How To Prepare Shoes For A Date?

Hello, gentlemen! How many times have you thought that your shoes are a little bit messy? Do you know that women pay attention to your footwear even more frequently than they do to clothes? There is nothing tackier and more provincial than having an expensive Nike suit or a dressy preppy shirt and nice jeans with terrible cheap shoes. But sometimes we have no time for that recovery. We all use public transport, walk miles to the place of job and get people stepping on our shoes in the line. Sometimes we may go outside with perfect sneakers and return home all messy and dirty. How to prevent that stuff and always keep your shoes clean before an important date?

Take care of your shoes

The easiest piece of advice is not to kick rubbish that lays on the pavement. Just stop touching small rocks, cans, and playing imaginary football with random stuff. Yes, your shoes are cool, fashionable and trusty, but leather and other ecological material are so easily scraped that you don’t want to pay 50-100 $ for a cheap looking pair of shoes. When you watch your footwear and prevent it from damage, it will serve you years and years longer and always look brand new. 

Brush your shoes

Not yourself. Although, do not forget to wash them and polish them with cream. We’re talking about dry cleaning shoes. Yes, the dry cleaning is not only for clothes. The procedure is carried out manually using special equipment. Of course, this is not thirties in the US, a boy in the streets won’t kneel to hand brush your shoes like in old-school movies, so hand them in the service separately from your feet.

Update the color

Did you know that you can not only refresh shoes with the same paint that were manufactured, but also paint on a new color? You might think what this mess is for; it’s easier to buy new shoes. Well, maybe it’s easier for you, but someone likes the shoes, they have been walking for ten years in the shoes and that are not restocked. A man can get used to shoes so much that the option to buy something else is not even considered. To update the look, which even after a year of neat wearing becomes unattractive, you can order a painting service. Tired of color? Try any other choice.

Set the stick-on sole

The rolls or stick-on soles are those plates that are attached to the sole of the shoe and protect it from cracking, chipping, and penetration of objects into the shoe. In short, with the rolls, the risk that a rusty nail will stick to your foot will decrease. You can choose simple rolls and the one with a protector. The second roll is interesting because it reduces the likelihood of getting the shoe wet from the ice and rain, which is especially important if you do not live in the eternal summer, and sometimes you have winter in the city. Man, wet shoes suck!

Choose high-end shoes

Yes, you can stick to Wallmart and TJ Max and there is nothing bad in being on a budget, but a gentleman always has to keep an extra pair of especially nice shoes, for that unique occasion! Even if you are online dating and you have nowhere to wear them, keep the shoe ready for that wedding day!

High-end shoes are always more expensive (duh), they feel lighter, because thin leather is not heavy, with nice laces and good stitching.

Avoid Abibas

There is nothing worse than off-brand snickers! Don’t be ridiculous and invest in a good expensive shoe that will serve you forever!

Pamela Couch

I am a designer, shoe-obsessed lifestyle expert, and founder of, a shoe boutique located in Downtown Atlanta. I love shoes and I love being able to share my passion for them with others.