Best Compression Socks for Nurses: Comfortable, Affordable!

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Being a nurse requires you to stand on your feet whether you’re on a day or night shift. Standing-based jobs are actually more difficult than you could imagine, especially if it’s your first time on the work. You will always rove around the hospital doing your assigned routines from checking patients to assisting doctors when necessary.

This is why comfort must be your priority for you to do your job more efficiently. The use of the best compression socks for nurses is an essential addition to your starter pack. Compression socks are specially designed to maintain and increase your blood flow and circulation, consequently giving you less-to-no pain in the legs. Apart from that, you will also experience reduced swelling which is quite common when a person stands on his feet all day.

Best Compression Socks for Nurses

Compression socks are often worn by runners and other active athletes for them to recover or mend leg issues and other conditions. These socks can also be used by ordinary employees or any person who spends their time standing or walking for extended hours.

Are Compression Socks Good For Nurses?

Compression socks are good for nurses for a few reasons. First, they can help to improve circulation and reduce swelling in the feet and legs. This can be especially helpful for nurses who are on their feet all day. Additionally, compression socks can help to reduce the risk of blood clots and other problems associated with poor circulation. Finally, compression socks can help to keep the feet and legs warm, which can be important for nurses who work in cold environments.

Why Are Compression Socks Good For Nurses?

Compression socks are beneficial for nurses for a few reasons.

First, they help to improve circulation by providing gentle compression to the legs and feet. This can help to reduce swelling and fatigue, and can also help to prevent varicose veins.

Additionally, compression socks can help to keep the legs and feet warm, which is important for nurses who are on their feet for long periods of time.

Finally, compression socks can help to reduce the risk of developing deep vein thrombosis (DVT), which is a serious condition that can occur when blood clots form in the veins.

Why Should You Wear Compression Socks As A Nurse?

As a nurse, wearing compression socks will actually increase your productivity and make you experience less discomfort as you do your job throughout the day.

Apart from regulating blood flow and circulation, these socks can also manage your muscle fibers, helping you prevent venous disorders and varicose veins. If you are already experiencing swelling and varicose veins, it is still advisable for you to switch from regular socks to compression socks. The latter is better than the former because it could let oxygen flow in the lower part of your body without disturbances by pressurizing your legs, feet, and ankles.

Compression socks can also help you with your Lymphedema, sore muscles, and venous ulcers if you have any.

Top 10 Compressions Socks For Nurses In 2022

As a nurse, you are on your feet for long hours, which can lead to tired, achy feet and legs. Compression socks can help to improve circulation and reduce swelling. They can also help to prevent varicose veins and deep vein thrombosis. Nurses need to be comfortable and have the right supplies to do their job well. Here are the 10 best compression socks for nurses, based on comfort, fit, and effectiveness.

1. Compression Socks For Men And Women By Physix Gear Sport

Compression socks by Physix Gear are famous among users and even got high ratings on amazon.

Compression socks by Physix Gear sport are quality stitched and easy-to-wear compression socks. It is designed for durability even in how many times you washed it, the compression is still there to keep your muscles toned and well.

The double-stitched fabric on these compression socks is also anti-bacterial. The compression is located in parts where the weakest points are; the toe, heel, foot, and calves.

These compression socks are made of lycra fabric that is designed and proven for its durability plus easy to pull down without slipping on your legs on its non-slip fabric. These are carefully made to keep in place and will not rub nor rip together.

Purchase this sock at

These compression socks can be worn every day even day and night. It is a great relief if you are suffering from venous disorders such as varicose veins and other leg swelling problems.

Other than preventing you from having venous disorders it can also help you prevent blood clots if you have gone through some surgery.

It has moisturizing properties that rapidly dries out your sweat in a few hours if you are doing some extreme workouts. It can also be used in extreme conditions and weather which is perfect for races, long runs, and working on your feet all day long.

I recommend this because it has a money-back guarantee if you find these compression socks worn, cut, and rip out which is really convenient for customers. They have customer service representatives that will keep in touch with you through emails and messages that will follow up and ask you how was the product and all.

Aside from its quality materials, it has a variety of fashionable looks and colors you can choose from.


  • Will not rub nor rip together
  • Non-slip Fabric
  • It has a variety of colors and designs


  • Others find it so tight

2. Wanderlust Air Travel Compression Socks

Wanderlust line just recently launched their new travel Compression socks. Unlike other compression socks which are designed for working feet and legs all day, Wanderlust travel compression is designed for those feet who have been inactive for a long time.

These compression socks are ideal for nurses who are sitting and working in offices or doing a lot of medical reports. It is not only for nurses but also suitable for people who have long flights that tend to sit and be inactive for a couple of hours.

Prolonged physical inactivity that will take periods of time can cause issues and problems on your feet and legs in due time. Common problems that may develop due to physical inactivity is what you called deep vein thrombosis or DVT.

DVT occurs when the normal circulation of the blood slows down due to inactivity and the slow-moving blood can complicate other parts of your system. It can cause clots in your veins which can lead to a worst-case scenario stroke.

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According to the report published by National Services in the UK DVT can develop a pulmonary embolism and it can be fatal. So wanderlust created a compression sock that will prevent these things from happening.

I recommend these compression socks because they are promoting proper circulation of the blood flow throughout your body even if you are just sitting and inactive for a long period of time. The design is ISO 13485 certified which is an international award for medical devices.

The quality of its materials and compression was tested using advanced systems to ensure beneficial results to the consumers rather than complications. It has also anti-embolism which is designed to compress your legs perfectly with no rolling, deep marks, or constricting.


  • Preventing you from having deep vein thrombosis or DVT
  • ISO 13485 certified


  • It won’t last long after a couple of hand washes

3. Sockwell Women’s Circulator Moderate Compression Socks

Sockwell provides all kinds of socks in the market. These compression socks provide compression, particularly on the lower legs that will help circulate the blood, boosting the oxygen so that it can deliver the nutrient supply faster throughout your body.

Though it provides you the compression and tightness you wanted on your lower legs, the toe is seamlessly comfortable and provides you non grinding fit.

What I like about and will recommend Sockwell Women’s Circulator is that it offers 3 ranges of tightness when it comes to your desired preferences of compression. It offers 15-20mmHg and 20-30mmHg any way you wanted it to be. This will provide a variety of choices for consumers depending on what kind of fit and compression they want.

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The 15-20mmHg offers compression that is suitable for all-day wear even when you are sitting, traveling, and into training, while the 20-30mmHg tightness is when you want to speed up muscle recovery due to swelling and other veinous issues and problems.

The fabric is made from 31% bamboo, 32%wool, 32% nylon, and 5% spandex, materials that provide you the thickness you wanted for a more sock feeling. These socks are durable with moisture management, thermoregulation, and odor control systems.


  • Variety of ranges on tightness and compression


  • The materials used are heavy that making it uncomfortable on the skin

4. Nurse Mates Women’s Compression Trouser Socks

If you are looking for stylish, fashionable, and colorful compression socks that will help you in pain and in swelling but also not tight on the budget, then Nurse Mates Women’s Compression trouser socks are just right for you.

It is perfect for those long night shifts, will stay in place, will offer the right amount of compression plus it is very comfortable and easy to wear.

Purchase this sock at

Its 12-14mmHg graduated compression is not bad for the comfortable toe to legs area. Its Ultra-soft microfiber materials ensure comfort among users all day long.

I recommend Nurse Mates Women’s Compression Trouser Socks for nurses for it is a lightweight compression sock that offers you a variety of colors, and fun and unique EKG designs that will suit your uniform perfectly. It relieves stress and swelling on your lower leg due to working on your feet all day long.


  • It is cheap than other brands


  • It May is not suitable for people who wanted a tighter compression

5. Vitalsox Italy – Patented Graduated Compression VT1211

Vitalsox Graduated Compression Socks are famous for athletes’ use and endorsement. Giving the assurance and confidence that these socks will really be beneficial among consumers.

These compression socks are made with 70% silver drystat. These are silver ions that reduces bacteria growth such as fungi and odor-causing elements. Not just your feet will be avoided from bad bacteria but also it will ensure comfortability and overall wellness.

Athletes recommend Vitalsiox Graduated compression socks because aside from boosting up your blood so that it can circulate properly, it increases oxygenated blood to you damaged and problematic tissues and areas by up to 40% faster recovery time, and that is why these compression socks have made it to our list of best compression socks for nurses.

Purchase this sock at

Made with the finest yet most durable materials, you will not feel like you are wearing compression socks but rather it feels like it is your second skin.

Aside from helping athletes to recover muscle issues, these also help our nurses to prevent forming varicose on their legs and help you with your issue with cramps due to long shifts that require footwork most of the time.

These compression socks are made in Italy ensuring you quality textiles and materials designed by scientists to optimize your foot well. It is also suitable for extreme sports providing you with graduated compression that absorbs impact in high-pressure points and areas, preventing blisters and other roll-ups.


  • Up to 40% faster recovery time
  • Made in Italy


  • Hard to put on

6. Compression Socks for Men and Women by A-swift

These Compression Socks by A-Swift have a graduated compression of 20-30mmHg for faster recovery and better blood circulation, the compression that is from the ankle moving and decreases up to the leg.

Better circulation of your blood can help you reduce the build-up of lactic acid and helps muscle recovery due to fresh blood circulation that sends up nutrients to your hungry muscles.

I recommend these compression socks by A-swift for their unique material. It has Silver Yarn anti-bacterial fabric that not just help you get bad bacterias as you sweat but also helps regulate the temperature of your surroundings, when it’s cold it keeps you warm and when it’s warm it makes you cool, makes it more suitable for nurses who are working on offices or in the field.

Purchase this sock at

Continuous usage of these compression socks reduces your foot from swelling and cramping due to working on your feet all day which are common problems among nurses. It prevents and relieves shin splints, calf cramps, plantar fasciitis, blood pooling, and heel cup issues.

These compression socks come with a lifetime guarantee for whatever reason you have and they are gonna send your money back with no hassle.


  • Made in Silver Yarn Anti Bacterial Fabric that regulates the temperature of your surroundings
  • Lifetime Guaranteed money back


  • They can be too long for short-legged individuals

7. Sockwell Women’s Chevron Moderate Graduated Compression Socks

The Sockwell Women’s Chevron Compression Socks unlike the Sockwell Women’s Circulator Moderate Compression socks, these socks has a bit bigger sizes. This is ideal for nurses who have bigger legs and calves built up.

The same as the other one, Sockwell Chevron also has the feature of you can choose how tight your compression socks are, with the choices of 15-20mmHg or 20-30mmHg.

Purchase this sock at

Overall it is the same as the other Sockwell compression socks. Chevron has a light cushioning layer that will help you work on your feet for hours all day long comfortably, with no strains, swellings, pressures, and fatigue. Also, it has a knee-high length.


  • Has bigger sizes


  • Others might find the design off

8. Calf Compression Sleeve For Man And Women By Physix Gear Sport

Physix Gear is known for its quality-made compression socks, aside from having a different line of compression socks, they made sure that every product targets the concerns and issues the customers and consumers wanted to address.

The total comfort of smooth and soft fabric the moment you wear them, these compression socks are made of 20% Nylon Lycra and 80% Spandex. It has moisture-wicking components that make you comfortable all the way even during extreme workouts.

The shin compression sleeve is a breathable material and seamless design which frees users from irritation and discomfort. If the oxygenated blood regulates smoothly and faster throughout the body, people will not suffer from veinous problems and other feet issues. That is why the Physix Gear Calf compression sleeve helps you to regulate the blood faster.

Purchase this sock at

This is why it is suitable for nurses who run all the time if there are emergencies and check up on their patients all the time. Using this sleeve will help you get rid of cramps, and fatigue and prevent you from having varicose veins.

The 15-20mmHg compression helps you treat calf strains if you have any. The compression also supports muscle stabilization and reduces aches and pains, and injuries.

If for any reason you are not satisfied with their product they can give your money back without questions asked plus you can still keep the product with you.


  • Gives emphasis on muscle stabilization


  • It may be too thin for some users

9. Go2 Compression Socks For Women And Men

Go2 compression socks are designed for men and women. Aside from they help you with your blood circulation, they can also help you recover if you have any veinous issues.

It is suitable not just for nurses but also for runners, athletes, and more. These socks can be versatile in that they can wear in anything even when you are sleeping.

Purchase this sock at

These socks have an anti-bacterial and odor control system to provide you with long-lasting comfort.

Materials used can be washable providing you a much more convenient way to clean it.


  • You can wear them all day even when you are sleeping


  • It is short for some users

10. Travelsox TSS6000 The Original Patented Graduated Compression Socks

Travelsox TSS6000 The Original Patented Graduated Compression Socks feel like your second skin. It has graduated compression, unlike any other brand where the compression starts at the ankles, and the compression on travelsox begins on the foot.

The compression also varies on different lengths of the line for optimal blood circulation benefits. It has a 4-way stretch that perfectly fits on different calf measurements, and every pair of these compression socks are hand tested for better quality product and experience.

Purchase this sock at

I recommend these compression socks by travelsox because as a nurse you have a lot of things to think about, and your problems pertaining to your feet should not be counted. Travelsox will do its job to target certain points you wanted to heal and prevent.

Travelsox is exclusively produced in Italy and is hand-tested to ensure durability, comfortability, and effectiveness.

Aside from it being hand-tested, the product is infused with silver. Fowl smell or odor happens when sweat and bacteria come together, silver is commonly used now for medicinal purposes like preventing bacterial growth and wicking away moisture and sweat so your compression socks will remain odor-free.


  • Hand tested to ensure a quality product
  • The only patented compression


  • Hard to find in the market

What Does 20-30 Mmhg Compression Socks Mean?

The 20-30 mmHg compression socks provide a moderate level of compression that is effective in treating a variety of conditions, including edema, venous insufficiency, lymphedema, and deep vein thrombosis. The socks are also useful in preventing varicose veins and providing relief from foot and ankle swelling. The compression level is determined by the amount of pressure that is exerted on the foot and ankle.

Benefits Of Wearing Compression Socks For Nurses

There are a few benefits of wearing compression socks for nurses. One is that it can help reduce the risk of developing deep vein thrombosis, which is a condition where a blood clot forms in a deep vein. This is especially important for nurses who spend a lot of time on their feet. Another benefit is that it can help reduce swelling in the feet and legs, which can be a common problem for nurses. Compression socks can also help improve circulation, which can be beneficial for both the feet and legs.


Our feet are the farthest point from our heart, more reason that fresh blood takes long to circulate at the pressure points on our feet, and when you work too much on your feet, you cannot deny that you are prone to leg cramps, swelling, vascular issues, and other feet problems because your blood cannot circulate well.

That is why Compression socks are there to aid you. Compression socks offer to reduce these kinds of problems to happen, it helps regulate the blood flow and as a nurse it is your job to work on your feet all the time to follow up, check and run through emergencies on your patient.

Buying the right compression socks given a variety of choices in the market could be difficult, which is why we provided you with a list of the best compression socks for nurses. I hope it has been helpful for you, don’t hesitate to comment on our comment section below for your feedback and reviews. Thank you for reading.

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