How to Prevent Athlete’s Foot?

Blistering and scaling feet?

You might be suffering from Athlete’s Foot. It’s a common disorder on the feet characterized by itching, fissures of the toe webs, and blistering on the soles. It’s undeniably an awful foot condition so you must know how to prevent Athlete’s Foot. Read on to know more. 

Wash your Feet

The best way to prevent Athlete’s Foot is to simply maintain a healthy hygienic routine. When you take a shower, always ensure that you’re able to tackle your feet. Most people tend to ignore washing their feet and only manage to clean the upper body portion.

So next time, make sure that you’re able to lather soap into your feet and clean it well, especially the gaps between the toes.

Use antimicrobial soap

When taking a bath or simply washing your feet, always see to it that you’re using antibacterial soap. It would be simply useless to wash your feet if the soap is not antimicrobial in the first place. There are a lot of soaps that are designed for merely improving the skin’s shade and color; not exactly clean them

Dry your feet

Now, this is something that a lot of people miss – drying their feet. If it’s your hobby to wear socks and shoes while your feet are still wet, then you’re actually doing it wrong.

Even if your feet are in its cleanest state after you take a bath, bacteria will still thrive and grow when you wear your socks and shoes without drying your feet first.

Know that fungi and bacteria live in moisture so the inability to dry your feet is actually an act of welcoming Athlete’s Foot into your feet.

What you have to do is thoroughly wipe your feet with a clean cloth – not a shared towel. A more effective way is to use a hair dryer to dry your feet.

Keep your feet dry

After making your feet dry, strive to keep them so. You can do this by avoiding surfaces that can potentially make your feet wet. This includes avoiding walking on mud, floods, and virtually everywhere with water.

Do not walk barefoot

An effective way on how to prevent Athlete’s foot is to never walk barefoot. This is especially important for people who always go to public areas with common or shared rooms/facilities. Remember that the fungus that can cause athlete’s foot is primarily on the floor.

The safest thing to do is to wear your own sandals, flip-flops, or even shoes when walking around hotel rooms, and gyms. NEVER walk barefoot around pools and importantly on locker areas and common shower rooms.

Wear breathable shoes

Do not wear shoes that make you feel like your feet are choking. Here’s a checklist of good shoes:

  • They fit pretty well
  • It doesn’t make your feet feel isolated
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Made of breathable materials
  • Well-ventilated

Since we’re talking about shoes, make sure that you’re able to wear ideal socks too. Socks and shoes must work in coalesce in giving your feet the comfort and hygiene they deserve. Here’s a checklist of great socks:

  • They keep your feet dry
  • Made of natural fabrics
  • Made of material that quickly dries
  • Composed of materials that wick moisture away

Wear different shoes and socks

Wearing the same shoes and socks again and again – this is another common mistake that most people do. Do NOT use the same shoes or socks on a consecutive basis. Alternate using is the key.

  • When it comes to socks, it’s enough to use them once and then send them to laundry after.
  • Strictly follow the rule of only one (1) pair of socks every day!
  • When it comes to shoes, only use them today, then use another pair the next day.
  • Make sure the shoes are DRY before putting them on. If wet or moisturized, use another pair.

When you’re able to follow this guideline, you’re able to deliberately put yourself on the safe side.

Do not share

It might seem selfish at first but another effective way to prevent having Athlete’s Foot is to never share your belongings with someone who potentially has the fungus. Do NOT share your socks, shoes, linens, towels, and clothes.

Use powder

If you have naturally sweaty feet, it’s ideal to purchase a powder designed to keep your feet dry. There are also antifungal powder and power sprays available. You just have to choose something that is compatible and comfortable for you to use.

Who can be affected by Athlete’s Foot?

Despite its name, Athlete’s Foot can also occur in people who are not active in sports. Simply put, a normal person like you can suffer from this annoying condition. You can acquire the fungal infection if you are not able to follow some preventative measures – which are all listed above.

If you suspect you have progressing symptoms, you might want to start using the best Athletes Foot Cream.


There you have it. Athlete’s foot may be one of the most common feet problems but it’s actually pretty easy to keep it at bay. The first step is the awareness of how to prevent Athlete’s foot. You simply have to follow the guideline above, maintain these habits, and make it part of your daily routine. Sooner you will live a life free from Athlete’s foot!

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