Best Tennis Shoes For Nurses: Help You Tackle Long Shifts

As a nurse, you are on your feet for long hours, and you need a comfortable pair of shoes to get you through your shift. Tennis shoes are a great option for nurses, as they are comfortable and affordable. There are a variety of tennis shoes on the market, so you can find a pair that suits your needs.

Best Tennis Shoes For Nurses For Long Shifts

The Top 10 Tennis Shoes For Nurses That Will Keep You Comfortable On Your Feet All Day Long!

Nurses are on their feet for long hours, so comfortable shoes are a necessity. These are the five best tennis shoes for nurses, based on comfort, support, and style.

1. K-swiss women’s tubes run 100

This tennis shoe is good in any attire but can be perfect for nurses. It has known flexibility, shock absorption, and cushioning that can give you all-day comfort with your twelve-hour shift. The color for this type of shoe comes in many variations. For nurses, you don’t need to tie up your shoe laces every time because K-Swiss have their laces stay tied.

The shoe features AOSTA II outsole that provides maximum grip when rounding corners and shifting to a stop abruptly. This means that the outsole has excellent traction when you’re running on corridors that make it slip-resistant. The rubber made outsole assures you that.

Thanks to K-Eva midsole, your comfort when wearing this shoe is guaranteed. Along with the synthetic mesh material, you can have your feet well-ventilated and avoid sweaty feet for several hours. The shoe can give an additional height from the heel of about 1.5 inches.

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2. Skechers for work women’s soft stride-softie lace-up

This is an excellent choice for a nursing shoe because of the breathability it offers. This has an added feature that makes it like slip-ons. They can be worn by slipping in your feet fast, convenient for nurses who need to be up and about.

This Skechers for women come in black and white colors that really shows professionalism as a nurse when you do your rounds. The black color is said to be helpful in messy situations and the white for a clean look. Either way, since it’s made with hand-crafted leather, the cleanliness of your shoes can be well maintained since it’s stain-resistant.

Let us not forget that the requirement for a good nursing shoe is to be slip-resistant. Thankfully, this product from Skechers has that with its rubber outsole that provides you safe support. The rubber outsole will surely provide excellent traction when you instantly change directions as you go.

If it’s about overall support, this shoe will not forget to give you that without your shoe being deformed. It mainly conforms to your feet as you wear it more often and it has a malleable part that makes the shoe soft and comfortable. It has an insole that is of molded phylon that specializes support. The shoe can be perfect for women with a high arch, and the padded tongue and collar makes it breathable.

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3. Asics women’s gel-game point tennis shoe

Asics is a brand of tennis shoes that is on point for female nurses in providing their needed comfort and support that they must maintain throughout their shift. This color may come in both white and black.

From its name, it has gel cushioning system that absorbs shock from your foot when you run in corridors when in emergencies. It also provides support that can conform to your foot over time and be at your best possible fit.

Because the outsole is made of rubber, expect it to be slip-resistant and can guard you against accidental slips that may happen in your line of work. Its leather upper is designed to stain-resistant and easy to clean. With the combination of both rubber and leather, expect that this shoe is going to be lightweight and breathable!

Asics tennis shoe has what it takes to support the feet of a nurses to avoid back pain and foot problems. In fact, it has a rigid arch support, but you can still move freely. The shoe has extra padding added for women with larger feet and still prove to be comfortable.

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4. New balance women’s WX626 slip resistant cross-training shoe

New Balance is a known company that produces athletic shoes. But what makes shoes like these support a nurse’s job effectively to be on their feet all day long? In fact, New Balance has designs that are intended for nurses. The shoe boasts the leather upper for breathability, lightweight, and easy to clean features. While the outsole is rubber that guarantees slip resistance for a worker that is always fast. It can give excellent traction whenever you need it.

The insole is made of EVA foam that can offer maximum cushioning. Also, the midsole is an Imeva that is for support to your arch. Because of the internal shank, the stability of the shoe is optimal and can fit people with different foot conditions such as plantar fasciitis. The shoe is available in either black and white depending on how you want it.

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5. AKESSO versaLite lace

Akesso is a brand that has shoes for professionals, and nurses are part of that category. Its design is perfect for people who stand all day for even extended periods of time. Colors come in either black and white.

The upper is made of leather and like other nursing shoes are stain-resistant, even waterproof, making it easy to clean. The rubber outsoles are of course, slip-resistant that can provide superior traction when making fast movements and immediate change in directions.

The shoe has a reinforced toe and heel area for long-lasting life expectancy. The removable insoles are even twice the width of some commercial insoles. Don’t worry about feeling discomfort with this shoe because it has cushioning-features for the arch and heel, and has the capability of conforming to your feet to the best possible fit.

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6. Dansko men’s pro XP mule

This shoe is manufactured by the renowned Dansko that has been producing quality shoes for everyone including nurses for several years and counting. This particular model is a bestseller among the male nurses and some even said that they bought this one repeatedly when the previous pairs had reached its life span.

This pair of shoes can give a nurse the professional feel and a clean appearance. Its appearance is made out of premium leather that makes the shoes lightweight and easy to clean. When the material is leather, you can easily wipe off the dirt with a wet piece of cloth. The external appearance of this shoe is more impressive as the outsole is slip-resistant and can give you traction that you need to perform gracefully.

The internal of the shoe is made comfortable for the toes as the toe box is wide and you can freely move those toes when you feel stressed. It has a removable insole to insert your customized insole when you have a foot problem. And then, if you choose to stick with the stock insole, it is a memory foam footbed that stabilizes the orientation of your foot and cradles it for maximum comfort.

Don’t forget about the arch. Pro XP Mule has good arch support for comfort. The sockliner made of leather adds to the aesthetic and more on the breathability of this shoe. Equipped with certain materials that make this one a shock absorber, it is no wonder why male nurses consider this model above the others.

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7. Merrell men’s jungle moc pro grip slip-resistant work shoe

This one is another favorite and one of the bestselling shoes for male nurses. Wear this pair of shoes on a twelve-hour shift and you won’t feel fatigue at the end of your duty! That’s how Jungle Moc by Merrell works. It gives the male nurses the needed cushioning and support for an all-day comfort.

From its name, it is apparently known that this pair offers incredible slip resistance for shiny floors or wet floors. The Sure Grip outsole made of rubber makes it entirely possible. The design of the pattern found on the outside of the shoe is unique that keeps the liquids away. Not only that, but it provides superior traction to aid you in graceful maneuvers, and a gripping performance.

The leather material for the slip-ons is waterproof and like the previous product, you can easily clean off the dirt with a piece of wet cloth. For the color of this one, it’s only sold in black.

As for the inside of the shoe, Jungle Moc gives room to customized insoles for specific foot problems as the EVA footbed can be easily detached. For the stock footbed, it cushions your foot well for added comfort. The inside has friendly microbes that naturally discards bacteria that can cause bad odor on a smelling foot.

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8. KEEN utility men’s PTC slip on work shoe

One can’t deny the popularity of this pair of amazing shoes. It’s one of the shoes for male nurses that are instantly purchased for its good reputation over the years. This model is not limited to the male nurse but to every man in the working industry that must be quick on his feet. This pair is sold only in black and is considered by many to be the shoes that make them feel like walking on air.

The exterior of this model is made of leather that is of high-quality and at the same time water-resistant. The outsole is made of rubber and prevents any chances of slipping due to wet floors as its grip is very firm. Not only on water but this model resists oil too.

For the interior, the memory foam footbed that remembers how your foot is positioned inside of your shoe. This makes it easier to find your comfortable spot. Being a slip-on shoe, the nurse won’t have any problems of laces untying that may result to tripping because you just have to slip your feet in. This, in turn, helps avoid the hazard that nurses might face due to their fast-paced environment.

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9. Timberland PRO women’s renova PROfessional slip-on clog

Comes in leather with a rubber sole and leather, the Timberland Professional Women’s Renova Slip-on is an ideal choice for any nurse seeking a comfy pair without sacrificing the certified-nurse look. You’ll have the professional impression thanks to its leather material, while the rubber soles take comfort and grip to the next level.

One thing you’ll surely like about these shoes is the cushion your foot indulges with every step. You’ll also look taller due to the heel platform that stands 1.5 inches off the ground. The cushion mentioned just a while ago sits on the platform at the front of the shoes which is actually 0.75 inches above the ground. Together, they make every walk comfy and at the same time, adds a little perspective enhancer because you’ll look taller.

The heel and platform work together to bring you the ‘magic’ of the special SafeGrip slip-resistant technology – a specialized rubber that could bring stability at all times even when moving on the wet ground.

The footbed alone is something the shoes could boast about. The footbed features a Bi-Fit Tridensity chassis, along with cushioned interior and a wide toe box. The Bi-Fit Tridensity footbed chassis provides triple benefits, hence Tridensity. The cradled heel provides support to the back of the foot; and the cushion takes care of the foot front.

If you are a nurse who tends to stand for extended periods, the anti-fatigue technology of Timberland is a remarkable aspect of this shoes – provides you a comfy support while standing and walking around. What makes this feature even more likable is the fact that the comfort you feel doesn’t only limit to the footbed but also goes all the way to the back through the hips, knees, ankles, from the origin.

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10. Skechers for work women’s soft stride-softie shoes

This may doesn’t look like nurse shoes but it definitely functions like one. Coming from a reputable brand, the Skechers Soft Stride-Softie Shoes for Women offers a unique kind of impact that is unlike any other nurse shoe on the market. It gives the wearer a distinct sporty looking footwear that comes with a robust lace-up design.

These shoes also offer support not just in the local foot area but also goes up to your ankles. The lace up feature may not sound like too exciting for you, given that you’re looking for something more convenient like those shoes that don’t need to be laced up. However, these model features a pull tab – the solution to the convenience you seek. You can consider the lace as an immediate attraction to the shoes, that without it, the shoes wouldn’t look as sporty as it’s supposed to be.

For nurses who spend most of their time on duty by standing, these model gladly offers more comfort options like perforations for breathability; a padded tongue; and of course, it’s lightweight.

The exterior is made of durable leather material. Despite being durable, the shoe tends to be soft and flexible; ideal for any nurse out there. What makes this model even more appealing to female nurses are the color options – white for standard hospital rules and black for an elegantly yet sporty look that easily blends with your uniform.

The sporty essence of this model doesn’t just go to the looks but also goes to its functionality. An athletic cushion cradles your feet with every step it takes while the slip-resistant outsole promises stability when you’re moving around the hospital. The athletic cushion alone is similar to the features of the shoes worn by actual professional athletes; now you can enjoy this feature in the form of nurse shoes, making this model a state of the art.

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Things you need to look for when buying a tennis shoe.

As a nurse, you are on your feet for long hours at a time. This can take a toll on your feet, legs, and back if you are not wearing the proper footwear. Tennis shoes for nurses are designed to provide support and comfort for those long hours on your feet. Here are a few things to look for when purchasing tennis shoes for nurses:

  1. Support – Look for tennis shoes that offer support for your feet, ankles, and legs. This will help to prevent injuries and provide you with the comfort you need to get through your shift.
  2. Slip-Resistance – It is important that your tennis shoes have a good grip to prevent slips and falls. This is especially important if you work in a hospital or other medical setting where spills are common.
  3. Breathability – Be sure to choose tennis shoes that are breathable to keep your feet cool and dry. This is important to prevent foot fungus and other problems.
  4. Durability – You want your tennis shoes to last, so be sure to choose a pair that is well-made and durable.
  5. Comfort – Finally, comfort is key! Be sure to try on your tennis shoes before you purchase to ensure they are comfortable for you to wear.

Tennis shoes for nurses come in a variety of styles, so be sure to choose a pair that meets your needs. With the proper footwear, you can stay comfortable and supported during your long shifts.

Bottom line

Tennis shoes are a versatile and comfortable option for nurses. They offer support and stability while you are on your feet all day, and they can be easily dressed up or down to suit your needs. Whether you are looking for a new pair of shoes for work or for play, tennis shoes are a great choice for nurses.

These are the best 10 tennis shoes for nurses because they are comfortable, stylish, and affordable. They are also great for long shifts and for walking or running on your break.

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