How To Deodorize Shoes?

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Hygiene becomes a basis of how people see you. Being clean and fresh is a plus one. Though, underarm is not the only part in our body that needs to be neutralized expect no less our shoes needs maintenance too.

1.) Odor neutralizer

Like any other armpit deodorize you can buy shoe deodorize anywhere. There are a lot of similar stuffs in the mall that works as an odor eater. Shoes perfume are very effective and works in longer term. Some people use perfumes to mask the odor but shoe spray works even well. It will eradicate the stink a hundred percent.

2.) Tea in a shoe

If you are about to throw your used teabag, well think twice. Dry the clean teabags and put it inside the shoe. The teabags are guaranteed to be a good moisture absorbers, you will have the results overnight. The smell of the natural scent of the tea really works well. Be reminded that dry and clean tea bags must be put. Make sure it is extremely dry, for some left wet parts may leave a stain in your shoe which is unwanted.

3.) Alcohol spray

Alcohol is a well-known agent that can exterminate variety of microorganism. Those microorganism may be the reason why you have those stinky smell lingering in your shoe. Spray some alcohol and hit the right spots. Later expect the stench being swiftly low in number.

(Test the alcohol first use at least 60 percent solution. Some shoe are color fast and is very sensitive. You do not want red becomes light pink,)

4.) Baby wipes

Baby wipes is not for baby’s doodie only. If you do not want to be bothered getting cloth and spraying air freshener in it. Simply get a baby wipes and wrap it around the shoe. It works well when you are in a hurry an hour can temporarily kick the odor.

While wrapping it with wet wipes make sure to put dryer sheet inside it and where it mostly have sweat. The dryer sheet somehow helps to soak the odor away from your shoe. Making it fresh when you wear it.

5.) Hit the spot

Before randomly applying the spray and putting them all over. Investigate why your shoe is excreting this problem. Regular check-up is a good maintenance, look for humid areas and treat them. If the insoles are broken change them or wash it for the greater good. It is also a good advice to change insoles that specializes the stop of the bacteria growth.

Whenever you see where the cause of the smell comes from it might be easier for you to get rid of it and commence the action of cleaning and neutralizing it.

6.) Position them well

Deodorizing the shoe does not mean variety of sprays needed it means how to properly do it. In drying the shoe make sure it is heated well or in a sunny area for it to receive proper dry up. The action of not drying it up correctly is one of the reason why your shoe does not smell good. Keeping the insides humid can cause bacteria growth that is now what these odors are.

In drying make sure the tongue of the shoe are lift up and the laces are untie and is taken out. The idea of it being dry keeps those bacteria away.

7.) Freeze it to death

While you may not believe this but putting your shoe in a bag and placing it in the fridge can kill the odor away. It is a good method and a must try.

Remember to use a zip-it bag to keep the smell form the shoe away from the other food in the fridge.

Like the method of freezing your newly bought fish to prevent it from decay. Freezing shoes also kills microorganism causing the odor.

8.) Anti’s

Anti-fungal powder works in these. Making your shoes clean and your feet is a win-win place. Anti- fungal powder can be bought in any convenience and drug stores. Accessible and useful it is.

Anti-fungal powder are used in people who have a disease called athletes foot. This disease is a cause by having bad foot odor and stinky shoes. Thus, remember it is also possible for one person to have smelly feet or shoes even without athlete’s foot. In conclusion, anti-fungal powder works with the eradication of that bad odor you have in your shoes.

In different circumstances, if you have athlete’s foot try using cream and tea-tree oil to fight fungus better. With a natural smelling you can contest the disease.

9.) Citrusy good

Lemon and orange are known citrus that appeals to be good in smell. Fresh peeled citrus fruit are great in this situation. The essential oils and the scent it produce leaves a mark of freshness.

In order to do this method, simple peel the skin and put it in the shoe overnight. This should make your shoe smell a lot better. Make sure not to wear you shoe while the skin is inside.

10.) Lavender oil on the go

Lavender is recognized by its scent that is so anticipated. A drop or two from the lavender oil will serve as a good element. The fragrance and the anti-bacterial properties it have creates a very good impact in freshening your shoes. A perfect solution for the problem.

11.) Caffeine it!

Coffee has this strong aroma that lingers in your nose. Fight shoe odor right away by sprinkling some of your leftovers in your shoe. The aroma helps you combat the odor and eradicate them by just hours.

Friendly reminder: do not intend to use powdered coffee for it can leave you shoes damp and make you suffer with a stain in it. Coffee ground is a good option for this method. If you insist using powdered coffee make sure to put it into something and not directly putting it inside the shoe. A small bowl would be fine or a piece of paper (make sure no one touches it)

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