Best Running Shoes for High Arches


Looking for the best isn’t easy. Sometimes what you thought is good enough, won’t actually live up to its promises. Worry no more! A perfect list for your search for the best shoes for high arches ends now.

Shoes are made to make life different and way better from what we have before - from skin to gear. It may view either as a fashion sense or more importantly, assistance to provide you utmost comfort.

There are several classes of shoes that were invented to offer extensive options. Mostly, it always depends on the user. One of the types is the meticulous high arch.

High Arches are made especially for people whose sole are vulnerable and easily damaged. Apparently, you may have your heel and sole of both your feet sore just by wearing the wrong shoe. For you to run on a rocky terrain which seems to be impossible without having your ankle broken, high Arches Shoes are there to normalize your foot alignment.

Here are the Best High Arches Shoes that most fit you in every way. The items are randomly picked for both men and women.

Top 15 best running shoes for high arches reviewed

1. ASICS Gel-Venture 5

ASICS Gel-Venture 5

If you are looking for a win-win deal for your purchase, then the ASICS Gel Venture 5 is perfect for you. A number one on the list that you shouldn’t miss out. It acquires both the quality of the product itself and the quantity of profits you might gain. Shoes aren’t just for fashion, design, or specs - but it’s also about the performance even if it is in use for long terms. With the components of this shoe you can see the durability it offers. It has high abrasion rubber that is the primary element of the shoe creation. Along with the gel cushioning structure that makes the user feel a lot more comfortable just by wearing it. It’s also ideal for a buyer who loves to run a lot because of the gel cushioning structure that deals with the weight received while the foot is pressing the liner. In addition, the foam sock liner is removable which is easily replaceable by any of your desired orthotic support. The outside of the shoe is multi –surfaced traction which fortifies the shoe form any obstacles of the terrain. It will make it fluently for you to run in a trail without hassle of the side rocks that may slip your balance away.


  • Customable-the liner is removable and is replaceable by your ideal orthotic
  • High Arch
  • Shock Absorption
  • Multi-Surfaced AHAR abrasion resistance that fortifies the feet from any outer damage.
  • Durable
  • Gel-Cushioning offers comfortableness
  • Fashionable Design


  • Thick Structure (Might be a bit narrow for some user)

Foot alignment is an issue most people do not give an attention about. Your foot alignment corresponds in which type of arch you have by wearing several classes of footwear or having them yourself from the start. The high arch shoes are for lateral foot alignment people. It can also be for those people who want to enjoy sports. The high arch structure of the item balances the weight that usually goes to your sole alone to the both fore foot and sole. It is a lot more comfortable.

2. Vionic Men’s Orthaheel Technology Walker

Vionic Men’s Orthaheel Technology Walker

For sweaty feet and kinky users, this shoe has what you need. Being breathable is the main thing you’ll surely adore about this. It is easy to carry and not so heavy to walk on. The lightness of this shoe offers great comfort. You don’t have to worry about getting wet while wearing these shoes under rain. It has water-resistant leather and action-lacing system. In addition, you don’t have to be concerned about your heel from an exhausting long run because the support of the sole just fits perfectly for you. Unlike other shoes, it is well cushioned, lightweight, and enhanced – an ideal outsole that protects your feet from harm.


  • Active motion system technology
  • Flexible cushioned outsole
  • Lightweight
  • Breathable
  • Water resistant
  • Thermoplastic heel counter
  • High arch


  • The shoes are a bit narrower and small for others.

There isn’t any great deal as a shoe that is water resistant and has all the advances one can require. This shoe is best for you while taking your weekend morning run. Aside from being water resistant and breathable at the same time, you’ll surely like the durability of the shoe and the performance it offers while wearing it. This shoe will really keep you up while running. The heel counter is just remarkable and the features of this shoe will make you want to buy the next version.

3. ASICS Women’s Gel-Equation 8 Running Shoe

ASICS Women’s Gel-Equation 8 Running Shoe

Most running shoes are light weight to make you cope up with the time and distance you will cover. Women cannot handle extreme heavy shoes to run comfortably in a lane. Thus, ASICS Women’s Gel Equation 8 is the best running shoe. A perfect low mileage runner can ever have. Every step that you take were being protected by the shock reducer cushioning system that returns your energy with the stride you make. For high arch women this is the best for you.


  • Low-mileage runners
  • Lightweight
  • High arch
  • Cushioning system reduces shock
  • Removable sock liner
  • Smooth transition


  • So in Fit size, it really wraps around your feet giving you full feeling.

(To the users who want a bit of air while wearing this try another shoe. You can find it below. )

Simplicity is what this shoe has, it is not too extravagant or too low profile - it fits just right as you needed it. It is comfortable and will become familiar to your feet with every step you take. The sole support nailed it all and will give your core power the bounce to step back again. It is handy and friendly. You’ll surely love how the insole prevents the pressure received during runs. The outsole is great and feels quite durable. Furthermore, it is slip resistant which gives you the content of running even in wet platforms, making your invest really worth it.

4. Adidas Supernova Glide Boost 8

Adidas Supernova Glide Boost 8

The Shoes was fully wrapped with foam-cushioning system that bounces the energy back. You won’t have to worry about muscle pains during runs. It has a great motion design that relaxes your muscles. A shoe for neutral runners that wants a little bit of spice in a firm trip. Features individuality with its boost foam that do not overlap the design and quality. This shoes is for high arches – a must try brand. The customization of the insole are precisely hitting the points. This gives you more control of the pace you want to have.


  • Comfortable fit
  • Supported by Adidas torsion system for smooth pace
  • Perfect shoes for high arches


  • Other found it a bit broader in the forefoot

If you want a smooth ride with the right equipment, this shoe is perfect for you. Even in flat plains and irregular platforms the performance of this shoe never fails in every step. It is very efficient for anyone who loves to run a lot and take miles a bit more. You would love to take this to marathon!

5. Brooks Ghost 8

Brooks Ghost 8

If the other shoes focus on the breathable feature, this model focuses in keeping your feet from producing sweat, keeping your feet dry and comfortable even in long tracks. The support system has great adaptability in shifting strides, giving you firm steps. The middle foot supports the shock received from your weight when take a step and bounces it back as a stable softness to counter the blow. Perfect in different weathers, the great flexibility of this shoe keeps you from feeling rough even in dire scenes. The surface of the outsole prevents any shock from outside. If you’re a high arch runner, you would love to have this as your partner.


  • Great balance in cushioning
  • The heel is not too high or too average
  • The sole support works greatly in long runs


  • It is wide in mid foot

The support of this shoe is extremely high. It feels like you’ll never have to feel pain in your feet anymore. Overall, the specs and design are so good you cannot ask for more. It is well-balanced and well planned. The shoe could adapt with the user’s approach in the lane and can support quite well. The most likeable thing about this shoe is you’ll receive a distinct care as the insole is pampering your feet while this outsole is protecting it just as how it deserves..

6. Mizuno Wave Prophecy 5

Mizuno Wave Prophecy 5

The ideal high arch shoe is here! The Mizuno Wave Prophecy 5 recoils the energy for each stride. Sustained with the Special Wave technology supporting the sole from shock. The eminence also best supports for High arches. It is Breathable and efficient for well-balanced absorption of setback. The Wave Technology guides and wrapped your feet with its cushioning foam from shock. The outsole of the model strengthens the performance of the shoe. The heel part just guards you ankle from the blow it receives. T


  • Returns Vitality by each step
  • Shock Absorption
  • Sole Support
  • Best for High Arches


  • While the features are good some users found the shoe to be a bit narrower than the actual size given; it is advisable to order a size a bit larger than your actual one to gain fit( not too tight not too broad) if you want a perfect fit please order your exact size.

This is the great one-on-one interdependency shoe that maintains your energy intact from every produced energy. It strings back the forced you’ve given and backing your run endlessly in every gait. It is ideal for long run and sunny days for it is breathable, you don’t need to worry about your sweaty feet any more. You can trust the outsole surface more for it feels like a shield. Furthermore, the insole accompanies the tenderness of the cushioning inside offering you relaxation even in heavy drops.

7. Brooks Glycerin 14

Brooks Glycerin 14

The known High arch runner’s choice Brooks Glycerin 14 boasts its energy-return talent. The great whole cushioning system wraps the feet while in action. Equipped by this shoe which you will experience first-hand is the content it offers especially in high arches runners. It is not easy find a model that can compete with these shoes. Aside from being a smooth cushion, the Cush pod permits suave transitions in each stride. While your feet is producing the energy for every step it also receives fresh air to regain energy – thanks to its breathable feature. The midfoot feature relaxes your feet as if its hugging it. In addition, you will love how the forefoot collaborated design and feature.


  • Excellent cushioning that covers the whole feet
  • Best for High Arch runner who want a long mile run
  • The structure is breathable


  • The shoe turns a bit lesser (it is smaller in a way)

The existence of this shoe will make you realize that running is not as hard as it seems to be. Running can actually be a vital part of your everyday life and it’s made more fun with the right shoes. You will surely love how you’ll feel like you’re bouncing without feeling tired at all. It seems Brooks manage to create something so useful for anyone’s daily exercise. The little short coming doesn’t hinder the quality. The energy return formula that Brooks inserted made this shoe an accessible footwear especially for high arches. It’s a no surprise if this pair becomes one of your favorites due to how this shoe handles your feet. These shoes could become your feet’s life support, giving it enough air to breathe and the assistance you need.

8. Aetrex Z581 Women’s Zoom Runner

Aetrex Z581 Women’s Zoom Runner

If you are finding stability and endurance mixed together Aetrex Women’s Z581 Zoom Runner is ideal for you. The color itself which is blue eradicates small stains and not easily to get tints in it. The upper lining of the shoe is keeping it from dryness and irritation. The good feature f this shoe is the space you can feel in the forefoot. It does not squeeze you nor made you feel too tight. Also the mid foot which is supported by a lightweight web suspension enriches the structure to absorb the shock received from every gait. The outsole layer takes the spotlight of its maximum balance for high arch runners. The rubber in outsole gives the shoe more flex and stability.


  • The shoe is breathable
  • Preferably for high arch runners
  • The customable insole offers great deal with the choice of our own orthotic
  • The gel-heel support dismisses the pressure received
  • The outer sole is durable and can endure obstacles


  • Some claims the forefeet are a bit spacious that it gives them hard time to run
  • The shoe is recommended for people who wanted a little bit of freedom in their forefoot (If you prefer tight running shoe this is not for you)

The endurance of this shoe is plausible with its high-end cushioning. The balance of the structure offers you control with every step. The insole is replaceable which anyone would agree to be a really good input. While most running shoes are tight in the forefoot this shoe gives you more independence with its sufficient space. Additionally, the rear of the shoe supports the heel from pressure. The add-on was pretty amazing too for it is breathable.

9. Nike Air Pegasus

Nike Air Pegasus

The high arch structure of the item balances the weight that usually goes to your sole alone to both your forefoot and sole; a shoe for neutral high-arched runner. Nike Air Pegasus sticks to both relaxation and resilience. Superiority of this model is featured in its cushioning that stabilizes the impact each walk has taken. Also, the outsole layers are well suited for extreme plains and thrilling miles. This shoe is perfect for someone who wanted real adventure and a real adventurer worn right below him –a great buddy for any outdoor activity you want.


  • The outer surface was made for harsh environments making it survive under different intensities
  • The sole support protects the muscles from extreme exhaust
  • A shoe for high arch runners


  • Shoe comes semi-size form the last version (its ½ smaller)

Nike Air Pegasus has this stunning design which will really capture anyone’s eyes. More importantly, the heel support is like a reciprocating feature where you’ll give the impact and it gives back the right pamper to proper pressure points. The structure of the shoe is well complimented with each part supporting each other summing a good product for the user. One thing you’ll surely love about this shoe is the high preforming sole support that never ceases to support your feet.

10. Saucony Ride 9

Saucony Ride 9

For people who have Lateral foot alignment, this shoe is best for you. Cushioning and feet problems are two main issues this model can easily put an end to. With these shoes, you can run as much as 1300 kilometers in total feeling comfortable with every step. The firmness and tractability of this shoe makes a good companion. In addition, the insoles are fit for high arch runners. Your performance is supported by the mid-foot stability for great sustenance and is fortified by the outsole structure and heel enhancement system. Furthermore, the orthotics are of countless applause. The consistency of the product is worth the wait for its version. If you are a fan of Saucony, this one is the pair you’ve been waiting for.


  • The cushioning design is well prepared
  • Best for high arch runner and user
  • The compact structure make it last in longer run
  • The sole protection deals with the damage from the weight and rebounds


  • Sizes of the shoe are tight, making it advisable for the buyer to ​order a bit larger size. Make sure the number of the size are not too high or too tight for your feet size.

This shoe just hit the mark when it comes to combining the factor of high arch and longer running time. The heel support is literally its best feature. You can feel your sole being pampered all the way to mid foot. It hugs your feet comfortably putting your veins at ease. This model defines hospitality from the hard outer surface to the soft cushioning inside. You will feel relaxed with every as the shoe bounces back the energy you exerted when you press your feet on the ground. The shoes doesn’t just showcase a single feature but it rather represents multiple features existing in balance in this model.

11. Adidas Supernova Glide Boost 8

Adidas Supernova Glide Boost 8

Adidas has their own great technologies invented for shoes. And they never missed putting it all on their Supernova Glide Boost 8. These running shoes belong to the supportive category – the category you need for your high-arched feet. Wearing these shoes will make your running more responsive. If there’s a terrain for these shoes to work best, you must definitely use these for road running.

Adidas Supernova Glide Boost 8 is highly praised for its supreme durability. Thanks to its ADIWEAR and Continental Rubber technologies. These technologies are injected on the outsoles of the shoes. It elevates the capacity of the shoes when it comes to grip and traction as well.

ADIWEAR is particularly implanted on the heel section of the outsoles. With ADIWEAR technology, you’ll experience a high-level grip on the surface you step on. Through this technology, the outsoles become durable and long-lasting compared to standard outsoles.

Continental Rubbers are primarily used on high-performance tires. This will surely put you on par with a sports car performance in terms of grip and slip-resistance. Though we mentioned these running shoes work best on terrain, you will still have a good run on other surface conditions even if it is dry or wet.

The midsoles of these running shoes inherit the following Adidas technologies: adiPRENE, EVA Cradle, and Boost technology.

With adiPRENE foam, you’ll be protected from any impacts which cause pain for your feet. Your underfoot will also lay on a soft cushioning. The foam will perform well regardless of your running conditions. It is made for resiliency.

EVA Cradle becomes responsible for supporting your high arches. It is positioned on the top part of the midsole. This will all lead to a structured and stable underfoot experience on your running performance.

Boost technology will make you feel like the platform is springy. You’ll definitely enjoy the responsive steps brought out through this technology. With Boost technology, you’ll experience an enjoyable energy rebound which leads to a more propelled ride.

The uppers of these running shoes utilize the Formotion Mesh and Geofit technology. Upon wearing these shoes, the uppers will follow the shape of your foot resulting in a secure and snug fit. This even results in reduced skin irritation and formation of blisters.

The important technology for your high arches is the respoEVA Sock Liner. While this gives more cushioning on the uppers, it follows the structure of your foot. More support is given to your arch and heel which results in a comfortable and powerful ride.


  • Supreme durability
  • Responsive
  • Enjoyable energy rebound
  • All-around comfort
  • Good for all terrains


  • Not good for wide-footed runners
  • Break-in period might be prolonged

12. Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 33

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 33

If you seek for an extremely reliable running shoes, then Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 33 must be a good choice for you. These running shoes have been reliable to high-arched runners for a long time. Excellent running performance may be achieved through a smooth ride and shoe flexibility. Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 33 is ready to deliver these top features for you.

In terms of materials, the outsoles of these shoes utilize sturdy carbon rubber on the heel and midfoot. Blown rubber is utilized in the forefoot area. Nike still uses their Waffle Outsole technology. Aside from a unique waffle pattern, it significantly reduces the weight of the outsoles. You will also feel free while running with a powerful grip due to the enhanced traction brought by this technology.

Traction is enhanced furthermore through the numerous hexagonal lugs covered on the medial section of the outsoles. You can also expect a proper flexibility on these running shoes through the addition of hexagonal lugs on the crash pad. Flexibility is further enhanced through a deep solitary flex groove.

The midsole foam of these running shoes provides proper cushioning for the entire shoes. This was made possible through the Air cushioning units utilized in the heel and forefoot section of the midsoles. Nike designed the cushions in a way that it reaps a decent durability and responsiveness on your ride. Stability is provided by the midsole through a cellulose board found on the topmost part of the midsoles.

Nike incorporates their Flymesh technology on the uppers of these running shoes. This technology is responsible for giving a snug fit when you use these shoes. It also allows proper breathability within the shoes to keep your feet cool and dry.

The Flywire cables are what you needed the most as a high-arched runner. These cables are responsible for holding and supporting the midfoot section of your feet. You can visually observe these cables connected from the midsoles to the laces of these shoes. More security and support is provided for you by integrating a heel counter for these shoes.

The Flywire cables may render a painful pressure on the top of your foot. But with the careful design of Nike, they managed to solve it by including soft wraps on the interior part of the uppers.


  • Supportive cushioning
  • Secure hold through Flywire cables
  • Proper ventilation through Flymesh technology
  • Powerful grip
  • Smooth and flexible


  • Toe box might be a bit narrow
  • Might be too stiff

13. Brooks Ghost 9

Brooks Ghost 9

If you are looking for assistance for foot alignment, Brooks Ghost 9 offers the best assistance for high-arched runners like you. Ghost series is specifically made by Brooks for high-arched runners. So you must expect a beneficial product for our needs. Regardless, Brooks Ghost 9 has been one of the popular choices for runners since it was released.

Brooks incorporates their Omega Flex Grooves for the outsoles of these running shoes. With Omega Flex Grooves, you’ll experience a smoother ride due to increased flexibility of outsoles.

The outsoles are also designed for you to achieve an easy landing. This was made possible by utilizing a full-length segmented crash pad. Even if crash pads exist, it won’t compromise the flexibility of the shoes.

Since traction is important for running, Brooks designed the forefoot and midfoot sections of the outsoles with blown rubber materials. The other areas are made with carbon rubber known for its durability.

Brooks utilizes their BioMoGo DNA on the midsoles of these running shoes. This technology specifically aims to let you run on a higher mileage. On a visual observation, the midsoles are divided into rectangular pods made with carbon and blown rubber to further promote durability and flexibility.

With BioMoGo DNA, your steps will be adapted dynamically throughout your ride. You will also experience a smooth heel-to-toe transition. The full-length crash pad further enhances shock absorption which is important to prevent foot pain.

Brooks Ghost 9 follows the common trend of engineered mesh for the uppers. This makes Brooks Ghost 9 great for road surfaces. Despite the common mesh, these running shoes are able in providing proper breathability to keep your feet cool and dry. The mesh can also stretch resiliently which results to an effective snug fitting.

Cushioning is well-provided on the tongue and interior parts of the shoes. This will keep you comfortable regardless of the intensity of your run. You might feel irritated from your previous shoes due to improper cushioning of the tongue. Brooks solves the problem by putting more cushions on the tongue since it is vulnerable to unnecessary disturbances.


  • Assists foot alignment
  • Sufficient cushioning
  • Absorbs Impact
  • Roomy toe box
  • Enhances running stability


  • Few color options
  • Rubbing on toes regardless of motion intensity​

14. Saucony Hurricane 16

Saucony Hurricane 16

If you are looking for running shoes with adequate cushioning, Saucony Hurricane 16 surely meets your preferences. You will experience a real road feeling when running with these shoes. If there’s another thing where Hurricane 16 will stand out, it will be about protection against impact. Indeed, adequate cushioning and impact protection are well-balanced for these running shoes.

Saucony incorporates their Injection Blown Rubber (IBR+) Technology resulting to further weight reduction of the outsoles. When analyzed, IBR+ is significantly lighter than standard blown rubbers. Regardless of the weight, cushioning is further enhanced on the outsoles which offer an improved response on your ride. The outsoles are even coated with XT-900 premium carbon rubber for an added traction and durability for these running shoes.

On a visual observation, you will notice a zigzag shape on the outsoles. It might look cool, but its purpose is to disperse the impact every time you land your feet on the ground. It also assists the flexion of the shoes.

Overall, the outsole is designed to enhance traction, slip resistance, shock absorption, and durability. Even on wet surfaces, these running shoes will still serve its purpose for your performance.

Saucony has this “PowerGrid Specialized Technology” made for extra protection on the midsoles. You must expect a protective cushioning which further absorbs the impact received by your feet. It even enhances the responsiveness of your ride. On an analysis, your feet will receive 20% less shock with PowerGrid compared to standard midsoles. You will surely go on a higher mileage when you use these shoes.

When it comes to the uppers of these running shoes, it primarily has a synthetic mesh material with enhanced durability. If you’re meticulous on the physical appearance of your shoes, Saucony Hurricane 16 will never fail you. The color combinations are good and all materials found on the uppers enhances the visual look of the shoes.

To keep your feet cool and dry, Saucony utilizes their HydraMAX collar lining. The lining has moisture wicking properties which work best with the increased ventilation provided by the synthetic mesh.

You will feel comfortable when using these running shoes. The uppers act like an exoskeleton framework which covers your feet with a sock-like feeling. It precisely adapts to the structure of your feet.


  • Adequate cushioning
  • Real road feeling
  • Protection against impact
  • Good fitting
  • Balanced firmness and versatility


  • Few design options
  • Might be too narrow​

15. ASICS GEL Venture 5

ASICS GEL Venture 5

ASICS GEL Venture 5 has been known to provide optimum efficiency when running on trails. Still, its efficiency is still good when used on roads. These shoes are recommended when you have a lot of sporting activities. It is efficiently useful even on tennis and volleyball. Regardless, this is a minimalist shoe with enough cushioning on heels and balls of your feet. Such features are well-recommended for high-arched runners.

The outsoles of these running shoes feature a lot of gripping lugs facing multiple directions. This feature makes it optimally efficient when running on trails. Whether you do an uphill climb or a descent, the outsole lugs will keep holding on to surfaces. You’ll have the benefit of good shoe control and good support.

ASICS uses their AHAR® (Asics High Abrasion Resistant Rubber) material on the outsoles. As analyzed, AHAR® provides twice the abrasion resistance you get from standard rubbers. It also renders 50% lesser weight than standard outsoles. Whether the surface is too rough or the trail has a lot of debris, these running shoes will still do its job well. Overall, AHAR® enhances abrasion resistance, increases durability, and improves slip resistance.

The midsole of these running shoes is primarily made with molded EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) cushions. It offers a lightweight and responsive ride. Aside from the cushioning system, your underfoot will feel comfortable due to the shock absorption capabilities. It makes every landing of your feet easier. All of these are further enhanced with the Gel Cushioning System used in the rearfoot and forefoot section of the midsoles. You will feel truly comfortable with the proper cushioning executed for your heel and forefoot.

ASICS GEL Venture 5 has a breathable mesh for its uppers, promising a proper air control at all times. It is woven securely which promotes durability and abrasion-resistance. If ever you buy these shoes, expect it will be your long-time companion for its long-lasting structural integrity.

More breathability is offered through the inner sleeves of the shoes. The fabric is smooth and soft that it prevent any skin irritation. If you want to wear these shoes without socks, there’s no problem at all.

The uppers have stitched synthetic overlays which allow support for the structure. It also promotes a snug and secure fit for your feet. Since the uppers are durable, you can expect a good protection even on intense trail conditions.


  • Good for running on trails
  • Durable
  • Varied selection of designs
  • Good shoe controlG
  • Good shoe support


  • Mesh might be difficult to wash
  • Possible sizing issues

Choosing the right running shoes for high arches

A lot of running shoes claims to be efficient for high arches. Yet you need to be extremely meticulous when choosing the right running shoes for your condition. Here’s a list of factors you need to look upon.


Because of your high arches, the heels and balls of your feet receive more stress and weight than usual. To prevent any related issues in the future, your running shoes must have a neutral arch support.

You’ll know when you’ve achieved the right support when the ​insoles of your running shoes are able to carry the midfoot section of your feet. It is also important for your forefoot and heel to receive a right amount of support and cushioning as well. You must aim to prevent your whole feet from straining.


Support alone is not enough for your high arch. Comfort must go along as well. These two are really important, especially when going down the road.

You must judge by yourself if the shoes offer a balanced mix of comfort and support. There’s a tendency for shoes to be less supportive when it is too soft.


Stability all boils down to a proper design of the shoes. It is primarily achieved when the outsoles of the running shoes are sturdy enough to have a positive traction.

You’ll know when your running shoes deliver the right stability when you are running with a confident stride. Also, you’ll feel natural throughout your running activity.


If you feel cool and dry throughout your running activity, then you are on the right track with breathability.

Shoes with poor breathability will make you feel uncomfortable throughout your run. You will experience severe sweating and overheat on your feet. Ending up with a tired, exhausted, and smelly feet after a run can be avoided when your shoes have proper ventilation and air control.


It is always good to know the right shoes and guidelines for your high-arched feet. Since you already reached this section, we expect you to fully understand how your running shoes must help on assisting your feet condition. These top 15 best running shoes for high arches will help you throughout your ride.

Thanks for reading this article. We hope you have come up with a right choice for your needs. We’ll truly appreciate if you drop your comments below.

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