole to improve the traction on wet or dry surfaces.

Another main feature of the Five Star Meurice shoe is its use of the Anti-Fatigue Technology that absorbs shock and conveys the energy absorbed to the key zones of the foot. The shoe’s inverted cones do the support, collapse, and then return the energy to the pressure points of the foot. In turn, your feet will not grow weary from moving around all day.

8. Rockport Men’s World Tour Classic Walking Shoe

Rockport has been in the shoe industry for more than three decades. Their first product was the dress shoes with built-in sports technology. Technically, a first of its kind as dress shoes of the past were not made as comfortable as sneakers or sports shoes. They have done a great deal of scientific research on the biomechanics of walking. In short, they are the experts you can trust.

Rockport Men’s World Tour Classic Walking Shoe is the brand’s most valuable product. It used the best materials to make it what it is now. It features nice qualities, making it one of the best shoes for walking and standing all day.

Rockport uses the best soft-pebbled leather material around to consist the upper material of the shoes. It is water-resistant and is available in three leather options or two nubuck suede choices for any available style you’d like. The leather upper is also easy to clean because it doesn’t attract much dirt. The break-in period may last about a week, and it should conform to your foot over time.

Aside from the slip-resistant rubber outsole, the material also has excellent traction and grips very well no matter what’s the surface. Your comfort is assured with the patented Stobel Technology Construction and EVA cushioning of this walking shoe. The first one refers to the specific way of stitching the upper leathers and lining them to the insole of the footwear. Thus, the shoe gives higher flexibility and is stronger than other shoes.

The EVA cushioning, on the other hand, gives the shoe a comfortable look and feel. The shoe’s padded tongue and collar enhance the comfort felt because the padding protects the feet from excessive friction.

This shoe tends to run narrow. Before buying, consider trying a size larger than your norm to know if it’s a good fit.

9. Golden Fox Men’s Premium Leather Soft Toe Light

Are you looking for a pair of shoes for standing all day at work and which aims for a stylish look without sacrificing comfort? Then, look no further because this work boot is not only for street fashion but also for long hours of work outdoors. It offers many features you should check out at a reasonable price.

This pair is a premium choice for men. The leather upper has a premium oil-tanned finishing for a greater outer appearance which would entice young folks to buy it. Despite its looks, its performance is pretty excellent because it is highly durable to last a long time! Over time, it will inevitably accumulate scratches and scuff, but they’re not a big deal and will add to the natural and unique texture of this outdoor shoe.

This Golden Fox shoe features a Goodyear welt construction which is considered to be the key factor for its long-lasting endurance. The triple stitching found all over the boot is of top quality and enhances the rigidity, flexibility, and support of the shoe.

At the bottom, Golden Fox uses a polyurethane outsole that can absorb shock or impact. Your feet will not be in agony because the shoe will cover you. It is of heavy-duty quality and resists accidental slipping and has a good grip no matter what surface you are on.

As a work boot, you can expect this pair of shoes to be bulky, but no, it’s pretty lightweight because of the use of a foam framework with tiny bubbles. These bubbles make the shoe breathable.

10. Dr. Martens 1461 3 Eye Gibson Lace-Up

Dr. Martens is an excellent choice for comfortable footwear. They indulge more in shoes made for work which will assure you that you can freely use one of their shoes for your job. Their Eye Gibson model is aimed at both men and women. It’s a stylish choice to live up to your expectations.

This great shoe has a leather upper that is water-resistant. Since it doesn’t catch water easily, the shoe is easier to clean and maintain. Also, it wicks moisture away from the skin making the shoe more breathable for a sweaty foot. The leather outer is available in different colors to match your regular outfit.

This pair of shoes has slip-resistant qualities due to their synthetic outsole. It resists oil and water to prevent you from slipping in a wet environment. This shoe is pretty stable to be used in any environment either dry or wet because the shoe can adapt easily. The heel height of the outsole measures 1.25 inches. This maintains good posture and relieves the pressure or pain felt from the knees, ankles, or hips.

At the bottom section, the insole makes use of a lightweight cushion that is air-filled. Although it looks traditional, it is lesser obtrusive and should provide a bouncy feel to your feet. In turn, you can feel comfortable all day long even if the work is truly demanding.

Dr. Marten’s shoes are all covered with a lifetime warranty. You can exploit this to your advantage because the company is easy to find and offer various replacement parts.

11. Skechers Sport Women’s Loving Life Foam Sneaker

Skechers has been in the shoe business for over thirty years. Thus, they know the quirks of every shoe they manufacture. They have invested a lot of time in making their shoes as well as researching what kind of footwear will suit most people, especially for their feet that are easily tired. Indeed, their Loving Life Fashion Sneaker is one of their best female shoes in appearance and qualities.

This pair offers both comfort and stylish design – a perfect combination for the women who go to work early and return home late but still want to look good. The comfort you will experience wearing this pair is no joke, and you can say that the memory foam insole provides long-lasting comfort and support for your aching feet. The insole features a soft fabric lining that is paired with the FlexSole midsole. They work together for shock absorption, support, and the stability you will need.

This Skechers foam sneaker has a mesh upper that provides the right amount of breathability and wicks away both odor and moisture through the fabric lining. One downside we can observe is that this pair is not recommended to be worn in wet environments because it doesn’t have many layers for protection from accidental spillages.

The Flex Groove outsole is slip-resistant and prevents you from sliding on wet floors at your workplace. Of course, the outsole pattern has a pretty firm grip no matter what surface you’re on.

This is a casual-looking sneaker, and it blends well with different outfits and environments. The simple style can be chosen in different color versions. It’s available at a fairly reasonable price. Overall, this is the best pair of shoes for being on your feet all day for women.

12. Nike Women’s Flex Experience 3

Nike offers a lot of shoe choices for different applications. This is true for their Flex Experience which has a design and the appearance to blend depending on the working environment and any other daily activities like regular fitness routines and casual walking. Though this has a sporty design, the Flex Experience 3 has good features which make it most comfortable shoes for standing all day.

This nice pair of shoes is made from lightweight mesh material which allows breathability to wick sweat that may have accumulated from a long day’s work. Just remember that it’s not recommended to work in wet environments where there would be accidental spillages. The mesh upper is not water-resistant in this case.

Flex Experience 3 is more involved in providing comfort. It works well with people with neutral feet and those who are under-pronators. This model has a soft inner lining and utilizes EVA cushioning for its insole. The insole is combined with Nike’s Phylite midsole to attain great characteristics like shock absorption and ample cushioning for your feet. Furthermore, thanks to the Flex Experience 3’s horizontal and vertical flex grooves, this pair has plenty of room for flexibility.

This pair is not lacking when it comes to the support and stability that any worker needs. The support and stability mainly stem from the Phylite midsole as well as the rubber pods that are located in the forefoot and heel of the shoe. The increase of the width of the sole caused by the pods adds to the stability and durability of Flex Experience 3.

From the qualities mentioned above of the Nike Flex Experience 3, you not just buy the product but also the brand. Nike is a premium brand for its quality products. And so, this pair belongs to the pricier side. But since it will last a long time, it’s the right choice for today’s investment.

13. Reebok Women’s Work N Cushion

Reebok is one of those shoe manufacturers that adapts fast to the latest fashion and outdoor trends. Indeed, their shoe products are designed to deliver all-day comfort and support wherever and whatever your job is. Thus, this Work N Cushion shoe is considered to be one of the best shoes for standing on your feet all day.

These shoes by Reebok have a simple design. It’s not as flashy as other shoes which makes it apt to be used in whatever work situation you’re in. This is because Reebok is more concerned to deliver comfortable footwear for use in daily activities. In fact, the Work N Cushion is only available in black and white.

The leather upper of this shoe has excellent characteristics. This makes up part of the firm construction of the shoe which can resist water. Thus, it’s easier to maintain and makes the shoe lightweight. The leather upper as well as the Kwik-Close design offers a sturdier build and contributes to h overall comfort of the shoe upon wearing.

The outsole of Work N Cushion is made of rubber. It is both oil and slip-resistant. Consequently, it’s a good choice to work in both dry and wet environments. The upper doesn’t quickly catch moisture, and the outsole provides a good grip on whatever surface you’re on.

The Work N Cushion by Reebok belongs to the lower price range among all other shoes. You get exactly what you pay for its basic design and superb qualities. This is indeed the best option if you don’t want to wear a flashy pair of shoes.

14. New Balance Women’s WID627V1

Another shoe model brought to you by New Balance is the Women’s WID627V1. Knowing that the New Balance builds one of the best sports shoes on the market, this shoe model has fantastic qualities to be used in any application. We assure you that this shoe is the perfect fit for those who spend long hours standing and moving all day.

As a New Balance product, this pair is made from quality materials. The upper is mixed with both leather and mesh. It has plenty of room for breathability and is available in different color schemes. The mixed material upper makes the shoe applicable to be used in wet environments.

New Balance Women’s WID627V1 intends to maximize the comfort felt through their EVA footbed and the outsole that has the necessary slip resistance.

The footbed has ample cushioning and will support your weight and the strain caused by standing for too long. As for the outsole, it has the required pattern which would make it slip-resistant when you’re walking on a wet floor. This pair also has a steel toe for additional protection. The steel toe has passed certain safety standards.

Although this pair is designed for athletic reasons, it can also be used in any situation. It has additional safety features in case you’re going to work where safety is the best policy. As for the price, it’s reasonable enough considering the protection and stability this shoe can provide.

15. Alegria Women’s Debra Slip-On Shoe

If you’re looking for the perfect shoes for women to stand in all day, perhaps the Alegria Debra Slip-On Shoe is what you’re seeking. Most shoes for standing all day seem to be lacking in the fashion aspect because they should adapt well to the established work regulations of various companies. However, if your employer doesn’t restrict you in what footwear to wear upon entering the workplace, this pair of slip-on is one of your best bets. This comes in different fashionable designs you can freely choose depending on your style preferences.

This Alegria Debra for women uses high-quality leather for its upper. The colorful designs are printed on the leather and guaranteed not to fade easily. Also, the upper leather material doesn’t easily catch dirt and protects your foot from accidental spillages.

The durable upper is combined with a manmade outsole which is of high quality, too. To make sure that the leather upper fits your foot enough, the instep has an elastic part that will help to secure your footing without squeezing it. It’s as comfortable as you can imagine and works well in different working conditions.

The footbed is of high quality as well. Since the footbed is meant to make your foot comfortable, Alegria integrated memory foam into it. The inside has a generous toe room to flex your toes when you’re stretching. And, further below the footbed is the Rocker style outsole that will improve good posture so that you won’t be concerned of your aching back, knees, or ankles after a long day on your feet.

Alegria is a popular shoe brand that has been manufacturing comfortable work shoes for standing all day for women’s use. It’s impossible that you have not heard it before.

16. Crocs Women’s Mercy Clogs

Crocs got their name for being as amphibious as a crocodile. The footwear that they produce can be used on land or in water. Since Crocs manufactures good clogs for different applications, they are also designed to be good for standing all day.

The Mercy Clog has a similar design as the original Crocs that the market several years ago. It has a large toe room which provides a lot of space for air to gush in and out. Breathability is no question because the Crocs clog ensures that you won’t have stinky feet. Despite the generous instep, your safety is still one of their number one primary concern. It has the signature heel strap to secure your footing.

This pair of shoes is a good fit in every working environment like in schools, factories, hospitals, etc. It has an enhanced footbed with tiny nubs to provide massaging to your foot. Moreover, it has excellent arch support to help women who have certain foot conditions.

Furthermore, the outsole has a slip-resistant tread pattern which provides the clog with great traction.

Mercy Clog is made from a synthetic material that is of high quality. Beware of imitations around as the Crocs brand is one of the most popular shoe brands of all time. One telltale sign that the Crocs you are eyeing are original is if it doesn’t smell of rubber. The clog is odor-resistant and easy to clean.

This pair of shoes has reasonable pricing. It’s a fair enough deal for the qualities it offers.

17. Timberland Professional Renova Slip-On Shoe

Timberland is a shoe brand that manufactures shoe products designed for outdoor activities like hiking. But, there’s plenty of room for Timberland to offer other products outside their niche. The Pro Renova Slip-On Shoe is one of the prime examples when it comes to catering to specific needs. Overall, this is not only a nursing shoe which requires the nurses to be up and about every moment but also for people in other professional fields who also need help for their aching feet.

The Professional Renova Slip-On shoe features a micro suede upper constructed out of premium leather. This pair of shoes is made to last for a long, long time even during the most demanding work hours. It doesn’t easily get dirty because of Timberland’s bright idea to cover the upper with the Scotchgard Protector. It provides resistance to oil, water, and other liquids.

As common in other Timberland shoes, this Pro Renova also has an exclusive Anti-Fatigue Technology which absorbs shock and returns the energy absorbed throughout the key pressure points of the foot. This mechanism is supported by the lightweight inverted cones which are flexible. Thus, your back, feet, and legs are well supported throughout the day so that you can last until the last hour of your shift.

Since slipping can cause adverse outcomes to you as a worker, the shoes that you should wear should always have the slip resistance attribute. This shoe from Timberland has a SafeGrip outsole to secure your footing whether in a dry or wet environment. You can then quickly move on any surface.

The Pro Renova features a Tri-Density Footbed with an Outlast Adaptive Comfort. It makes sure that the temperature is regulated for maximum support and cushioning while keeping your foot dry.

This Timberland shoe is quite expensive. It has the perfect qualities you are looking for in a shoe, and it’s built to last for a long time. If you buy this pair, you will surely get what you paid for.

18. Birkenstock Super Birki Unisex Clog

Birkenstock is a company that is over 200 years old. Their products are well tested over time which resulted to their amassed positive reputation. They are well known for their build quality, ergonomic design, and many others. The Super Birki isn’t limited to one gender. That’s why this pair of shoes continue to be bought by a large number of people whose work demands them to stand for long hours.

Birkenstock’s clogs are said to be of a higher caliber than the recently popular Crocs and other brands. It’s fairly inexpensive, and this Super Birki is one of their most affordable models. It is easy to clean which makes it suitable for environments that are messy and chaotic. The plastic construction can just be wiped with damped cloth, if necessary. When cleaning, you can simply pop out the footbed and wash the clog with soapy water.

Just like Crocs clogs, the Super Birki is also odor-resistant. It has an open-heel design which, in turn, makes the clog breathable. Though the design is loose, your safety is still a priority here. There’s enough room to move your foot and stretch it while it stays securely fit.

As for stability and support, the Super Birki has a strong arch and metatarsal support. It also has a deep heel cupping which is designed to realign your center of gravity towards your heels. In turn, your posture is improved and makes you last longer during working hours without feeling pain in your back or joints.

The footbed is made from the original cork and latex mixture. It’s an environmental-friendly material that provides both the comfort and support you need. The cork helps to remember the contours of your foot just like how a memory foam does it. The footbed can be easily replaced and quite inexpensive, too!

The Super Birki despite its low pricing is proven to last for a very long time. Being made in Germany, the workers there used high-quality materials which are durable over time.

19. Grasshoppers Women’s Stretch Plus Lace-Up Sneaker

If you’re looking for a pair of shoes to give comfort, this shoe model is one of the good shoes for standing all day.

The Grasshoppers’ Stretch Plus Lace-Up Sneaker is a type of work shoe that has a minimalist design. Its color is purely white with a small Grasshoppers logo found on the side of the shoe. Other color options include monotone stone and all-black. The design is pretty simple and isn’t as fancy as other sneakers. It has a lace-up design for a more secure fit of your foot all day long.

The simple upper is made from leather which gives the shoe an immaculate look. Its outsole is synthetic but is flexible to follow the foot’s natural movements. The outsole is slip-resistant, so it’s OK to be used in both dry and wet working environments.

Your comfort is their primary concern starting with the additional padding to the tongue and collar. It’s a comfortable pair of shoes while keeping a low profile. It has little details here and there such as the rounded heel cupping to realign your center of gravity. Moreover, it has ample arch support for stability at the midsole. The shoe helps improve your posture and protect your joints from aching after a long day’s work.

The shoe keeps your foot dry and comfortable throughout your daily shift due to the moisture wick lining. It’s a fairly affordable pair for your basic needs.

20. Dansko Women’s Professional Oiled Leather Clog

Dansko, a footwear company, is making its name by producing comfortable footwear with naturally contoured arch support, a rocker-bottom sole, and a heel slightly raised. They intend to offer additional stability, ease the aching muscles, and absorb shocks. Their clogs are aimed at professionals who spend most of their time standing or moving without sacrificing comfort and support.

This particular clog is made from leather that resists water and stains well, making it easier to clean than a mesh upper. The leather upper is stitched by hand towards the synthetic outsole. The rocker bottom outsole aims to absorb shocks which make Dansko on par with athletic footwear companies. It also has a slip-resistant characteristic that makes the shoe applicable to use on both dry and wet surfaces.

This shoe features a padded instep collar to add extra comfort when you’re moving. The arch support makes sure to deliver comfort and support to various women even if they have a particular foot condition or not. And, of course, the polyurethane foam footbed regulates the temperature of your instep to make your foot stay dry.

The shoe is pretty great, and the handmade craftsmanship assures high quality common in all Dansko clogs. Its price is fairly reasonable because of the qualities it offers.

21. Clarks Wave Trek Sneaker

The Clarks Wave Trek are very comfortable walking shoes featuring rich, full-grain leather that’s entirely waterproof. These shoes are also known for good looks that don’t sacrifice comfort. If you’re looking for shoes that could accommodate both your walking and standing needs, then these are ideal. The waterproof leather ensures you can still use the shoes even in wet conditions without getting your feet soaked.

The removable footbeds mean you can replace them anytime you want if you want custom orthotics for example. However, the shoes come with ortho-lite footbeds – ideal companions both for strolling in your local workplace or for an adventurous outdoor endeavor.

All-round comfort is brought about by the soft fabric of the inner lining which can buffer your foot to provide the comfort it deserves. The padding on the midsoles can absorb impact through shock-absorbent cushioning so you will feel less stress when you stand or walk. The six-eye lacing closure gives you a nice secure fit.

22. Crocs Unisex Classic Clog

Crocs: you either love them or hate them!

The Crocs Unisex Classic Clog possesses the typical Crocs look and these shoes are durable, comfortable, and lightweight. The Crocs Unisex Classic Clog is crafted from the molded Croslite synthetic material the brand is famous for. The edge of this model is it can conform to your foot’s morphology plus it comes with multiple ventilation ports located at the upper portion of the footwear. This gives your feet optimum air circulation so you’ll experience less strain while standing all day. One downside, however, is the ventilation ports make the shoe non-waterproof.

The ventilation ports serve another great purpose. They act as functional drainage for water and other debris while you are walking. Water and other elements won’t stay long inside as they are swiftly washed away. Even if they get wet, they’re sure to dry out in a few minutes. You’ll also love the heel strap that secures your feet in place without the hassle of laces. Despite its rather simple look, this model can actually provide you with ample traction when you are walking on a slippery surface. What makes the shoes even more attractive is it comes in plenty of colors and has a roomy fit to accommodate various feet sizes.

23. Propet Travelwalker II Shoe

Even if you’re only familiar with mainstream brands, it’s sometimes worth considering names you don’t hear every day. The Propet Travelwalker II Shoe can provide you with all the essential features without a prohibitive price tag. These shoes are perfect for sophisticated people who want to stay comfy at all times.

For standing all day, this model takes some beating. The shoes provide sufficient arch support and are particularly robust. More importantly, the Propet Travelwalker is highly breathable, so your feet stay fresh for the duration. Also, the shoes are incredibly lightweight.

24. Skechers for Work

Another remarkable shoe that offers both style and comfort in one pair are these good-looking Skechers designed for women. If you don’t like slip-on, these Skechers are ideal, especially if you’re looking for something to support you while standing all day. One striking feature of this model is the durable laces that you can easily modify. When your feet swell, the design is versatile enough that you can loosen the laces according to your needs.

Skechers are quite famous for their line of running footwear. With easy maneuverability on any terrain and decent traction on any surface, these shoes are perfect for active women. Contrary to the appearance, these shoes are really lightweight. These shoes can alleviate back, knee, and foot pain thanks to their athletic cushioning design.

25. Alegria Pesca Fisherman Sandal

Working women might enjoy these Pesca Fisherman Sandals featuring an embellished vamp design and the embossed upper leather. Some people find leather shoes to be uncomfortable. That’s not the case with these fisherman’s sandals.

The latex & cork footbed, along with the memory foam and leather insole, can provide you with the comfort you’re looking for in a working shoe. The robust materials mean these shoes will last the distance.

Also, the polyurethane outsole offers superior traction and grip on any surface making this model one of the best shoes for standing on tile floors.

26. Dr. Martens 8065 Mary Jane

Another shoe for women, the 8065 Mary Jane from Dr. Martens is a modern classic. The exterior features a full-grain leather upper. If you’re looking for shoes that look classy and rather traditional, these fit the bill. Unlike most shoes with leather uppers, the 8065 Mary Jane features little ventilation holes in the top portion that serve as a way of keeping your feet cool.

The brand also boasts its propriety Welt construction for maximum durability. Undeniably well-made, these shoes are sturdy from the upper leather down to the sole. When it comes to pairing, you won’t have a hard time finding the right match as this pair can complement many styles of clothing. You also don’t have to worry about swollen feet as the material of these shoes is stretchable. They adapt to your feet shape and provide more room when necessary.

27. Drew Shoe Rose Mary Jane

Comfort and stability are the main selling points of these shoes. The Drew Shoe Rose Mary has a foam collar, spandex lining, and a soft leather and fabric upper that make up a decent-looking shoe. The exclusive Drew Shoes Plus Fitting System involves dual removable footbeds fused in each shoe so you can experience added, double depth. The shoes still have sufficient volume should you want to add custom orthotics so you can have more comfort and a unique fit fuss-free. For moisture control, the shoes feature a moldable, dual-density insert further improved with a Dri-Lex top cover.

Without looking overly sporty, the shoes are still able to provide enough traction and slip resistance thanks to a dual-density polyurethane outsole. The medial heel stabilizer ensures Foot control and proper alignment. Walking from place to place won’t cause you to expend too much energy as the shoes are ultra-lightweight. The tempered steel shank also contributes to a foot control. Overall, this is yet another remarkable shoe ideal for standing all day.

28. Ecco Footwear Chase II

Enough of the Velcro straps and make way for some laced shoes! The Ecco Footwear Chase II are stylish without sacrificing comfort. Exterior style and design are not the only benefits you can reap from using these shoes. You can enjoy arch support, flexibility, adequate traction, and ample foot support in one lightweight pair of running shoes.

29. Nike Men’s Vapor Court Tennis Shoes

An evolution from the Vapor 9 Tour, The Nike Men’s Vapor Court Shoe is probably the answer to your search for comfortable tennis shoes for standing all day. You’ll like the locked-down feel of the Dynamic Fit technology it features as it gives you a secure fit without feeling cumbersome.

  • Affordable With Class

Coming in white and black, the Nike Men’s Vapor is highly affordable with lots of benefits.

  • Conventional But Cool

The shoe construction is perfectly conventional: rubber outsole, fabric lining, and manmade leather upper. Though it looks quite standard, these shoes still boast a durable build.

  • Lightweight

Contrary to how it looks, this model is actually lightweight. This means it can easily compete with most lightweight shoes in the market. Standing all day won’t be much of a burden anymore. You can also enjoy soft cushioning brought about by the full-length Phylon midsole.

  • Stable

Walking on slippery tiles won’t seem like a threat anymore thanks to the flex grooves that offer a stable range of motion. Durability in high-wear areas is also ensured by the Omni traction – another proud feature of this model.

  • Comfortable

The padded foot-bed contributes is great for added comfort. Overall, the Nike Men’s Vapor are shoes that tend to “hug your feet and at the same time, have a good arch support.” For its price range, the shoes represent outstanding value for money.

30. Adidas Performance Men’s Barricade Court 2 Tennis Shoe

“Easy on your feet but hard on your enemies.” The Adidas Performance Men’s Barricade Court 2 Tennis Shoe are shoes you can count on.

  • New Version

This model is an improvement on the previous Adidas line-up of the same series. The synthetic upper features a design update improving breathability through the breathable mesh underlays. The synthetic uppers can help control moisture inside the shoes meaning you won’t sweat even if you wear the shoes consistently for hours without taking them off.

  • Comfy With Style

Adidas is also proud of their Adiprene+ cushioning which is basically an enhanced cushion design. The rubber outsole is also stylish with bold block coloring.

  • Multiple Color Options

What makes these shoes even more appealing is the wide array of 6 color options you can choose from.

  • For Standing All Day

Best tennis shoes for standing all day. The forefoot is designed to respond easily to sudden movements. The flexible synthetic upper helps with agility.

  • A Little Con

Though this may be an ‘improved’ Barricade shoe, its lower price (compared to other shoes in the same series) means that it doesn’t have all the features that the more expensive ones possess. This model is ideal, though, for people who have jobs requiring them to stand up for long periods.

  • More Lightweight

The edge of the Barricade Court is that at only 11.6 ounces it’s incredibly lightweight. When you are standing for hours on end, wearing shoes like this makes all the difference.

31. ASICS GEL-Solution Slam 3 Women’s Berry/Lime/Plum

Heavy on performance. Light on weight. These are the lightest shoes on our list. These ASICS GEL-Solution Slam 3 weigh a mere 8.1 ounces. Made with a woman’s feet in mind, this model features torsional stability along with enhanced cushioning for added comfort. The secret behind these features is the low-profile midsole.

  • Midsole

This model features an exclusive midsole material that decreases midsole breakdown while enhancing bounce-back capabilities. You can feel its quality with every step, quick or slow. It’s like the shoes themselves help your foot to lift up after each step. Furthermore, the Forefoot GEL Cushioning System helps during propulsion by improving shock reduction.

  • Brand Legacy

ASICS has a long brand heritage for producing sports shoes that deliver.

  • More Comfort

Added comfort is brought by the heel collar and padded tongue. If you’re looking for shoes that don’t have lace, then these laced tennis shoes are not for you.

  • Super Lightweight

One of the biggest factors of the weightlessness of this model is the Trusstic System technology present in the outsole. This is responsible for reducing the weight of the sole unit without negatively affecting the integrity of the shoe’s construction. Overall, the ASICS GEL-Solution Slam 3 is the ideal solution for any woman looking for shoes to help them stand all day. With high abrasion rubber placed strategically in particular areas in the outsole, you can expect reliable shoes that will withstand the heaviest demands. These are very strong candidates for the best tennis shoes for standing all day.


If you’re looking for the best shoes for standing all day, any pair on our shortlist is worthy of investigation. Be honest about your preferences and needs. Take your time. It’s not so difficult to get shoes that look great while offering you all the support you need.

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