Nike Men’s LunarGlide 8 – Nike Walking Shoes for Flat Feet

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Looking for the best shoes for walking and running?

The Nike Men’s LunarGlide 8 is a phenomenal cushioned trainer. It’s versatile, durable, and lightweight.

Nike is undeniably one of the most popular shoe designers and manufacturers of all time. The brand even dominates the clothing and sports equipment industry. One of their footwear pride is the Nike Men’s LunarGlide 8 which easily stands out in the competition.

Read on to know more about this Nike walking shoes for flat feet.

Advantages of Using Nike Men’s LunarGlide 8


Multiple layers of lightweight and protective materials compose the upper segment. They are structured in such a way the shoe seems to hug your feet in place. The Flyknit and FlyWire materials play a significant role in giving the runner’s feet excellent comfort in the upper segment alone.

The upper portion is so light that you’ll feel like you’re just wearing your comfortable socks – with some foam on the heels. Further, this LunarGlide version is crafted with updated mesh design around the forefoot – something you can’t see on the previous models.


The midsole of this version is another aspect that is a level higher than the preceding models of LunarGlide. Impressively, this LunarGlide 8 is functionally different than its predecessors.

Nike uses laser technology to etch the grooves into the midsole. This is the secret to Nike’s dynamic support system embedded into this particular running shoes. The LunarGlide 8 is enhanced with a greater degree of cushioning and responsiveness.


Even the outsole is precision-engineered with laser technology to provide accurate cushioning and support to the desired degree. These prominent laser cuts give the shoes significant flexibility.

The LunarGlide 8 comes with a distinct outsole pattern crafted with a durable rubber that is softer than prior models. You can expect to notice the extra cushion when you walk or run, even as a flat-footed person.

FAQs About Nike Men’s LunarGlide 8

Is the tongue attached?

Yes. The tongue is attached but not to the extent that it goes all the way to the shoe’s opening. You don’t have to worry about the tongue annoyingly moving to the side.

Is this a men’s or a women’s? There seems to be a confusion in the description.

To clarify things up, this particular model is a Men’s shoes. You can ignore any description that says women’s when you open the Amazon link.

If I wear a size 11 in Asics, what size should I order when I want this Nike?

The seller would suggest going for the same size.

What Users like about the shoes

One user reported how the shoes treated her husband’s ankle pain –

“My husband has ankle issues from his feet trying to turn on one side. Well, my husband loves these Nike! He walks for two (2) miles a day and has been using this for a month now. Fortunately, he feels NO more ankle pain. No signs of wear on the shoes either – – all his previous shoes were wearing really on that one side. Now he feels so much better with this one.”

Another user expressed how he likes these shoes for various classes at the gym –

“This is the third pair I’ve owned over the years. Perfect fit! I wear them for Zumba and circuit training and have no issues. Also, if you are a neutral gait runner these lightweight shoes are perfect for you.”

What Users didn’t like about the shoes

Most upset reactions may root from the fact people order the wrong size. There are some users who reported –

“The soles felt like they would have good support if they were wide enough for my feet. I had to return because they were too narrow.”


Nike rarely disappoints. The LunarGlide 8 is a testament to the brand’s excellence and competence in the industry. This Nike makes a great walking and running shoes for flat feet.

It’s appealing to the eyes and at the same time, effectively gives proper breathability, support, and comfort. The shoes are stable and lightweight, making it an ideal shoes for running.

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