Nike FS Lite Run 3 Review

Back in the recent decades, there’s not much variety on shoes produced by manufacturers. Shoe manufacturers are used to “one size fits all” system during those time.

As time passes by, there’s a radical shift regarding shoe design specifically for running lifestyles. “One size fits all” won’t work at all. Some have a wider forefoot, some have higher arches, some have foot-related conditions, and the list goes on about foot variety.

Varied runners have found an attractive choice. Nike FS Lite Run 3 seems to be comfortable and enjoyable for most runners. Thus, this review is made on a purpose especially if you’re seeking out for new running shoes. Assuredly, these running shoes is noteworthy!

Comfortable running shoes

Most users of Nike FS Lite Run 3 will surely agree if we will mark these shoes as comfortable shoes for your running needs. Thanks to its comfortable inner sleeve construction. Running comfort is brought to a higher level. While other shoes give foot pain and blisters, Nike FS Lite Run 3’s comfortable construction allows you to run without the need for socks.

If ever you have high arches, it’s time to say goodbye from shin splints and other foot-related pain with these running shoes! This is made possible with the designed thin soles and extra cushioning in the arch. Thin soles maintain the lightweight design yet horrifies some users on the possible foot-related effects. But because of the extra cushioning in the arch, it created a balanced mix to further foot support.

We know you yearn for comfortable running shoes. With Nike FS Lite Run 3, we assure you’ll get your comfort needs. Aside from comfort, there are more features to strike up and let you consider this running shoes. Keep reading on and be amazed at what this running shoes can offer for your running lifestyle.

The unique outsole

Nike has this so-called Waffle Outsole technology released in 1972. In just a glance, you will see a waffle pattern which is truly unique. Step on a fine-grained soil, and you’re leaving waffle patterns behind. Regardless of its physical attribution, waffle outsoles enhance the lightweight construction and traction of this running shoes. You will surely feel free as you do your run with a powerful grip towards any surface you step on.

The traction delivered by the waffle outsoles is more efficient when paired with hexagonal lugs. You will have a better running power with the multi-directional traction by such lugs.

Shocks are entirely present every time you land your foot on the ground. If your feet receives the shocks, you will surely experience foot-related pains. The waffle outsoles are advanced when it comes to attenuation of shocks with its Pressure Mapping. When you use this running shoes, your feet are protected from painful shocks.

More remarkable features are added with this outsoles. Running will be more flexible for you with the addition of flex grooves in the outsole design. Also, it has new rubber pods designed to interact with the midsoles which continuously provide proper cushioning for your feet. Lastly, the outsoles are designed with the right durability. More life span means more time for you to enjoy running with this shoes.

The remarkable midsole

Most running shoes can hardly offer both proper cushioning and responsiveness for runners. But this running shoes is designed with co-molded and dual-density midsoles to achieve a balanced cushioning and responsiveness. Thanks to Nike’s own Phylon foam. While it delivers proper responsiveness, it maintains the durability of the midsoles. This brings a proportional durability and lifespan with the outsoles of this shoes.

When your running shoes have a Phylon foam, it uses two EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) foams in one. This is the core reason why the midsoles of the running shoes are lightweight, flexible and adequately cushioned. You as a runner surely needs this features for your lifestyle. Lightweight shoes do not solely depend on the outsoles. The rest of the shoes must be lightly constructed as well.

Regarding midsole anatomy, the softer layer sits on top of the firmer foam. This stabilizes your use of this running shoes. With flexible midsoles, you enjoy more freedom on every step you deliver. Your natural movement is well-assisted and aided with this running shoes.

The exceptional uppers

If you worry a lot about moist and odor while using this shoes, this running shoes eradicates the problem. The uppers did not pass through a sewing machine – a typical machine used when manufacturing shoes. It is made with honeycomb mesh and welded overlays to improve the breathability brilliantly. While the uppers deliver the utmost comfort for your feet, this design ensures a snug fit for you.

This running shoes undergo Nike’s Hyperfuse construction to keep your feet cool and comfortable. Since the uppers did not pass through a sewing machine, it passes through a hot-melt process. You’ll expect supreme durability with this shoes. Now, that’s a promising proportional durability from the outsoles, midsoles, and the uppers. Also, Hyperfuse technology paves the way to constantly produce the lightweight attributes throughout the portions of this running shoes.

There are portions of your midfoot which are prone to heat especially on long duration of use. The Hyperfuse technology is specifically targeted on the high-heat midfoot zones. With Hyperfuse technology, this makes sockless running possible as what we mentioned a while ago.

Hyperfuse technology is introduced by Nike in 2010 as the answer for extreme wear and tears from previous shoes. The term is coined that way since it fuses three layers: one for stability, one for breathability, and one for durability. These are indeed important sets of features for your running lifestyle.

Breathe Tech design, which is coined by Nike, is integrated throughout the uppers of this running shoes: the mesh, the side panels, and the overlays. It is even integrated on the midsole foams too. Thus, your whole feet will surely enjoy a cool, dry fit through proper airflow. Airflow is especially targeted on the places of your feet that do not get the right amount of airflow from regular shoes.

To fully improve your stability and support, the critical areas of the insoles utilizes durable and synthetic leather.

Other noteworthy features

If you’re a Nike FS Lite Run 2 user, there’s a chance where you experienced laces becoming undone by its own. The problem is now solved with Nike FS Lite Run 3. These running shoes have a new set of laces with more texture. No more unexpected unlacing throughout your entire run as the bow holds more tightly in place.

Do not let your forefoot suffer in pain due to a restrictive tight toe box. This running shoe is designed with wider toe box to allow your toes to naturally splay regardless of your motion.

Possible critical issues

When we tried to wash up this running shoes, the uppers, unfortunately, became tighter. This is disappointing if you ordered just the right fit for you. Purchasing the next size may be too uncomfortable for your feet. We recommend you to still purchase the right size to enjoy the comfort of this running shoes optimally. Not all Nike FS Lite Run 3 users experience the same washing issue we had with this running shoes.

As a remedy, you may try to do hand wash only even if this running shoes is approved for machine washing. When hand washing, you may try not to soak it in water totally. Just clean the dirty parts of the shoes. Also, clean the insoles and shoelaces separately.

Some users have a problem with the shoe sizes. They received a half-size lower than the real size they ordered. We did not experience the same for the Nike FS Lite Run 3 we received. However, this might be an issue for you. This happens to most shoe manufacturers though. As a relief, there’s always a warranty tied when purchasing Nike products.

The arches may have been thoroughly supported. But because of the thin construction of soles, the heel part of the shoes is thin as well. Though we don’t totally find this as an issue, you may have a slight discomfort on first use especially when you are used to thick soles.

Review summary

While this running shoe exceeds our expectation when it comes to comfort, disadvantages may arise which may be critical on your part. Still your decision matters in the end. We find its disadvantages avoidable with caution on your part. All shoes need careful attention though.

There are no perfect running shoes – one will never be! But the best ones arise and outstands from time to time!


  • Remarkably comfortable
  • Lightweight construction on outsole, midsole, and uppers
  • Durable construction throughout the shoes
  • No need to use socks at all
  • Breathability throughout your feet
  • Minimalistic and stylish look
  • Flexible midsole (natural freedom of movement)
  • Multi-directional traction
  • Affordable


  • Sizing issues (possible factory defects)
  • Washing may tighten the uppers of this shoes
  • Thin soles may give you slight discomfort on first use


If there’s one area where Nike FS Lite Run 3 exceeds, it is comfortability. Besides, more features are offered by this powerful running shoes. Reliable running shoes must be able to give you the utmost comfort, proper support, excellent traction, and natural freedom of movement. Nike FS Lite Run 3 will surely be your helpful running buddy. Disadvantages may arise, but you must not worry about it. There’s always a solution to every issue. What matters most is you deserve the best shoes for your running lifestyle!

Thanks for reading this review! It’s time to leave more waffle patterns behind!

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