How to Treat Dry Feet – Symptoms, Causes & Prevention Tips

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You need to understand that your feet should be given an equal amount of care with your face. You wash and moisturize your face to prevent pimples and the same thing should be done to your feet to avoid dryness.

Dryness might not be a huge problem for you but this will escalate into bigger problems that you’ll not wish to have in your life. You already have enough problems of your own so why should you allow your feet to bother you.

You must learn how to treat dry feet to prevent further damage but to those who already have it, you don’t need to worry because it will cover all the necessary remedies for dry feet that are all in your reach.

Basically, an individual will get dry feet because our skin are naturally dry. The Oil glands that are present on the other parts of your skin are sadly not in the soles of your feet.

This is a very common problem among people and just casually taken for granted. We need to understand that dry feet can be uncomfortable as you walk when left untreated.

Moisturizing the feet every day is a key element to harmonious walking. But to those who already have it, these simple ways will take all your worries away. It involves exfoliation, softening and moisturizing.

Symptoms when you are having Dry, Crack Feet

Here are the symptoms to diagnose whether you have dry, crack feet. This will help you to treat your feet right away when you find these symptoms.

  • Dry Shin

This is the very good time to act right away. Moisturize and exfoliate your feet. If you notice that you already have whitish, hard and rough skin then you are already at the early stage of dry crack skin around your feet.

  • Peeling

This time when you notice skin peeling then you are on your way to a crack feet. You need to start the treatment especially when the remedies are just within your reach. Moisturize and give skin feet proper importance. Do this before the skin around your feet gets really hard to remove.

  • Cracks

The cracks will be the later symptoms. Thus when the cracks are already visible, try the natural remedies stated above in the How to Treat Dry Feet article.

  • Itchy Feet

When the cracks are already deep and getting tight, then you will start to feel itchy. This may be caused by the bacteria’s and infections since the skin is already open and crack.

  • Bleeding

When you already feel the itch, crack, dry, peeling, and you still not treat it. Then it will start to bleed and the cracks will start to get deeper. The inner skin will start to damage. Consequently, you are very prone to infections at this state.

  • Avoid winter

Since winter is unavoidable then you better get your feet healed before the winter comes. The cold temperature will cause the cracks in your feet to dry and itch more.

Causes of Dry Crack Feet

These are some factors that caused you dry crack feet. These factors are the things you should avoid to have soft and healthy looking feet.

  • Dry Skin

We usually have dry skin that is why it is very important that we do moisturize daily. It’s better to take a few minutes to wash and clean your feet than treating it when you already had problems around your feet. Always include your feet in your daily skin care.

  • Standing For Too Long

Standing for too long can cause you dry, crack feet. Now is the time to invest on heels that will properly distribute your weight around your feet. This also makes you comfortable along the way. Further, standing for too long is not applicable, that is why take a moment to sit and rest for a while.

  • Overweight

When standing for too long is one of the factors then obesity is a sure factor too. If you are overweight, then it might get you dry, crack feet. It is always better to burn extra fats because eventually, your feet will suffer. We all know that our feet take all the weight we had and if they can’t take the burden anymore then it will lead to dry, crack feet.

  • Medical Conditions

Having diabetes, thyroid or any skin problems will more likely to cause you dry, crack feet. Therefore, when you are already diagnosed with this then you must put extra care to your skin especially to your feet. Always put in mind to moisturize, exfoliate and wash your feet daily.

  • Bathing For Long Period

Most of us are not aware that taking a bath for a long time will cause dry and crack skin. Excessive exposure to water will take all the natural oils from our body

  • Aging

Aging is unstoppable, we already are aware that we will age and naturally the oils from our body will start to lose. These natural oils are responsible for moisturizing our skin. Because we do age, then our skin will start to dry, eventually, it will start to crack. Thus, always have with you a moisturizer to maintain a healthy looking skin.

  • Soaps

Soaps could be a factor especially when you are using a soap that has no moisturizing qualities. This will dry your skin, thus when you are using a soap that has no moisturizing qualities then you better stop using it or as I’ve always said moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!

  • Extreme Temperatures

Winter months can worsen your dry crack feet however this is also the caused for your dry crack feet. This is due to the low humidity that will dry your skin.

How to Treat Dry Feet? (#6 Effective Home Remedies)

Dry skin is uncomfortable and unattractive. How much more when this leads to painful cracking and peeling?

It will gross you out! Seriously, we should give importance to our feet to avoid these dry, cracking damage. Take note that the shoes you wear are one of the factors in having dry, cracked skin. It could also be the extreme temperatures or it’s just that you are getting older.

Anyhow, these should be treated right away because the crack will provide an easy way to bacteria’s. This will cause infections, making it look like the worst nightmare in your life. Furthermore, it will start to bleed and will cause you too much pain.

But there’s always hope. Try this home remedies to treat and soothe your feet in a natural way. By trying these things you are one step closer to smoother, crack-free and soft feet:

  • Applying Petroleum Jelly

You don’t need to buy this because it is already present in our homes. Apply petroleum Jelly to give moisture and softness on your feet. Whenever you feel like using it, just apply enough amount to your feet. You should be wise in choosing the right Petroleum Jelly available in the market.

  • Applying Mentholated Rub

Another way to get rid of your cracked feet is also through mentholated rub. Always clean, scrub your feet first then apply mentholated rub at your feet. When you like to cover it with socks then it is recommended to use a 100% cotton socks.

  • Moisturize with Honey

Your feet should always be kept moisturize in order for your feet to heal. Prepare a warm water, then add a cup of honey. Soak your feet for around 15 minutes. If your feet are seriously dry then you might need to soak it longer. You should also scrub your feet afterward then moisturize.

  • Soak your Feet in Milk

Just like honey, milk could be used to get rid of your dry, crack feet. Apply a cup of milk to a warm water then soak your feet for 10 minutes. Milk is useful because it has exfoliating power to remove dry skin. This will also help to have soft and glowing skin. Also, don’t forget to moisturize daily.

  • Rub Coconut Oil unto your Feet

Coconut oil is recommended to be applied in feet that already crack deeply. This has antibacterial and antifungal properties. To use this, rub it on your feet before going to bed. This has to be done when you already finished washing and scrubbing your feet. To avoid ruining your bedsheets it is best to put a 100% cotton socks on. Wash it in the morning and use it daily.

  • Scrub with Pumice Stone

Using the pumice stone to scrub the dead skin from your feet. It is one of the easiest ways to remove crack from your feet. You need to do this by starting to wash your feet to soften the skin. Scrub your feet with the pumice stone after then let it dry and moisturize your feet. You can also try other scrub but pumice stone are very common to use.

  • Warning

You might be very worried already that you will attempt to cut it with cutter or scissors, then stop right there because it is not definitely the right way. This is not the best option to make, it will cause you too much pain and might lead to infection.

Tips To Prevent Dry and Crack Feet

Dry, cracked feet can develop anywhere around your feet. Frequently it is common around the heels and edges of the toes. This is going to be very difficult because it is painful to walk and our everyday lives require walking. To avoid this hassle in your everyday lives, then we must combat dry skin. As always said and is always true “Prevention is better than cure”.

To prevent dry, cracked skin around your feet. You need to moisturize daily, you need to be consistent in applying moisturizing cream or petroleum every day. Applying moisturizing cream or petroleum jelly before going to bed is also recommended. Further, you could cover it with soft cotton socks to lock the moisture within.

One of the important things to do with your feet is to wash it daily with antibacterial soap. This is to avoid bacteria and to clean your feet. It will also avoid painful infections along the way. Dry your feet with soft and clean dry towel afterward.

You could also scrub your feet by using the pumice stone. The pumice stone will help in removing dead skin and minimize the areas which are already hardened. You should also take note that this might be painful to do. But nevertheless, as long as you prevent dry skin then it is worth it.

In order to soften the skin, soak your feet with lemon juice. You can do this once a week for 10 minutes. You could also use honey and milk.

It is advisable for you to stay hydrated always, drink plenty of water. Avoid caffeine and alcohol, which can be the reason that will dry your skin. Remember that our body needs to have eight glasses of water every day.

When to See a Podiatrist?

When things are already in havoc with your feet, then maybe you should warrant yourself a visit to the nearest Podiatrist.

Immediately see your podiatrist when you are having dry, cracked feet and you are a diabetic. Also, be careful to those who have impaired circulation, autoimmune disorder or those who suffer from skin conditions. To those who already tried the natural remedies yet does not treat the crack on your feet then you should visit your podiatrist to get the necessary help needed. They might give you ointments and antibacterial to heal your feet.

We need to include our feet in our daily skin care to make them completely soft and healthy-looking. Humans are so obsessed with appearances that we need to be sure that we are going to be afraid to wear a sandal or slippers. Thus, trying the home remedies provided above are advisable.

Take note that when your cracked heels already improved and healed, then you should maintain and prevent it from happening again. This will require you to have these things with you in your house: moisturizing lotion, petroleum jelly, soft cotton socks, vegetable oil, antibacterial soap, soft towel, pumice stone and lemon juice. In order to be beautiful, soft and healthy looking then do your part and start taking care of your skin and feet.

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