ASICS Shoes for Flat Feet, GEL-Kayano Running Shoes Review

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Running is a great way to reduce stress and stay fit. To be able to have that relaxing undisturbed run you might want to select a great running shoe for your flat feet. ASICS Gel-Kayano Running Shoes is an ideal kick in terms of achieving support, motion control, and stability. This ASICS Shoes for Flat Feet, Gel-Kayano Running Shoes Review provides further information to upgrade your lifestyle with longer runs.

Benefits of Using ASICS Shoes for Flat Feet

Supports Mild to Severe Overpronation

Gel-Kayano Running Shoe retained its standard offset of 10mm. This will be a comfortable shoe for mild to severe pronation due to its support system. In addition, it is ideal for flat feet users because this controls and lessens the movement.

Gel Cushioning System on the Heel and Forefoot

The ASIC Running Shoe Gel-Kayano is designed with Gel Cushioning System. It will assist your heel and forefoot with a ground impact that is much softer and smoother for your flat feet.

Comfortable Rubber Sole

ASICS Shoe again offers its ASICS High Abrasion Rubber (AHAR) providing you the comfort and smooth transition around your flat feet. The sole is also stable and firm which is responsive and offers support from heel to toe.

Guidance System for Support

This system is made to deliver balance and alignment towards the foot. This is the best feature for flat-footed people because the ASICS shoe has a guiding system that perfectly aligns the feet. Further, this one has motion control ability that keeps the feet tightened, giving more efficient runs.

FluidRide bounce-back cushioning

The cushioning is well-made to support the heel and the forefoot. This will give a much lighter and smoother feel due to the bounceback system making this perfect as a running shoe for flat feet users.

FluidFit Mesh upper

ASICS made changes on the upper segment of the shoe while still keeping the comfort factor. The upper of the Gel-Kayano shoe is now made with seamless mesh. This improved upper is now made adaptive and able to fit the structure of your feet.

Heel clutching Secure Locked system

ASICS Gel-Kayano Running Shoe will secure your flat-feet with heel clutching features. This is heel-fit securing the feet for longer and better runs.

FAQs about ASICS Shoes for Flat Feet

Is this the best running shoe for flat feet users?

The ideal product for flat feet users is literally the kind of shoes that will give support, motion control, and a lock system. This is all offered by the ASICS Gel-Kayano Running Shoe, making this product a perfect match for your flat feet.

How do you take care of your Gel-Kayano Shoes?

To properly clean your ASICS shoes, you must remove the insole and wash them separately with your shoe. Dry the shoe naturally and do not put your pair on the radiator.

What Users Like About ASICS Shoes for Flat Feet

ASICS is a brand widely known for its wonderful running shoes that comes with a great support system plus providing extreme comfort. Here are what users think about the ASICS Gel-Kayano Running Shoes:

“These are amazing! For some reasons, I feel like ASIC only gets every other model right. I’m a big guy, about 6’4″ 225lbs and these are perfect. A big heel to help distribute my weight evenly as I lumber on the treadmill.”

“I would recommend this shoe. The shoe width is good. The shoe length is good. It is definitely a different feeling shoe if you alternate them like I do. The material over the toes is just a bit snug. It has not caused me any pain or discomfort. I don’t know if going up a half size would help or not because I did not try. Definitely would buy them again.”

What Users Didn’t Like About ASICS GEL-Kayano Running Shoes for Flat Feet (H2)

Despite the popularity of the ASICS Gel-Kayano running shoes, there are users who don’t like the seamless upper and the outer design.

“I have previous versions of this shoe and this one seems to be bare bones. Decent padding and comfort but the materials used seem very cheap.”


Flat feet will not be a problem no more because of the ASICS Gel-Kayano active-driven athletic shoes. Conveniently, these Gel-Kayano running shoes will provide a harmonious run and will keep the foot locked in its place. Now you can give yourself longer runs with extra stable and lightweight with this ASICS Shoes for flat feet.

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